Pakistan 2012

Pakistan Trip Makes Big Screen News Feed
February 8, 2012

The success of Marilyn’s recent trip to Karachi, Pakistan made the news feed big screens in New York’s Time’s Square and the Las Vegas Strip.

The message “Marilyn Hickey prays for the masses in Karachi” was broadcast on the jumbo-tron screens for 7-10 seconds every day for a week.

We are so grateful for the tremendous favor Marilyn Hickey Ministries is having. Please pray this amazing trip and it’s miraculous results will continue to open unprecedented doors for Marilyn and Sarah.

More News from Pakistan
January 31, 2012

Marilyn returned home from Pakistan safe and completely in awe of the wondrous miracles God performed on this amazing trip. She has taken some time to rest up and will be in TV taping today. Here is another report of an amazing meeting which occurred while Marilyn was there.

Marilyn and her team were invited to meet personally with the Governor of the Provence which Karachi is part of. Karachi is approaching 20 million people and is one of the world’s ten largest cities. This governor is the longest termed Governor in Pakistan and has heavy influence within this country. We met with him, his wife and two of his four children at their house for 2 hours. Marilyn was able to lay hands on the family and pray over them.

The Governor personally had been key in providing National Police and bodyguards for us throughout our stay and transportation while here, as well as, he ensured our meeting grounds were provided complimentary. GREAT FAVOR! Marilyn said she has never seen anything like this. Even after having returned to the hotel from the healing meeting, the Governor’s Office delivered personal gifts to the hotel.

A Miraculous Final Healing Meeting
January 22, 2012

Tonight’s Healing Meeting turned out to be the single largest meeting of Marilyn’s ministry. Inside the compound was 170,000 people, and 40,000 outside, shutting down all streets surrounding our venue, thus totaling 210,000 people in one night!

Marilyn said the crowd was so spiritual and attentive, it was like a peaceful anointing filled the grounds, everyone engaged and no confusion.

So many miracles-literally thousands! A 6 year old boy had a fever when he was a baby and was paralyzed. He had never walked or stood in his life and tonight he came out of it and stood and walked. Blinded eyes were opened, the mute talked, the crippled walked-honestly it was the New Testament relived in Pakistan!

Thank you for your continued prayers and support foe this event for God’s Glory!

Check back for more miraculous report about this unprecedented trip.

Amazing Attendance at 2nd Night of Healing Meetings
January 21, 2012

The 2nd healing meeting has proved to be a record breaking glorious success. Over 130,000 people flowed in to the event grounds. Marilyn preached on Crazy Faith Friends and the crowd loved it. There were several government officials in attendance and Marilyn thanked them and the Nation Police for their support.

There were several amazing miracles.

A man walked in using crutches because of a car accident that happened 10 years ago where his legs were crushed.
He was healed and walked out without using his crutches!

After suffering a motorcycle accident that left painful gaps between bones, this woman could not bend over or stand up easily. She was instantly healed and could move without pain.

This woman suffered from pain for three years and is not pain free. She cried as she thanked God for His love for her. ?

This young lady was healed from pain in her elbow.

A Great First Night of Healing Meetings
January 20, 2012

Here is a quick update on the first night of healing meetings.

The crowd pressed close to 100,000 tonight—our first night!
This is amazing especially in light of so many challenges. Marilyn, at 80 1/2 years young, preached stronger than a 25 year man!!!
After a tremendous time of worship, Marilyn preached on the healing of the man at the pool.
There were thousands of AMAZING miracles which included blinded eyes were opened, deaf ears began to hear, mute talked, crippled walked and so much more.

Ministry Training School a Great Success
January 19, 2012

Attendance at Expo Center was 2,800. God came through and provided the venue we had prayed for. They had to turn away hundreds more because of space.

Marilyn was driven to the Expo’s front entrance in an ornate horse drawn carriage preceded by a marching band. As she stepped off the carriage she was welcomed with rose wreaths placed around her neck and showered with rose petals.

She shared that she loves Pakistan as they have faith for and believe in prayer. She prayed for God’s hand on the country, for peace and love and that it is set up as an example of what that Jesus can do. Marilyn shared that she and her partners pray often for Pakistan.

She taught that there are miracles in your hands. Encouraged them that they are a team and all believers are to heal the sick.

She taught on four ways that Jesus heals. In Luke 17 it says the power of Lord is present to heal. There is anointing—stand in agreement, lay hands on the sick and send the Word.

Mark 16 says believers will lay hands on sick and they will recover.

She taught on Psalm 107:20—Pray and Send the word.

Prayed for people who had growths and tumors, 50 stood.

