Rome Greece 2012

Monday, November 5-Day 8

Day 8: We started the morning with another great breakfast, where Marilyn added to her teaching on our being treasures, and then we all embarked on our last tour of Rome. This tour included the Trevi Fountain, where you toss coins in the waters. Tradition says you toss the coins in your right hand, standing with your back to the fountain, and over your left shoulder when you make a wish. We also visited the Forum, the Pantheon, and other monuments. All very exciting, and beautiful!

Sunday, November 4-Day 7

Day 7: At breakfast, Sarah shared about Saving Moses and showed the latest SM video, and then after breakfast, we bussed to the city and had a walking tour of various areas of Rome, starting with the Colosseum—marveling at what once went on within these ruins.

After walking around the Colosseum, learning what the various areas were built for, we headed toward the Forum, on the way to St. Peters’ Square, where thousands gather on Sunday to hear the Pope address the crowd. The square can comfortably fit about 3,500 people, and there was plenty of space on this day for all to see him. On our previous tour of this area, the window where he stands and addresses the crowd was pointed out, so today we knew where to position ourselves for a great view. He came out, and through the loudspeaker, addressed us in eight languages. Each time he changed, a rousing cheer would go up from where that section of people was standing. Of course, all of us cheered too, when he spoke English.

That night the second healing meeting in same church and it was again filled to capacity (about 600). The praise and worship was again extraordinary—really rousing, spirited, modern, and anointed. Among the adult band members and singers, the drummer was about 10 or 12 at the most, and extremely gifted – no one would ever guess that such a professional, cohesive group would have such a young member playing one of the instruments! It just added to the joy of this worship.

Sarah came up and gave a word to two different people, and then Marilyn came up, showed the Sudan video, and spoke on Treasure, emphasizing that God’s Treasure is People. She called for salvations, and about 30 answered this call. Then she prayed for the entire crowd to be stronger in leading people to the Lord. She also asked for the crowd to make a commitment to lead at least two people to Him in the next 6 months, and most everyone made that commitment.

The travelers were enlisted the stand at the altar and sides again to pray for any people needing prayer, and then the evening ended with the church blessing us yet again with a meal at the end of service. Tomorrow will be a free day, ending with a Celebration Dinner.

Saturday, November 3-Day 6

Day 6: We woke up and had a great breakfast, then off for a very interesting tour of the Vatican, Sistine Chapel, St Peter’s Basilica, St Paul’s Basilica, and the catacombs. Michelangelo’s frescoes on the chapel’s walls and ceilings were carefully explained. Interesting tidbits, from delightful to bizarre: our guide told us that the first part of Michelangelo’s name should never be pronounced like the American name Michael, but like it would rhyme with “nickel”. Whether Michelangelo was personally moral and submitted to God or not, we don’t know, but his work is truly phenomenal, and his attention to detail really captured all of our attentions, and we could have spent hours there if that had been possible.

This evening was our first healing meeting and another WOW night – the worship was out of this world, truly both anointed and skilled. The whole congregation could join in the exuberant praise, as the lyrics were translated on the screen into three languages – Italian, Portuguese, and English. The congregation is mainly Italian, but Pastor Fernando is from Brazil. Sarah taught on believing in the impossible because of who God is, and how to be a Peter who stepped out of the boat like when we are faced with storms and dark circumstances in our lives (Mat 16:14). The packed congregation was eating up every word of this anointed teaching. When the call for salvation and re dedication went out, approximately 70 people stood!

But this wasn’t the end of this incredible blessing – as the service ended with prayers for healing by the travelers laying on of hands, the congregation had one more blessing in mind: instead of leaving after the last person was prayed for, we were told to stay because they had prepared us dinner! What a treat! We left there anointed and blessed with wonderful food and memories.

Friday, November 2-Day 5

Day 5: We started the morning with our first of two Celebration breakfasts. We all had a wonderful time of celebrating how God has used MHM throughout the years. After breakfast, it was off to our final tour of Athens, which included the Parthenon and various temples built on top of the Acropolis, and breathtaking views of Athens from that vantage point. Many steps up and down later, we headed to the airport for our smooth 2 hour flight to Rome.

