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Egypt Trip Report: Day 10. October 27th – Sunday

On Sunday, travelers toured the storehouses of Joseph and loved it. Some travelers played tourist and shopped at stores near the hotel. You know how it is when you have to have a hieroglyphic T-shirt to take home.

The farewell dinner was a splendor of color as travelers arrived dressed in their best. Several ladies wore Egyptian headdresses, bands of gold and glimmering beads.  There was no lack of cuisine choices. Everything from a Greek salad to a turkey carving station.

Marilyn thanked her travelers and told them they were absolutely the best travelers she’s ever had and encouraged all to join her on the Spring 2020 trip.  It was a beautiful end to a marvelous adventure.

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Egypt Trip Report: Day 9, Saturday

The morning opened with breakfast followed by a private time for worship and prayer with the travelers, Marilyn, and Sarah.

Once again, Marilyn and Sarah conducted a groundbreaking Ministry Training School and because of Marilyn Hickey Ministries, 600 pastors were able to come together and inspire each other to continue on in the good fight.  Pastors came together in one accord mending past hurts and encouraging each other.  One evening, the pastors stayed up until midnight worshiping the Lord and thanking God for what He has done. A meeting like this has never occurred before in Egypt, and it was truly remarkable.

There was a secular television crew interviewed Marilyn and Sarah and the story ran on the evening news.

Marilyn and the travelers were treated to a special lunch. They were touched by the gracious hospitality of the Egyptian Christians.

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Egypt Trip Report: Day 8, Friday

On Friday, Marilyn and Sarah were busy with the first day of the training school with 600 pastors and leaders. Those attending were from Ethiopia, Sudan, Eritrea, and Egypt. Tying in the conference message of unity, Sarah spoke and encouraged continual unity and taught the story of David and how he moved within his anointing, not Saul’s. She gave out several Words of Knowledge. Pastors soaked it up and were moved by the message. Marilyn taught on the motive gifts out of Romans 12 and how pastors and leaders are able to recognize the gifting in others.

 The travelers spent some time with Marilyn before they boarded their busses for the three-hour drive to Alexandria, north of Cairo. Alexandria was impressive in architecture and history. The hotel travelers stayed in thrilled everyone with views of the Giza pyramids.

Despite Julius Caesar burning down the Library of Alexandria in 47 BC when he was fighting Pompeii, there are 4000,000 books in 33 languages today. It’s all preserved on the internet now. A lot of thought was put into the design of the current building, one example is that ceiling windows are in the shape of eyes with eyelids and lashed. Each design served a purpose as well as colors that were used. All were chosen to enhance the reading experience. The group also visited Alexandria’s lighthouse, long destroyed by earthquakes. Fortress in same location are known as one of the ancient seven wonders of the world.

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Egypt Trip Report: Day 7, Thursday

After an early wake-up call, travelers checked out the ship hotel in Luxor and boarded busses to make the trek to Valley of the Kings. The tombs were colorful with lots of detailed hieroglyphics. Everyone was impressed that it took many people to build it, over their lifetimes and the life of the king, all for glory of their deaths. In all, there are 63 royal tombs in that location.

The biggest highlight was the bus ride to Luxor, which crossed the ‘magical line.’ On one side of the road is fertile and green, and the other side is desert.

They also visited the temple of Pharaoh Hatshepsut. The second female pharaoh of three total, she is known for her infrastructure and building projects. By her choice, she is portrayed as a male in monuments. But if you look closely at them, they are softer in facial features.

Karnak temple, built for their gods, Amun, But, and Khonsu in 2000BC, was a monstrosity in its time, and perhaps ours. It was interesting because it is thought that Moses went to school here when he was trained up in Egypt

That evening, the group flew back to Cairo.

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Egypt Trip Report: Day 6, Wednesday

Wednesday morning Marilyn greeted travelers in the ship’s lounge then remained on the ship and had tea with the ship’s manager and visited with the travelers who chose not to go out on the day’s tour.

The first stop of the day was a visit the Temple of Edfu. After that, they sailed to Luxor. Travelers visited the Luxor temple, which had columns in true Egyptian style as opposed to the Greek columns on temples build during the time of the Greek conquest. The group then sailed to Luxor to see the Luxor temple.

This was the last night of the cruise, and the ship’s staff danced and sang and served a lovely cake that said “goodbye.” It was the perfect ending to a lovely few days.

