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The earth shall be full of the knowledge of the LORD as the waters cover the sea.Isaiah 11:9 New Here?
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Dreams and Visions with Jane Hamon – Part 2
Join Marilyn and Sarah as they welcome Jane Hamon to discuss her book, Dreams and Visions. Learn how to unravel the scriptural meaning of dreams and visions, and discern when a dream is prophetic direction for your life!

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Oct 16 Russia Armenia Tour 2017

Russia Armenia Tour 2017 Day 13 – October 31st Traveling back to USA – all accounted for and all so very full and happy for the experiences!  This was a spiritual group.  Everyone...

May 17 New Zealand Fiji Tour 2017

Last Day in New Zealand!   Animal Farm in New Zealand!   Cruise down the Milford Sound!   Queenstown is...

Saving Moses

Saving Moses

Saving Babies Every Day!

Nov 17 Teddy Bears on Brothel Beds

There’s nothing more innocent than a teddy bear. A stuffed animal to calm fears, to play with, and to hold close when a child’s world feels uncertain. Three year-old Nazir excitedly showed us his h...

Oct 12 “Change Apparel” is Changing Lives!

You want to hear a phenomenal story about how a travel-inspired merchandise brand is making a difference in the lives of babies and toddlers in Cambodia? GLBAL, a cause-focused brand, just launched...

Sarah Bowling

sarah bowling

spiritual food for thought

Dec 15 When to Quit

“He’s too heavy.  This is a stupid idea.  It’s awkward to carry him.  There are too many people.  This won’t work.  I’m tired.  We might drop him.  We’d have to rip open the roof.” There’s a paraly...

Dec 14 Getting In Shape

  YAHOOOO!!!! Time to work out!!! So say very few of us. So here’s something fun to consider when you’re watching for Jesus throughout this Christmas season: