Marilyn and Sarah

Prayer & Fasting Day

Dear Friends and Partners,

Sarah and I thank you for your recent gift to Marilyn Hickey Ministries. Your faithful support and prayers bless our global ministry outreaches and the people we serve around the world.

We love you, and praying for you is both a privilege and an honor. That’s why Sarah and I have been in consecrated prayer to prepare for a special day of intercession on your behalf. The ministry’s Prayer and Fasting Day is June 24th, and I encourage you to send in your prayer requests… there’s still time!

Whatever you’re going through right now, remember, our Heavenly Father loves you and He hears and answers prayers. Today, you might be anxious about a loved one, or you might be experiencing a health crisis, or you might need a financial breakthrough. Whatever your prayer need, Sarah and I will join our faith with yours as we seek an answer from God.

I get phone calls, emails and letters from people who have personally witnessed God’s miracles in their lives.
• Ralph from Florida is praising God for another chance. You see, Ralph actually died from injuries he sustained in a motorcycle accident. Today, he’s a walking, talking miracle!
• After placing a prayer cloth from the ministry on his chest while hospitalized for medical tests, Donald from Modesto, California, reported that his heart is fine. Doctors couldn’t find anything wrong.
• Dwight from Alabama called in to pray with one of our prayer partners and was healed of kidney stones.

My friend, prayer and fasting work! There’s no substitute. I invite you to join with us in prayer and fasting on June 24th. As you seek God’s face during this amazing day, you can trust God to work in you, for you and through you in a mighty way!

Marilyn & Sarah

P.S. Please prayerfully consider your next gift to the ministry. We believe that God will open windows of blessings for you, and remember to send in your prayer requests — it’s not too late.