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Egypt Trip Report: Day 5, Tuesday

Tuesday morning, everyone gathered after breakfast for fellowship, praise and worship, and to hear a word from Marilyn. She taught out of Job 3:7-9 about how the Bible gives us examples of how to succeed and not give up. That afternoon the ship set sail, and the group enjoyed floating leisurely on the calm waters of the Nile.

They loved the view of the river banked by papyrus reeds, with a handful of goats here and there, and an occasional crocodile.The experience sparked imaginations to ancient times when the Nile served as a means of transporting the pharaohs and Cleopatra and from it, Moses was drawn. The ship stopped briefly at Kom Ombo, an agricultural town in Egypt famous for its temple. After a walking tour, everyone set sail again to Edfu where they docked for the night.

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Egypt Trip Report: Days 3 and 4, Sunday and Monday

On Sunday, Marilyn spoke at Sharabia Church. The group attended and were allowed to pray in the lobby and outside of the church.

Later, everyone took a tour of Old Cairo.

Travelers arrived in Aswan Monday morning and found the city to be very different than the metropolis of Cairo. Aswan a large village situated amongst rolling hills with the Nile cutting a line down its center. Travelers toured a local temple then went to the ship to check in and freshen up for a special tour.

They all boarded felucca boats on the Nile, and as the evening breeze brushed their faces, they watched as the sun whisper goodnight and settled down into the sand. That’s what you call a sunset. Later, the travelers joined Marilyn for dinner at the hotel.

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Egypt Trip Report: Day 2, Saturday

After breakfast on Saturday, Marilyn provided the travelers with spiritual nourishment and gave an encouraging word to start them on their day. She also prayed over their hands in preparation for Sunday’s service.

Tours for the day included visiting the Egyptian Museum where everyone was fascinated by mummies and tombs, and the golden mask of King Tut’s sarcophagus. A particular point of interest was the tour guide who discussed Joseph and his impact on Egypt. Egyptians credit Joseph for saving the whole region, not just Egypt, from famine.

Some of the tourists also visited the city of Memphis, which was the first capital of Egypt. While in the area, they saw Saqqara, where the oldest pyramid, the Pyramid of Djoser still stands. That pyramid was built around 2600 B.C., and due to its age, Jesus, Moses, Joseph, and Abraham could have possibly seen it as well.

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Egypt Trip: Day 2, Saturday

After breakfast on Saturday, Marilyn provided the travelers with spiritual nourishment and gave an encouraging word to start them on their day. She also prayed over their hands in preparation for Sunday’s service.

Tours for the day included visiting the Egyptian Museum where everyone was fascinated by mummies and tombs, and the golden mask of King Tut’s sarcophagus.

A particular point of interest was the tour guide who discussed Joseph and his impact on Egypt. Egyptians credit Joseph for saving the whole region, not just Egypt, from famine.  Some of the tourists also visited the city of Memphis, which was the first capital of Egypt. While in the area, they saw Saqqara, where the oldest pyramid, the Pyramid of Djoser still stands. That pyramid was built around 2600 B.C., and due to its age, Jesus, Moses, Joseph, and Abraham could have possibly seen it as well.

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Egypt Trip Report: First Night!

On Friday, the group arrived in Cairo and made themselves at home at the Cairo Marriott Hotel, situated on the Nile River. After check-in, folks enjoyed a free afternoon to investigate the area. That evening everyone got together for a welcome dinner where they discussed all the wonderful sights they’ll visit and the events they’ll participate in. The group was excited about the amazing tour they have before them.

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Egypt trip travelers ready to go!

The eager travelers have packed and are ready for an adventure. Some are looking forward to connecting with old friends, and everyone is excited to meet new ones.

Some of the sights they’ll see their first few days are the Pyramids of Giza, the Temple of Luxor, and the city of Alexandria. In addition to all the tourist attractions, the group looks forward to teachings from Marilyn and Sarah, worship times, and prayer walking.

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2019 Australia Trip-Day 8

The group started the morning with praise, worship, and teaching, getting them ready for a day to enjoy a free afternoon exploring streets, and sites on their own. In the evening, the travelers joined together for a celebration dinner.

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2019 Australia Trip-Day 7

After breakfast, everyone met for praise and worship, and a teaching by Marilyn. Then they enjoyed a full day touring the impressive Great Barrier Reef, which is the world’s largest coral reef system, and Green Island National Park.

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2019 Australia Trip-Day 6

The travelers met for an invigorating time of praise, worship, and teaching from Marilyn. The rest of the day was full of with a tour of the Daintree Rainforest, which is the oldest continually surviving tropical rainforest in the world.

