Greece Israel Tour 2016

Greece Israel Tour 2016 Update

Tuesday, November 1st

Th Western Wall and the Garden Tomb

The group started their day with a lovely breakfast with teaching from Marilyn. They toured Yad Vashem, Israel Museum where the Dead Sea Scrolls are preserved, the Pool of Bethesda, the Via Dolorosa and the Garden Tomb. After this full day they enjoyed their farewell dinner and prepared to head home.


Monday, October 31st

The Garden of Gethsemane


Sunday, October 30th

Sea of Galilee

The travelers were treated to a day trip to Galilee. Marilyn taught on the boat as the travelers experienced the Sea of Galilee. They had prayer and praise and worship and shared stories of the miraculous.

Then the group traveled to the site for baptismal in the Jordan River. There was no way anyone could contain the excitement, even if one wanted to! Comments were heard to the effect of this being the main reason this person came on the trip. People were coming out of the water speaking in tongues and filled with renewed love for our Lord… Great to witness.


Friday, October 28th
The next stop was a visit to the Acropolis and the Parthenon. It was then on to Mars Hill where Paul delivered his speech on the “Unknown God.” Marilyn taught on-site about identity and the group was truly blessed. The travelers have been thrilled with Marilyn’s teachings along the way and many can’t wait to take future trips with her. That night they had a Farewell to Greece dinner as they prepare to move on to Israel.


Wednesday, October 26th and Thursday, October 27th
The next stop on the travelers cruise around the Greek Islands was the Island of Rhodes. This port was once dominated by the Colossus, one of the seven wonders of the ancient world. It was then on to Heraklion, Crete with free time to explore the area. After a few hours, there they sailed to Santorini. This area is often referred to as the most breathtaking of all the Greek Islands with its beautiful whitewashed villages.

Tuesday, October 25th

The first stop their cruise ship made was in Kusadasi, Turkey. The ruins of Ephesus where Paul spent three years during his ministry are just a short drive from there. The travelers toured and prayer walked the Agora, the Theater, the Stadium, the Library of Celus, the temple of Diana, and one of the seven wonder of the ancient work and much more. Marilyn taught on-site as well.

Click here to see Marilyn’s Facebook Live video from Ephesus.

After all that, they returned to the ship and went on to the island of Patmos where they visited the Monastery of St. John and the Grotto where John had the apocalyptic Revelations. Then they returned to the ship and rested up for the next full day of ministry.




Monday, October 24th

The next morning the group enjoyed breakfast at the hotel where Marilyn taught on the importance of prayer walking everywhere they go. They then boarded a cruise ship that would take them on a 4-night trip around the islands. Their first stop was the quaint isle of Mykonos. It is called the Island of the Windmills. They visited waterfront shops and cafes and also strolled along walkways that are nestled up against lovely whitewashed buildings. They also enjoyed dinner and a night of peaceful rest on the ship. Their prayer walking was anointed and powerful as they walked the streets which are also painted white.

Sunday night, October 23rd

After the travelers had time to rest from their trip into Athens, they were treated to a welcome reception on the rooftop of their hotel which had spectacular views of the city and the Acropolis.

Sunday, October 23rd

The fall 2016 Group Tour to Greece and Israel is underway! A remarkable 130 travelers joined Marilyn and her team to See Jesus on a Biblical Journey through this historic part of the world.

Marilyn is posting Facebook Live videos on her Facebook page.

Check out her first video from the trip!

Marilyn started the trip off Sunday night with a welcome dinner in a private ballroom where she blessed those in attendance with a special teaching. Marilyn prayed for each traveler to be effective in their prayer walking…to change the world and history through their efforts.

Check back for more exciting updates from this miraculous trip.