He sent out his word and healed them; he rescued them from the grave. – (Psalm 107:20)

I remember when a couple in our church took a transient into their home because he had no place to go.  When the young man became ill, the couple sent him to the doctor.  To their dismay, tests revealed that the young man had AIDS.  Anger boiled in the heart of the man who had so graciously given a home to an individual who now threatened the health and even the lives of his family.  This man’s first thought was to order his “guest” out of the house.

Before the man could say anything, however, the Holy Spirit spoke in his heart, telling him to spend his anger on the disease and not on the young man who was so ill.  Forcefully, and with authority, the man commanded AIDS to leave the house and never return.  Many months and several tests later, there was no sign of AIDS in the young man’s body.  Why?  Because Jesus paid the price for his healing, and one man exercised his authority in Christ!

Psalm 107:20 says that God sent His Word and healed you.  Isn’t Jesus the Word made flesh?  Jesus assuredly paid for your physical body with His own physical body in the work of redemption.  Not only did He carry away your sin but He also carried away your sickness.  Therefore, I know it is the will of God to heal our bodies.  Otherwise, Jesus would not have taken those stripes for our healing.

Jesus, I believe that You paid the full price for my healing.  Therefore, I declare that it is my right to be healed!  I command sickness and disease out of my body and receive Your healing today.