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God’s Grace & Power…Ireland Scotland 2014

As the bagpipes played a thrilling rendition of “Amazing Grace,” Marilyn and Sarah’s trip to Ireland and Scotland came to an end. It was a fitting finale to 10 amazing days of God’s power demonstrated through miracles of healing, salvation, and restoration. The Green Isles will never be the same!

The travelers relished the amazing history and scenery of the area as they explored castles, museums, and a 6th century cathedral with magnificent stained glass and remarkable stonework. Edinburgh Castle was a group favorite, built during the Iron Age and used as an arsenal, prison, and today is still in use by the Scottish military. In all, the travelers visited six cities, including Dublin, Belfast, and Edinburgh. The lush green landscape made a gorgeous backdrop for the amazing ministry and teaching woven throughout the trip.

Healing meetings were held in both Dublin and Belfast and hundreds of lives were radically changed. This was the first time Marilyn Hickey Ministries ministered in this region.

Marilyn ministered at Solid Rock Church of God Dublin, an international multicultural Pentecostal church pastored by an African pastor, Emmanuel Might, with over 30 races represented. Marilyn preached mainly about the demonstration of healing; many in the audience received salvation. Others were healed of problems in their feet, tumors and warts, back problems, and much more.

The evening healing meeting at Living Rivers Church was packed. As Sarah ministered, more than 30 people stood for baptism of the Holy Spirit. Physical miracles were abundant as well. One man testified that he had an accident at work and his arm had constant pain and his hand couldn’t stop trembling, and he was obviously healed, holding the affected arm out with no trembling. Another was healed of rheumatoid arthritis, one person who had suffered for more than 50 years with sciatica pain testified that his pain disappeared, and another was healed of chronic neck pain. All in all, there was an amazing outpouring of God’s power in Belfast!

Throughout the trip, the group began each day with worship, teaching, and prayer with Marilyn and Sarah. During one session, Marilyn did an impromptu Q & A time with the travelers. Marilyn answered all their questions with wisdom, grace, and abundant knowledge. This special time drew the travelers closer to Marilyn as she shared from her heart.

We believe Ireland and Scotland were immensely blessed by the Marilyn Hickey Ministries 2014 Tour. God’s amazing grace surrounded travelers from the first steps on the Green Isles to the very last moments together as the bagpiper played. Pray with us that God would continue to pour out His power and love to the people of Ireland and Scotland long after this trip!

>Ireland/Scotland blog update #10 – November 11, 2014

On this final full day the travelers went on a city tour of Edinburgh.

The farewell dinner had a very exciting beginning – a bagpiper performed for the travelers with traditional Scottish music, the telling of the “Toast to the Haggis”, which is a poem written by Robert Burns about haggis, traditional Scottish food that is read to the accompaniment of bagpipes. Robert Burns is considered by many to be the national poet of Scotland. Then the bagpiper performed a thrilling rendition of Amazing Grace – quite lovely! The dinner was excellent, and the evening ended with tearful goodbyes among our team.

Day 11 was the last morning together, and it was great to see how the travelers so appreciated Marilyn and Sarah’s ministry tour and the lifelong friendships that were either created or nurtured during their time together.

>Ireland/Scotland blog update #9 – November 10, 2014

The day started with praise and worship, prayer and Marilyn teaching on the gifts of the Spirit. After the teaching, Marilyn left time for questions and many travelers were lead by the Holy Spirit and had many thought provoking questions that Marilyn answered with wisdom, grace and great knowledge. It was a very anointed time.

The travelers the boarded a ferry which took them to Scotland. The ferry was every bit as comfy and luxurious as a cruise ship, with many amenities offered for the travelers to enjoy during the two-plus hour ride. When they disembarked the ferry on the western side of Scotland, they drove for a while to get to Edinburgh, which is on the opposite coast. They drove through Glasgow, another famous city, and as the sky darkened, they checked into their Edinburgh hotel. Edinburgh is quite lovely. Edinburgh, by the way, is pronounced “Edinburruh” by the native Scots. After diner the travelers enjoyed a restful night in preparation for their next exciting day.

>Ireland/Scotland blog update #9-November 10, 2014

The Bless the Green Isles ministry trip has come to a close and what an amazing journey it was. On the final two days the travelers took a ferry to Scotland for a tour of Edinburgh and other adventures.

Check back for more reports and testimonies from this very special trip.

>Ireland/Scotland blog update #8 – November 9, 2014

Day 8 started with praise and worship, prayer time , and Sarah continuing her teaching on Jacob and being healed on the inside. She encouraged the travelers to stay true to the Holy Spirit.

