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New to Podcasting?

Subscribing to a podcast is much like subscribing to a newspaper. You’ll receive updated content, in this case audio messages, automatically. You don’t need an iPod to download messages. All you need is a computer, some free software, and an internet connection.

Here’s how to do it: Step 1: Install iTunes

iTunes is a music program but it is also designed to receive podcasts. The latest version of iTunes is available directly from Apple’s Website. Follow the instructions provided on this site. iTunes is free and is available for both Mac and PC systems.


Step 2: Subscribe

It’s easy to subscribe to our FREE podcast. All you have to do is click one of the available podcast links in the box to the left and iTunes will launch and go directly to our podcast profile. You’ll see our podcast preview image and a listing of recent messages. You can also download individual messages from here. Click the “subscribe” button to “sign up” to the podcast.


Step 3: Download

As soon as you’ve successfully subscribed, the latest message will automatically begin downloading and you will see any previous messages that are available (but grayed out). Please allow some time for the download, since file sizes vary depending upon message length. After your download is complete, you can begin watching the message.

To download previous messages, simply hit the “get” button next to the desired message title.