Thank you! We want you to know that through your partnership with us, you’ve been a part of something truly amazing this past year.

This year, we have ministered to literally millions of lost and hurting people all over the world. We have seen tens of thousands of people healed from back problems, tumors and growths, infertility, blindness, deafness, deformities, and so much more.

We have brought valuable instruction to pastors and leaders in countries where ministry education is limited or even forbidden.

We know this ministry has much more to accomplish. With your help, we will be equipped and empowered to go through every door the Lord opens! With only a couple weeks left in this year, don’t forget that this is a perfect time to give generously and benefit from the tax incentives. Sowing more seed into the kingdom is always more of a blessing than paying unnecessary taxes.

I want to invite you to help us finish 2018 strong and give 2019 a running start by sowing an end-of-year financial gift. We have plans to minister next year in China, Mongolia, Ethiopia, Dubai, Bangladesh, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Saudi Aribia, and Hungry, as well as churches and meetings across the U.S.

We are still called to Cover the earth with the Word, and you are a part of that call.

You can give your tax-deductible gift by clicking here. Your gift will help us reach and love more people for God.

Praise God—together we have accomplished so much, but there is still so much more we can do.

Thank you in advance for your generosity and support,