Later, the travelers took a tour of the most significant Titanic museum in the world, mainly because the original Titanic was built there in Belfast. It was a great experience, complete with getting in trams, hearing and feeling what actually went on in the ship yards, walking through sections of the museum that gave you copious amounts of info, like 14,000 gallons of drinking water were used every 24 hours, and 57,600 pieces of crockery and 29,000 pieces of glassware were used on board, as well as 250 barrels of flour and 2,200 pounds of coffee, and many more interesting stats.

Then they took a city tour around Belfast and headed back to the hotel for the last Healing meeting at Living Rivers. The air once again was electric, worship was great. Then Marilyn called up one of our frequent travelers to share a miracle that happened in the Dublin service where two sisters got healed of tumors, and the one who was having a difficult pregnancy got healed as well-the baby was leaping inside the mom’s womb as hands were laid on her. Marilyn introduced Sarah and then shared about her father’s nervous breakdown and how her mom’s standing in faith on God’s promises healed him. Marilyn taught on ways to heal, and had everyone pull out a cloth or handkerchief, prayed over them, and encouraged everyone to use them as they prayed for healing. She also had everyone pull out their phones and text people that we were about to pray for them and to expect a miracle. She encouraged everyone to stand on Nahum 1:9 and believe in the deepest way that the affliction will not return to them.

She then prayed for hands and wrists, and about 12 stood. Then she prayed for backs, and about 20 stood. One man testified that he had an accident at work and his arm had constant pain and his hand couldn’t stop trembling, and he was obviously healed, holding the affected arm out with no trembling. Another was healed of rheumatoid arthritis, another who had 50 years of sciatica pain testified that the pain disappeared, and another was healed of chronic neck pain.

All in all, a great, awesome, mighty two days in Belfast! Tomorrow the team will board the ferry to Scotland for their last two nights there.
>Ireland/Scotland blog update #7-November 8, 2014

Day 7 started in excited anticipation of the ministry that would take place later in the morning and in the afternoon, led by Living Rivers church. The travelers first had breakfast, praise and worship and prayer, as well as a time of teaching by Sarah. She taught briefly on the life of Jacob, how to be healed on the inside, and the travelers soaked it up and really enjoyed her!

They then went to the very site in Kells where an engraved stone marks where the revival of 1859 broke out. This was a revival that not only broke out in Ireland, but in the USA at the same time, started by praying Irishmen in both places. They then went on to Slemish, the site on the side of a mountain where St. Patrick tended sheep and prayed over his country. As they walked that area, powerful prayers for another revival to break out were spoken and decreed by our travelers. One of our travelers got slain in the spirit and healed of a painful jaw condition while there! Then to Living Rivers church.

At the church, they had several ministry outreaches for us to take part in They divided into smaller teams headed by various volunteers from their church. There was a Pastor’s luncheon attended by approx 40 – 50 local pastors and their wives, door-to-door witnessing, passing out fliers to come to the healing services, praying for people, witnessing in shopping malls, setting up a bandstand with singing, worshiping and witnessing, a drug rehab shelter and a homeless shelter, and a nursing home visitation. The remaining people stayed at the church, powerfully interceding for the various outreaches… what a full, rich, powerful day!

The evening healing meeting at Living Rivers Church was packed out! It holds about 500 or 600, an there was standing room only! It started with a delightful performance by some Irish dancers, then Marilyn spoke of the miracle of Sarah’s birth, prayed for married couples if they wanted babies, and 7 or 8 couples stood Sarah then took the platform and spoke on this being a resurrection night. She talked about the transfiguration, the parable of the fig tree, and much more, stirring people to believe for resurrection in their nation and their own personal lives. Sarah ministered a verse to a man, and then invited people to receive salvation, recommit to following Jesus, and for baptism of the Holy Spirit.

>Ireland/Scotland blog update #6 – November 7, 2014

On this day the travelers made had a long bus ride to Ballymena and Belfast in Northern Ireland.

Upon their arrival they had to convert their currency into pounds. Ireland uses the Euro but Northern Ireland and Scotland user the British Stirling. Upon their arrival, they checked into their hotel, freshened up and went straight to their evening dinner celebration. Sarah arrived today and everyone was thrilled to see her. She shared a short teaching then everyone retired to their rooms to rest up for the next day of excitement.

>Ireland/Scotland blog update #5-November 6, 2014

This day started off with a wonderful breakfast and inspired teaching from Marilyn. The group visited Burren and the Irish Moher Cliffs.

