India Tour 2008

Simply Incredible India Group Tour!

Marilyn, seventy-seven travelers, and her staff just returned from an incredible journey through India. During our three healing meetings at Pastor Mohan’s New Life Assembly of God in Chennai, God poured out His miracle healing power again and again.

We ministered to over 75,000 through our outreaches in Chennai. At one of our healing meetings God healed:
• A young girl from an infection that caused deafness in both ears
• A young girl who could not speak or hear
• A woman suffering from 10 years of back pain due to a spinal cord injury

But this is only a sample of the many miracles God did in India. Hundreds responded to Marilyn’s prayer for salvation and Holy Spirit baptism during the healing meetings. So many people accepted Christ that they weren’t able to reach the platform!

At our Leadership Conference, 5,000 pastors and Christian leaders were anointed and prayed over by Marilyn and the travelers.

Marilyn and her team also visited three public schools in Chennai. Through Sarah’s worldchild outreach, we donated fire extinguishers and a water purification system to one school. We also gave students at each of the three schools their own backpacks and shoes. A 10-year-old boy wore a pair of shoes for the first time in his life.

Words can’t adequately describe all that we saw in India. This was a remarkable trip with awesome ministry and outreach. Thanks to all our friends and partners who prayed and supported this important outreach!