But Rehoboam rejected the advice the elders gave him and consulted the you men who had grown up with him and were serving him. – (2 Chronicles 10:8)

After Rehoboam became king, he called for his elders to advise him.  First Rehoboam calls in the older, experienced counselors who had served his father, Solomon, during his kingship.  They said to him, “Don’t be cruel to the people.  Establish a relationship with them, because rules without relationship bring rebellion.  Build a relationship and they will always serve you.”

But immature Rehoboam doesn’t like this advice.  So he called in his friends who he’d grown up with and who were equally as inexperienced as Rehoboam himself, and they said, “You need to tax the people.  You need to let them know who is king.  If they think Solomon was hard on them, you’re going to be to times harder!”

Rehoboam chooses the “wisdom” of the younger men.  I say wisdom lightly because these you men clearly were not following men.  They didn’t have what they needed in the way of wisdom—spiritual wisdom—to share with Rehoboam.  So, Rehoboam takes the young men’s counsel, and when he does, the kingdom splits.

Jesus provides us with a better example.  In Luke 2:46, His parents find Him in the temple, listening to and asking questions of the teachers there.  When you want to hear from God and feel led to seek the advice of others, make sure you are listening to people who are experienced in their walk with God, who know the Word, and who will counsel you with spiritual wisdom.

Jesus, there are things I want to hear from You and lessons from others’ lives that I want to learn.  Help me to discern who I should look to for good, Godly advice!