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2019 Australia Trip-Day 5

Monday was a travel day for the group. After breakfast, everyone left the hotel and headed to the airport where they got a flight to Cairns. Cairns is a city on the east coast that is known as the gateway to Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. The travelers arrived, checked in, and enjoyed a free afternoon exploring on their own. That night everyone attended a celebration dinner where they recounted their experiences so far and looked forward to the remainder of the trip.

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2019 Australia Trip-Day 4

After breakfast, the travelers got onboard busses to take them to Inspire Church, which has 2,500 members. Marilyn spoke at two services, and the travel group arrived for the second service. After the service, the MHM travelers were able to meet and pray over those who needed ministering and prayer.

Inspire Church

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2019 Australia Trip-Day 3

Saturday, May 25th

The group ate breakfast at the hotel with Marilyn and met together for a time of praise, prayer, and teaching. Mid-morning, the group left for a half-day tour of the highlights of Sydney. That evening, dinner was on their own, and they could choose to go out on the city or rest up for Sunday’s activities.

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2019 Australia Tour-Day 2

Friday, May 24th

After a private breakfast with Marilyn, the group enjoyed a teaching from Marilyn and praise and worship. The event ended with Marilyn praying over the tour members and the experiences they will share. For some of the group, they were on their own to stroll around the city and have dinner wherever they chose. People who had selected the excursion to Uluru traveled to the airport for their flight.

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2019 Australia Tour-Day 1

2019 Australia Tour Update

Thursday, May 23rd

The group arrived in Sydney Thursday morning, and Marilyn welcomed them at the harbor where they enjoyed lunch together on the Captain Cook Sydney Harbor Cruise. After lunch, everyone checked in at the hotel and then were out on the town with a free afternoon to see the sites. The group got together late afternoon for an orientation, and praise and worship. The ended the day with dinner on their own and a night to ponder the exciting trip they have before them.


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Dubai Hungary Austria Tour 2018

DAY 1:
The travelers arrived in Dubai in the early hours of Friday, October 12, safe and sound.

After getting a good night’s sleep and enjoying a leisurely breakfast, they met for a private meeting of praise and worship, prayer, orientation, and teaching by Marilyn. She talked about her miracle pregnancy as well as other miracles in the Bible, including the multiplication of the fish and loaves. The group watched the video of the 2016 Pakistan meeting where a million people attended, and Marilyn prayed for their hands to be anointed to impart miracles and healing to those they would touch at the first healing meeting in the evening.

The healing meeting was in Sharjah, another emirate. There are seven emirates, and the travelers will visit three with this trip.

There were many nationalities present at the healing meeting. The attendees were people from many congregations who came together to hear a word from Marilyn. The worship combined songs in Urdu, the language of Pakistan, and English. After worship, Marilyn spoke on miracles and healings, both in the Bible and personal testimonies. She asked people who had been sick with any ailment for over 20 years to stand, and prayed for them. She prayed against growths, tumors and warts. She talked about how God healed the hand of the war hero from Eritrea, increasing the faith of all who heard. She also prayed for back pain and for those who were married and wanted babies. Many responded, and quite a number of folks testified of their healings.

The travelers returned to the hotel full of faith for the next evening’s meeting.

Fall Tour 2018

DAY 2:

After breakfast on day two, the travelers were delighted to be welcomed by Sarah, who had arrived in the wee hours of this morning. Following praise, worship, and prayer points, Sarah inspired the group as she talked about the Holy Spirit, encouraging them to drop the “the” in front of Holy Spirit. She spoke right to the heart with her message and encouraged everyone to develop a relationship with Him. She stressed that He’s with us, whether we feel His presence or not. The travelers were excited to hear that she would be speaking at the healing meeting that night.

The group embarked on their first half-day tour of Dubai, visiting the old and then the new. For the old, they visited the Dubai museum, located in the ancient fortress of Al-Fahidi. There were many fascinating artifacts to look at, as well as jewelry and videos of how the craftsmen made their goods and products. Then the travelers were wowed in the modern section by the impressive architecture. Everyone had some time to shop in the gold and spice markets, or souks (pronounced shooks), before heading back to the hotel.

After a short rest at the hotel, the group was off to the second healing meeting at the same venue.

After praise and worship, Sarah spoke on the healing anointing being on us even when we don’t feel like it, referencing John 8 and 9. She ministered to individuals in the congregation through words of wisdom and knowledge, and prayed for an Isaac anointing for all. Sarah exhorted the audience to focus on the purpose, and not the cause, of the healing that is needed. She reminded everyone that healing does not always come the same way—it could come instantly, it could come over time. But, the purpose of healing is always to glorify God. She prayed for eyes, back problems, and ended by praying for God to pour out His love in everyone’s hearts.