After a full day of touring, the travelers had their first Celebration Dinner. The atmosphere was festive and full of the Holy Spirit. Marilyn taught on Isaiah 53 and 54, emphasizing the place that worship should have in out lives. Worship bring to pass the provision and we can sing to the barren places with great expectation.

>Ireland/Scotland blog update #4 – November 5, 2014

Day 4 started early with the travelers checking out after a brief meeting and traveling 2 hours to Galway,

for a city tour, lunch and a bit of shopping They then checked into their second hotel, a very beautiful one, about a five minute drive away from the city center. This particular home was once a residence, and over the years was turned into a hotel by continuing to build more and more rooms on the property. You can walk into a couple of the original rooms were the family resided, preserved and restored so that all can see a slice of history.

After dinner there was more great teaching from Marilyn, and many travelers got to relate testimonies of their experiences seeing God heal or start the process of healing in the lives of the people they prayed for.

>Ireland/Scotland blog update #3 – November 4, 2014

Day 3 began with breakfast, prayer, praise and worship, and great teaching from Marilyn from 2 Samuel 3:21. Then the travelers were off on their first of two tours for the day.

The first one was to St Canice’s cathedral, founded in in the 6th century. It has magnificent stained glass and remarkable stonework. The See chair of a bishop dating back to the 12th century, and intricately carved tombstones where high ranking bishops were entombed are also located there.

From there the travelers visited the famous Kilkenny castle, built in 1195. The castle is beautifully restored and a symbol of Norman occupation which, in its day, formed an important element of the defenses of the town with four large circular corner towers and a massive ditch, part of which can still be seen today on the Parade. The property was owned by the Butlers, an English family, and was transferred to the people of Kilkenny for 50 British pounds in 1967. The property is now managed by the Office of Public works, and the castle and beautiful gardens are open to the public.

The travelers then returned to the hotel to freshen up before the first healing meeting at the Solid Rock Church of God in Dublin, an international multicultural Pentecostal church pastored by an African pastor, Emmanuel Might. There are over 30 races represented in his congregation.

As they entered the church, the air was one of excitement and great anticipation of what was to come. The praise and worship was powerfully anointed, and the travelers and congregants were in rapt attention as Marilyn began preaching healing. This night was mainly about the demonstration of healing, as Marilyn didn’t spend a lot of time teaching on it like she normally does. Marilyn prayed for wives who wanted to get pregnant, led people in salvation, people were healed of problems in their feet, tumors and warts, back problems, and much more. Marilyn said later that she was led to get to the demonstration part more quickly because she felt this church believed in healing, but were not used to seeing it manifest in their lives. Well, they certainly did tonight!

The travelers will move on to Galway tomorrow.

>Ireland/Scotland blog update #2 – November 3, 2014

The second day started with a lovely breakfast at the hotel and then an anointed time of teaching with

Marilyn. Marilyn shared personal and biblical testimonies of ‘hanging on” for the promises of God to manifest in our lives, and to never give up. A few of the travelers had tears in their eyes – God was speaking directly to them through Marilyn.

The first stop on the tour was Trinity College where the book of Kells resides. These are colorful, ancient books that are now housed in glass cases to preserve them. The Book of Kells, written in Latin, contains the four gospels, and is believed to have been created ca. 800 AD. It is widely regarded as

Ireland’s finest national treasure.

Then on to St. Patrick’s cathedral, a famous Anglican, not Catholic church, a beautiful building built and rebuilt, most recently in the 13th century after destruction by a fire. After this, the travelers went to a stunning, famous castle called Malahide—owned by the Talbots for 8 centuries. The Talbots were originally from England. This beautiful castle was eventually willed to the government when there were no more heirs to inhabit it.

Tomorrow the travelers will enjoy more touring and, in the evening, the first healing meeting.

>Ireland/Scotland blog update #1 – November 2, 2014

Marilyn and her team of 123 travelers have safely landed in Ireland! We are so excited that over 35% of our group are first-time travelers!

Marilyn arrived before the rest of the group and did an interview with Spirit Radio in Dublin and then met with the pastor of the Dublin Solid Rock Church.

The first adventure everyone enjoyed was a driving tour of Dublin. While on this relaxing tour, the travelers saw historic landmarks and beautiful gardens.

Tomorrow the group will visit St. Patrick’s Church, Christ Church, and see the Book of Kells at Trinity College.

2014 Ireland & Scotland Tour Update

The Tour has left for Ireland and Scotland! Check back here for more updates!