After landing in Rome, we had dinner on our own, and most people enjoyed the hotel restaurant’s cuisine, which was wonderful. Sarah arrived in Rome and joined the group for the rest of the trip. It was then off to bed with anticipation of a great day tomorrow in Rome and our first healing meeting at the Comunicado Evangelica Int’l Zona Sul. This church is pastored by Pastor Fernando, a friend we worked with on a previous trip to Rome.

Thursday, November 1-Day 4

Day 4: We had an early start to Ancient Corinth, where Marilyn did an exceptional teaching on the gifts and fruit of the Spirit. Wow! That’s all most of the travelers could say. She matched each of the nine gifts to each of the nine fruits, into a powerful teaching the travelers ate up and will remember for a long time. The travelers also toured the Corinth Canal, then back to the hotel to prepare for the healing meeting at the small Apostolic Church of Christ – Greece. The crowd was warm, welcoming and loving toward us.

At this evening meeting, Marilyn preached on eight ways to heal the sick, sprinkling her teaching with personal testimonies. She prayed for chronic diseases and about 40 stood to receive healing. Then she prayed for crippling diseases, and about 15 more stood. She also prayed for the crowd to have crazy faith, and finally the prayer for salvation, at which about 10 stood. Then the travelers had the chance to lay hands on all who wanted prayer, believing for miracles from God for all they prayed over.

Ancient Corinth is where, under the shadow of the towering Acropolis, Paul preached and lived for two year. The Gentile Church he founded here in 50 AD prompted him to write at least for letters to them. The travelers had the opportunity to see the ancient city where Paul worked with Aquila and Priscilla, see the remains of the first century shops, the agora where Paul’s trial by Gallio took place, the Fountain of Peirene, the Temple of Apollo and the Bema.

Wednesday, October 31-Day 3

Day 3: we woke up in the beautiful city of Kalambaka, and after a wonderful breakfast, journeyed to the Monasteries. The group visited the largest one. There are about six left from about 24 that were originally built. Normally, the monks don’t come out to greet anybody, and this trip was no exception, but then Marilyn and a few people went to one of the smaller ones, which was actually a Nunnery, and Sister Gregoria came out and spoke with us, explaining their religion and showing us around the rooms. This particular smaller monastery took 22 years to bring all the building materials on top of the rock formation! This was quite a fascinating experience, as we learned how simple yet profound their way of life is.

After enjoying the nun’s hospitality, we departed back to Athens, stopping on the way for lunch and rest. The seven hour bus ride to and from Meteora was well worth it, as travelers saw many dramatic sites.

Tuesday, October 30-Day 2

Day 2: We rose early to have breakfast and check out of the hotel to start our journey to Kalambaka,

where the “hanging monasteries” are, and on the way we made two stops – first to Mars Hill, Marilyn did an on-site teaching-standing on the actual site of the Apostle Paul’s Mars Hill address to the people.

Our next stop was at Delphi where we walked through the ruins of this significant historical site. Then on to Kalambaka, stopping on the way for rest breaks and lunch.

When we approached our destination, the mountains that loomed in the background were dimly lit and we learned that the large lit-up rocks that sat on the mountains were thought to be meteors, therefore, the name of the area is Meteora. We all settled in after a long day, had a wonderful dinner where Marilyn showed the Sudan video, and then headed to bed with a more relaxed day’s schedule awaiting us for the next day.

Monday, October 29-Day 1
Day 1: Our first day started with a miracle! All the travelers arrived from all over the USA and the Bahamas safely into JFK. As we waited for word on any flight cancellations or delays, we were truly blessed when we boarded the plane and were cleared for take off. Had our flight been any later, it would have been cancelled because of hurricane Sandy’s faster than anticipated arrival.

As we all prayed for safety, peace, and smooth flights, God met us with very good flights and connections. The travelers were in great spirits as we all landed in Athens the next morning and were met by our tour company.

After a time of refreshing and an optional tour into the beautiful and scenic area surrounding the

hotel, we enjoyed our first relaxing Welcome dinner, where Marilyn shared some goals for this trip and showed an International Ministry Update. Then off to bed, with the travelers anticipating an early rise and a long day ahead.

Sunday, October 28, 2012
The 2012 Fall Group Tour starts their journey–to Experience the Glory of Greece and Rome, today.

Marilyn arrived early to speak at the Sunday morning service at the Apostolic Church of Christ in Athens, Greece. She shared the love, good news, healing, and gift of eternal salvation found through Jesus Christ. After a powerful service with anointed teaching, many came forward for healing and salvation.