The travelers returned to the hotel exhausted but energized in their faith.

Fall Tour 2018

DAY 3:

On day three, the Marilyn Hickey team met for a private meeting of praise and worship, prayer, and teaching by Sarah. She showed everyone a moving Saving Moses video, and shared on Luke 8, the parable of the sower. She taught that the seed always works, but it’s the ground—our hearts—that has the potential to be a problem if we’re experiencing a challenge. She talked about the road, the rocks, and the thorns, and ended by praying for everyone’s hearts, that they will all be fruitful. The travelers warmly received Sarah’s words of knowledge and wisdom.

After the morning meeting, the group embarked on a tour of Abu Dhabi, visiting the Yas Mall and saw the impressive buildings and structures in the city. The morning ended with a tour of the Grand White mosque. When you travel within the emirates, there are no signs indicating that you’re leaving one emirate and entering another. The tour guide explained that the pavement color changes from emirate to emirate—one darker, one lighter.

Some facts the travelers learned from their guide:
• The seven emirates were founded in 1971, and there are 1 million locals, and 8 million foreigners living and working there. Three million of the foreigners living there are Indian, Pakistani, and Filipino.
• Oil (of course) is the main industry in Abu Dhabi, the capital, and tourism, finances and real estate are the main businesses in Dubai.
• The UAE is bordered only by Saudi Arabia and Oman.
• The country is very safe, with a very low crime rate.
• Abu means father and Dhabi means gazelles (and they once had many gazelles there), so it was named “father of many gazelles.”
• Dubai means locusts. Guess what was plentiful there at one time?
• Abu Dhabi has camel races, and Dubai has horse races.
• 2018 is the hundredth year of the reign of the first president, so his face is everywhere you look. He has always been very revered.
• The president of the UAE must be of royal blood.
• In the 22 Arab countries, Saudi Arabia and Qatar are the richest, with oil and natural gas being the main industries, respectively.
• UAE wants to be the best, the fastest, the highest, etc. in everything. Here are some of their records:
• Fastest roller coaster
• Slowest roller coaster
• Biggest chandelier
• Tallest building (in Dubai), and they are in the process of building a taller one
• Heaviest ring, which you can see at the gold souk
• Biggest manmade island
• Biggest carpet in the world, weighing 5 tons

The travelers found the white mosque to be impressive, with all the inlaid pearls, gold, marble floors, and sparkling chandeliers. The women had to cover their hair completely, wear skirts or pants that went down to the floor, and wear sleeves that went to the wrists.

After this exciting and full day, the travelers were ready for a good nights sleep.


Fall Tour 2018

DAY 4:
Wednesday, October 16

Wednesday began with amazing worship and prayer time with Leonard Dawkins. The focus of the praise and worship was on persevering, not quitting.

Marilyn showed the travelers the CBS video of her time in Pakistan. After the video, she thanked everyone for being part of answered prayer with the favor she had with CBS.

The focus of Marilyn’s teaching was the blessings you receive when you sow seed. She taught on 2 Kings 4:8, the story about Elisha and the Shunammite woman who received answered prayer by sowing into the life of the prophet.

She mentioned that the woman supplied the prophet food and accommodations, and she walked in faith. Marilyn’s teaching emphasized no seed, no harvest. She also stressed the importance of watching your confession by being careful about what you say over your day. Marilyn encouraged everyone to only speak positively, not negatively, about their situations. She also encouraged everyone to guard their hearts.

Later, the group toured Palm Island, build in the shape of a palm tree, and the Tower of the Arabs. The travelers also saw a district where 30,000 people live. The tour guide said that district’s homes sold in 72 hours to investors from all over the world.

The wealth of this country is unimaginable. Skyscrapers are being built everywhere. The travelers visited the Dubai mall, which has 12 million square feet of space. They also saw the largest building in the world, which will only be the largest for a short time because there are plans to build even a taller skyscraper. The goal of the United Arab Emirates is to be number one in everything.

Wednesday’s tour ended with an impressive display of fountains like the ones in Las Vegas at the hotel Bellagio. Following the display, everyone went to Five Guys for a hamburger lunch. Later, at the farewell dinner, the group celebrated their time in Dubai.

