A Woman’s Body Balanced by Nature, with Dr. Janet Maccaro – Part 1

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Don’t miss Dr. Janet Maccaro as she talks about her book, A Woman’s Body Balanced by Nature. God has amazing things planned for you, and He wants you to be happy and healthy when He reveals His plan! Dr. Maccaro’s troubleshooting guideline will help you begin your life free of anxiety, depression, worry, and illness.


Saving Moses Hunger Strike 2019

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Sometimes hunger is a choice. Sometimes it isn’t. Tune in and learn how Saving Moses is staging a #HungerStrike to help babies and toddlers in Congo and Angola who suffer from severe acute malnutrition.


It’s Not Over Until You Win, Marilyn’s Autobiography Interview with Sarah

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Join Marilyn and Sarah for a special interview for Marilyn’s new autobiography It’s Not Over Until You Win. You will be encouraged to hang on to your God-given passions, knowing that it’s not over until you win!


Scriptures to Live By with Greg Mohr – Part 1

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Marilyn and Sarah welcome back Greg Mohr to discuss his book, Scriptures to Live By. When you put the Word into your heart and speak it, it will change your life.


What’s in Your Hand – Part 3

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Are you ready to get your faith propelled? Do you want to know what kingdom plans God has for you? Tune in to this new three-part teaching with Marilyn, and learn how to step out in faith and make your mark.