Marilyn and Sarah

China Mongolia 2018

Day 4 – Monday, May 14th

The travelers were pleasantly surprised with today’s activities. They were treated to a tour of Hutong which was taken on rickshaw rides all around the charming, narrow streets of old Beijing. The tour culminated at a stop at a local Chinese family’s complex.  They enjoyed a welcome speech from the locals, and in this particular complex, there were 11 families representing four generations.  A great glimpse into the lives of the locals.

They also stopped at a Silk factory and were educated on the production of silk.  The factory actually displayed the silkworms in various stages of silk-development and found the experience to be enriching.  They then traveled to Tianjin, a seaport that is beautiful and charming, as much of China is.

That evening everyone enjoyed a meeting in one of the Ballrooms.  This was so welcomed, as they weren’t able to meet together in Beijing.  After the evening meeting it was off to bed in a truly exquisite Hyatt Regency suite.  I heard Marilyn say she’s never stayed in a room so gorgeous!  The travelers loved the whole day!


Day 3 – Sunday, May 13th

Church time!  The travelers had a leisurely breakfast, then boarded buses for the 11 AM service at a non-denominational church for ex-pats.  Marilyn had already preached at the 9AM service, and it was powerful and anointed.  The 11AM service was no different, and she built up the congregation’s faith and expectations for a miracle encounter with God.  Many people stood at the end for salvations, closer walks with God, and healings.  At another part of the church complex, Doug and Linda McDonald, and Abraham John, spoke to a mostly Nigerian congregation. The people were so grateful for their presence and prayers. Many people rushed to the front for prayer and were very moved by the speakers.

After church, the travelers toured the Temple of Heaven, a very large structure where the Buddhists pray for a good year, abundant crops, etc.  The grounds of the Temple were filled with people and families playing chess, exercising, laughing, and having a great time.

We are expectant that our abundant prayer-walking is doing its work!  The travelers then returned back at the hotel to pack and rest for the drive to Tianjin tomorrow.

Day 2 – Saturday,  May 12th

The group got up bright and early for breakfast in their hotel and then the tour many have been anticipating… the Great Wall!  On the way to The Wall, they stopped mid-trip to tour a Jade Factory where they learned about the various types and qualities you find in that stone.  The travelers were able to purchase the beautiful examples for sale.

The Great Wall did not disappoint—it was misty, mysterious, and beautiful.  Most of the preserved parts of Great Wall were built and reinforced during the Ming Dynasty (1368 – 1644 AD) to defend Beijing against the intrusion of northern Mongolians.  A few of our travelers made it to the top of the stretch of Great Wall that they visited. When they reached the top, they were given a gold medallion with their name carved in it– a great souvenir for a worthy accomplishment.  The other travelers walked on more level parts of the wall, and that in itself was a great experience.

While the majority of our travelers experienced the Great Wall, we had three people: Shirley Wilkins, who heads up most of the group tour praise and worship, Jean Metcalf, a good friend of Marilyn’s and MHM as well as frequent traveler, and Deborah Sheaks, a frequent traveler of the last several years, all spoke at a women’s conference at the church that would host Marilyn the next day.  They spoke on women’s issues and all witnessed the Holy Spirit fall on the crowd, with people being slain in the Spirit under the anointing.

That evening, a surprise treat for the travelers – an Acrobatic show!  It was complete with contortionists, jugglers, balancing acts, crazy-fast motorcycles contained in a spherical cage, and more!  It was fun, lively, at times scary, but overall a great treat for them, and they enjoyed it.  It was exciting and breathtaking!  After such an amazingly  memorable day, the travels were equally excited to return to their hotel and rest.

Day 1 – Friday, May 11th

China and Mongolia—Here we come!  The Spring 2018 group tour consisted of 66 travelers and 5 staff members.  They were thankful for a smooth 12 ½ hour trip from LAX to Beijing.

From the airport, the travelers enjoyed a city tour around Beijing, where many significant political, architectural, and local landmarks were identified.  Beijing has been China’s capital for over 3,000 years.

After the city tour, the buses brought the travelers to the Summer Palace. The palace, which was famed as ‘Imperial Garden Museum of China’, is a well-preserved one combining the natural landscape and delicate gardening design. The classic buildings and elegant scenery in the park will leave you breathless.  It was built to be a luxurious royal garden for royal families to rest and entertain, and later became the main residence of royal members in the end of the Qing Dynasty.  It is the largest and most well-preserved royal park in China, displaying gorgeous naturally landscaped gardens and beautiful buildings in the classic Chinese architectural styles.

To end this very full day, the travelers enjoyed a traditional dinner of Peking Duck.  Marilyn also shared encouragement and expectation with group.

After a long day of traveling in and out of airports and touring Beijing, the travelers were looking forward to a good night’s sleep.