Marilyn and Sarah

March Miracles & Praise Reports!

March was an exciting month of miracles and praise reports for many!  We declared March to be a time of miracles because it is our belief that God is doing something NEW in this season.  We asked our Facebook friends & partners to share their miracle and praise reports and we were overwhelmed with the responses.  We want to share those reports with you to encourage you in your faith-walk.  God loves you and wants to perform miracles in your life today!

“My mouth will tell of your righteous deeds, of your saving acts all day long—though I know not how to relate them all.  I will come and proclaim your mighty acts, Sovereign Lord; I will proclaim your righteous deeds, yours alone.” (Psalm 71: 15-16)

“I was completely healed of severe asthma when I called the Marilyn Hickey prayer line. I was in my early 20’s and had suffered greatly with asthma since I was 9 months old. I’m now 40 yrs. old and have never had problems with asthma since calling the prayer line almost 20 years ago! My lungs were completely restored and X-rays show no more damage to my lungs!! I got a brand new set of lungs!! Prayer+Faith=A miracle!!”

Jennifer E.

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank God for the miracle He presented to me through you.  I was watching your show but before it even started you said there is someone having a back pain and you would like to pray for that person.  Immediately, I felt like it was me who you were talking to.  You asked me to place my hand on my back and you prayed.  Since that day I haven’t experienced the kind of pain I usually feel.  Glory to God for the miracle.”

-Esther S.

“Love you Marilyn…I once went to one of your seminars with my mom (rest her soul) & you laid hands on me…Look what I’ve done since then! I’m excited to announce that my first App is now available. It’s called IAMinspired and is designed to inspire by having people listen to affirmations and scriptures.  Thank you for your years of teaching Marilyn…when I think of you, I think of you as another Spiritual mom because my mom let me read so many of your books. You are cited in my references too.”  

Derick V.

“Too many testimonies to count!! Marilyn asked us to stand up in faith for certain things to happen in our lives at a conference in Philadelphia many years ago. Each item I stood up for (a husband, children, a home) has been fulfilled. She also has taught me so much about the Word and the power of speaking the Word and I still read the little speak the word book that she gave out a while back.

Jennifer S.

“Marilyn told of praying over a vehicle. It would never be involved in an accident or cause harm to any one or thing. Ever since then I Have prayed over our vehicles, which have not been in accidents or caused harm. Praising God for years now!!!”

Jen R.

“Amen Marilyn, I simply spoke to the tumor and commanded it to depart from my body and it did. Glory to God!!!!!!!”

Don H.

“I prayed for my grandson who needed a car. During the program, Marilyn prayed for someone who needed a car.  The very next day my grandson got a car.”

Lisa K.

“Two years ago at the Women’s ramp conference (Karen Wheaton’s ministry) Marilyn spoke. She was praying for healing and at one point she asked everybody with back problems to stand up. At first I didn’t because I was thinking like a back injury or disc problems and all I had was arthritis in my back. Finally I thought “well I will stand up”… It wasn’t like I had this great faith because I wasn’t even sure I was supposed to stand up. Two students from the ramp came over and began to pray with me as Marilyn was praying. All of a sudden I could feel something that felt like warm scrubbing bubbles ( that’s the only way I know how to explain it). My back has never hurt one time since.

Deborah E.

“Amen I believe in Miracles! Pastor Hickey I was in Africa doing a crusade and God had me sit down and listen to one of your broadcasts.  When you stretched your hand out I felt the presence of God and He instructed me to do a healing service back here in the state of NJ. This was about 2yrs ago. God Bless you!”

Melanie G.

“Marilyn, me too thanks to your years of pouring health into my life you have taught me to read and confess the word everyday. Thank You Jesus for Marilyn Hickey who has harvested many sheep into your Kingdom and will bring more in too!!!”

Nancy G.

“When I was teaching years ago, one of my parents and I had a disagreement over my expectations from her son…you came to town and we both happened to attend a special breakfast you held….we were both surprised to see the other there and the anointing was so sweet it destroyed that yoke of contention and we were both free to love the other as well as work together for her sons best interest….”

Julie L.

“I love you Marilyn and Sarah. I have been blessed by many teachings I just called for prayer yesterday for my disability. I have not had income these past three months due to my compensation case big corporate Insurance company. I’m believing God for 100% disability and Medicare, which is unusual, but all things are possible through God so I believe. I’m sowing my seed and waiting on God for victory. He is faithful.”

Laurie W

I’ve watched Marilyn for over 25 years…She is a Word of God Woman! After my divorce, it was such a difficult time, I needed a job, place to live, transportation…her people prayed for me…God got me through it all.  Thanks, Marilyn.

Olivia P.

“I received a house, car and land after praying with a prayer partner.”

Penny B.

“You changed and shaped my life and my prayer life in the late 80’s.  It is because of you that I have had a love for the word and prayer all these years.  Thank you!!”

Cindy C.

“You opened my eyes and gave me a deeper way to think by showing me Jesus in every book of the Bible.  Now a whole new realm has begun for me.”

Roberto F.

“Marilyn taught me to love and appreciate the Word. She came to NYC back in the early 90’s and I went to hear her speak. I have a lot of her books, and I think she is one of the greatest Bible teachers of this generation.”

Dawn D.

I got two small debts cancelled after calling the praying line.”

-Augusta H.