Fall Tour 2018

DAY 5:
Thursday, October 17
On Thursday, everyone was packed and ready to travel from Dubai to Budapest. The travel day was blessedly uneventful, and everyone arrived at their hotel ready to experience the sights of Hungary.

DAY 6:
Friday, October 18
Friday morning began with praise, worship, and prayer. Marilyn showed the Egypt video and talked on eight ways to heal the sick. She shared exciting testimonies such as when God gave her a new heart. Afterwards, Marilyn answered several traveler’s questions, and they were eager to learn all they could.

In the afternoon, the group took their first half-day tour of Budapest. The large city used to be two cities, one on either side of the Danube River. One side was Buda, and the other side, Pest. The two cities were united to become Budapest in 1873. Eight bridges, all unique from one another in design, connect the two cities. Budapest has two million residents, and there are 10 million residents in Hungary.

On the tour, they visited the Parliament building, the third largest parliament building in the world, and the Castile district, replete with beautiful neo-gothic-style buildings. They also saw the former royal palace, which is now a museum, Matthias church, Fisherman’s Bastion, and St. Stephen’s Basilica, which was named after their first king who was later canonized as a saint. The tour concluded with visiting Heroes Square with its statues of important men in Hungary’s history, the state opera house, and numerous other palaces.

Fall Tour 2018

DAY 7:
Saturday, October 19

Praise and worship, prayer points, and a short teaching by Marilyn started the day on Saturday. Afterwards, everyone was off on a day-trip to Vienna, Austria. The travelers saw the famous Ring Boulevard (a world heritage site), the Parliament, City Hall, the Museum of Fine Art, and the Imperial Palace. It was a long day, but well worth the journey, as the travelers were fascinated with Austria.

Fall Tour 2018

DAY 8:
Sunday, October 20

Sunday was another wonderful, full day. The morning started out with praise and worship, prayer points, and watching the “Hungary Wild” video. Afterwards, everyone visited the Godollo Royal Palace built by Antal Grassalkovich I, one of the most distinguished Hungarian noblemen of the 18th century. The Godollo is a baroque-styled building that was presented by Antal as a coronation gift to Emperor Franz Joseph and Queen Elisabeth for their residential use. The palace has been beautifully restored, and travelers found it easy to transport themselves into the lives of that royal family, who were highly revered.

An interesting aside, in the various portraits of the king and queen throughout the palace, the king ages appropriately, but the queen is perpetually young – no more than 30. This was because she ordered the artists who painted her to never depict her beyond the age of 30. After WW II, the palace was taken over as a barracks for Soviet troops, and then later as a home for the elderly. Both uses led to structural decay, but the palace is now beautifully restored.

The group also visited Lazar Equestrian Park and enjoyed a horse show and lunch there, complete with a four-instrument band who serenaded them with both traditional and American show tunes, in a Hungarian style. The food and entertainment were festive, lively, and fun.

Back at the hotel, everyone had a couple hours to freshen up and relax before going to Faith Church, home church of Sandor and Judit Nemeth. Marilyn has visited Faith Church since she was in her mid-40s. Sandor and Judit are close friends of Marilyn’s, and their church gave a warm welcome to all the travelers. About 20,000 people attended the church service. Marilyn gave personal testimonies, everything from her father’s mental breakdown and God’s assurance to her that she’s just like her heavenly Father, to staying committed to what God tells you until you receive. Marilyn illustrated the point by telling the story of when God promised her a baby, and she waited 10 years before Sarah was born. Marilyn prayed for all manner of concerns: hearts, babies, neck problems, pain, growths, tumors and warts, and the greatest call—salvation and recommitment. Perhaps about 1,000 people or more came forward for healing and salvation.

After that anointed church service, the 160+ travelers experienced a lavish banquet complete with caviar, goose liver, and much more. Faith Church enjoyed honoring the travelers because of their visit with them. It was a truly amazing evening.


DAY 9:
Monday, October 21

After praise, worship, and prayer points on Monday morning, there was an offering time accompanied by a teaching by Marilyn on what the travelers have in their hands. The rest of the day, everyone was free to enjoy the local markets and other attractions. Later the group had their farewell dinner and celebrated what the future holds for Marilyn Hickey Ministries and all who will travel with her. A Hungarian classical five-piece band played wonderful Hungarian music, and dancers danced traditional Hungarian dances. It was a beautiful show.

Fall Tour 2018


DAY 10:
Tuesday, October 22

On Tuesday, after a memorable trip, the travelers packed up and journeyed home to the USA.

Fall Tour 2018


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