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At the age of 42, Marilyn Hickey responded to God’s call on her life to ‘cover the earth with the Word’ (Isaiah 11:9). The natural inclination to reach out, to celebrate people and culture, were traceable in Marilyn’s formative years; yet she had no idea how God would send her around the globe teaching the Bible and building bridges with people of all cultures and religious backgrounds, especially in the Muslim world.

The Lord has continually opened doors of opportunity for Marilyn in over 146 countries. This includes private meetings and prayer with high-ranking Muslim and Hindu government officials. Her lectures on healing and the Bible have broken records for the largest public meetings ever held in that nation’s history, including Cairo, Egypt, and Pakistan.

Sarah Bowling was just five years old, on a trip to the Holy Land, when she had her first interaction with an Arab person. Since then, Sarah has ministered around the globe.

It was on a ministry trip to Northern Ethiopia in 2009 when Sarah, holding newborn twins who were abandoned in a field, felt compelled to start Saving Moses. This humanitarian initiative assists children ages 5 and under with basic food, water, shelter and medical needs.

In 2019, Sarah launched her teaching ministry, Sarah Bowling – Living Genuine Love.  This ministry is on a mission to connect every one with the heart of God while loving those who are overlooked, excluded, and ignored. Sarah aspires to facilitate this connection by equipping people with resources and tools that empower them to walk in an intimate and vibrant relationship with God. Find out more at

Together, Marilyn and Sarah’s mission to bring people into relationship with Jesus Christ often lead them to difficult places, including Muslim nations and lands oppressed by communism, cruel dictators, poverty, disaster, and disease.

Year after year, they cross unfriendly borders with Bibles, teaching materials, and books translated into native languages, often at great personal risk, carrying the gospel into scores of nations including Pakistan, Italy, Morocco, Ethiopia, Sudan, Russia, Panama, Australia, China, Germany, India, The United Kingdom, Vietnam, and dozens more.

From humble beginnings to the international organization known today as Marilyn & Sarah Ministries, Marilyn and Sarah share a calling for:

  • Bringing God’s miracles and healing to those in need, nationally and internationally
  • A love for teaching the Bible
  • Building bridges and taking the gospel to the nations

It’s simple. When we live the truth of the Bible, we can experience the blessed, miraculous life that God’s Word promises, including bringing people of different faiths together, leading people to Christ, and helping those in need.


Together, with the support of their friends and Partners, Marilyn and Sarah are impacting thousands of lives with the reality, compassion, and power of God’s Word through our daily television program, Today with Marilyn & Sarah, Bible teachings, international healing meetings, online resources, and print publications. Here are just a few things our friends and Partners have helped Marilyn and Sarah accomplish in their call to cover the earth with the Word while connecting every one to the heart of God:

  • Traveled to over 140 countries, hosted 55 group tours, and more than 40 International Meetings. Marilyn currently teaches at international healing meetings using pre-recorded and live video technology.
  • Held Pakistan’s largest religious gathering ever in 2016: 1 million attended (including 300 Imams), and hundreds of thousands gave their lives to Christ.
  • Reach 130 countries though TV and media (with a potential audience of 2.2 billion households worldwide).
  • Partner with Christian ministries that have Bible schools in Ukraine and Bangladesh.
  • Send Bibles, teaching materials, and books to pastors and missionaries in other countries.
  • Partner in teaching resources and book translation efforts.
  • Support humanitarian relief efforts across the globe.

Covering the earth with the Word while connecting every one with the heart of God.

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