  • Lady with tumor for 3 months-gone
  • Lady with cyst for 40 years-healed
  • Lady tumor on liver for 6 year- gone
  • Lady with growths on neck causing choking-healed
  • Lady tumors on back-gone

70 stood for prayer to have children.

During the second session, Marilyn taught Romans 8:28 and the book of Acts.

To conclude the meeting, Marilyn laid hands on and prayed for everyone in attendance.

An Exciting Car Ride and a Faith Filled Meeting
January 19, 2012

At noon, during the peak of Karachi’s congestive traffic time, Marilyn was whisked through the streets and taken to the Muttahida Quami Movement (MQM) headquarters to meet with the high ranking officials of the MQM party. Escorted by a siren screeching police car with armed officers waiving off the cars who attempted to squeeze into the motorcade, our vehicles miraculously arrived safely to a guarded portion of the city. Greeted by the party’s highest representatives, Marilyn was introduced to those who had not attended the reception the night before and reacquainted with those who had.

As each member introduced themselves, it quickly became apparent that they each came from different religious backgrounds, Muslim, Buddhist, and Christian. What they had in common was there belief in a party that represented every minority group in Pakistan. Their party’s leader was not with them as he is currently living in London for his protection as they are confident an assassination attempt would be made on his life were he to return to his country.

Repeated words of appreciation were given to Marilyn for loving Pakistan so much that she has chosen to return for the sixth time. They presented her with bound books on their party and leader. Marilyn in turn gave them signed copies of her book, Your Pathway to Miracles. She also gave Baji Nasreen Jaleel, the senior official who was the only female in their group, a scarf from her China travels.

They asked for prayer and Marilyn and Stephen stood to lay hands on them and pray for each one individually. Some were specific in their requests; healing in their eyes, diabetics, recovering from strokes, desire to have children, etc.

After promises to attend this week’s healing meetings and bring their sick, they all shared a meal of Chinese food. The gentleman who had suffered a stroke and had yet to gain full capacity of his right side realized that he had been using his right hand to feed himself rather than his left. PTL!

After a successful afternoon, farewells were given and they made our way to the cars for the return to the hotel. As Marilyn was walking a man attempted to touch the hem of her garment in order to experience his healing. We rejoiced in his faith and Marilyn graciously turned and prayed for him.

In a city of 18 million, diverse in many ways and ranked in the top five most dangerous cities in the world, Karachi’s inhabitants are precious and we believe God wants to reach them with His healing and love through the out reached arms of Marilyn Hickey Ministries.

Marilyn’s First Evening in Pakistan
January 19, 2012

On Tuesday, January 17th Marilyn attended an evening reception given for 160 Karachi dignitaries. The guest list included pastors from around Pakistan, event committee members, imams, priests, political representatives.

Several dignitaries spoke briefly in support of Marilyn’s coming to Karachi and blessing the city with the meetings. Their messages included statements encouraging unity through their differences.

Marilyn shared a testimony regarding her Interpreter and his wife who, after eight years of marriage, had not yet conceived. Marilyn laid hands on them during her 2003 meeting in Lahore and later they had a baby boy. The boy was at the reception and presented Marilyn with a bouquet of flowers. Another women shared her testimony that, during a previous trip, Marilyn prayed for her and her husband to have children and nine months later they had a child.

Marilyn shared on Jesus’ desire to heal people in Pakistan. She told how she has witnessed His healing powers in other countries like Sudan and Morocco. She asked the audience if they knew why she had come to Karachi. “Because Jesus wants to heal them too. “

The following are prayers for specific problems and how many stood to receive their healing.

Prayed for the broken hearted–20 stood

Prayed for those with problems with feet, ankles knees legs—15 stood

Testimonies of Healings:
Man with pain for more than year in now pain free.

Religious leader who had had pain in his knees is now pain free.

Lady in pain and unable to walk due to accident is pain free and can now walk.

Lady with left leg pain is now pain free.

Marilyn and her team are very excited for the upcoming healing meetings. Check back for more exciting updates.

Marilyn’s Celebrated Arrival in Pakistan
January 19, 2012

Marilyn arrived to find a lovely celebration in her honor.

There were six television stations there to capture her arrival. There was also a band (see them among the TV cameras?)

She was presented with traditional flowers and gifts.

Miraculous Trip to Pakistan
January 17, 2012

Marilyn is in Pakistan preparing for tremendous healing meetings and divine connections with the lovely people of the country.

She arrived safely over the weekend and was greeted with a large welcome with traditional Pakistani flowers and a band. Six secular television stations were at the airport to report on her arrival. She gave interviews which were broadcast on the evening news.

Marilyn will host 3 healing meetings over 3 nights as well as hold a Ministry Training School for local pastors and church leaders.

This is Marilyn’s 6th trip to Pakistan and we believe it will be the most successful—with thousands of people healed.