Argentina 2015

Sunday, May 11th, 2015

This was the travelers final full day in Buenos Aires. It has been great with the staff and travelers all in unity. This has been an amazing group! It has been supernatural!

The travelers started the morning with a Celebration breakfast where Marilyn asked for testimonies from the group. Then they had special prayer time, prayer points and praise and worship.

She then preached on ‘no fear’ and talked about Elijah and the widow—seed and harvest—and said a most profound statement that resonated with everyone “if what’s in your hand is not enough, it must be a seed.” She also said she calculated the meals the widow received after she made the cake for Elijah – over 6,000!

They then left for their last half-day tour to the Tigre district and to the Delta for our boat ride. This river is much like Venice with its winding canals and the people who live there must drive their boats instead of cars to get anywhere. When they returned to the hotel, they had free time until the Farewell dinner in the evening, which was a sumptuous buffet. The photographer put together a montage of pictures from the trip that played during the dinner which the travelers loved. There was one last praise and worship song and many of the travelers shared testimonies from the trip.

Tomorrow the majority of the travelers will start their journey back to the states while a small group will continue on to El Calafate for the optional excursion.

Sunday, May 10th, 2015

The travelers were once again blessed by anointed teaching from Marilyn and Sarah at the morning breakfast meeting. Then they had some free time before the evening ministry services.

They were transported to Iglesia Rey de Reyes church for three consecutive services that proved to be glorious once again. Sarah spoke at the first service, then Pastor Friedzon at second, then Marilyn at third. Both Marilyn and Sarah ministered powerfully on destiny, healing, faith, and Sarah gave scriptures individually to people. That church is truly on fire, moving freely in spiritual gifts! Both Sarah and Marilyn were on soaked in the anointing and preached dynamically calling for healings in various areas. Marilyn called for healing of feet and ankles and had multitudes standing, and a minimum of about 25 lined up to testify of their healing!

This has been a miracle trip. Many first-time travelers have expressed their intentions of traveling with Marilyn again. Every trip seems to be a ‘home run’ and this is no exception!

Saturday, May 9th, 2015

This proved to be a long and glorious day! There were two shifts of people going out for outreach, and the first group had to gather a 5am to be ready for a bite of breakfast and the bus rolling out at 5:45am. About 45 travelers showed up for this first departure, praise God!

The travelers were dispatched to the church where the volunteers split them into groups distributing food and clothing to two specific poor neighborhoods. One neighborhood had never been reached by the church before. The point was to touch lives, so each door that opened got material blessings and the travelers had the opportunity to speak into their lives. The church had plenty of volunteers who also knew English so the team was blessed to have their words make an impact in many lives. This outreach took all morning and the travelers were overflowing in their praises to God for this opportunity.

The next group had a chance to have a more complete breakfast and venture out to four destinations: a teen pregnancy shelter, a children’s hospital, a regular hospital, and a Police/Fire station.

All the travelers we’re so very blessed by this outreach! Praises to Him and thank-you galore to MHM were pouring out of them. After the outreaches, many went to the hotel to rest before tonight’s service.

Sarah ministered in the teen church which met in an overflow building, and then Marilyn ministered in the main sanctuary to the College and Career people. Both meeting places were filled to overflowing!

The teen service started with very lively praise and worship, and Sarah flowed in the prophetic as she gave words to various teens throughout her ministry time. The teens were blessed. She asked them if they knew why they were here and do they know their purpose? She ministered on how nothing can satisfy us like God can because that’s how we were designed. She exposed the scheme of the devil in trying to separate them from God and how to heed that pull in their hearts to draw near to God.

College and Career: Marilyn also flowed in the prophetic, and singled out rows of people in the congregation to minister verses to. Her topic was destiny, drawing on Psalm 139. She taught that knowing and holding onto God’s dream and destiny for us makes us supernatural. She gave her personal testimony of being drawn to God when she was 11, born again at 16, and her hunger for the Word. She talked about Joseph and his dream when he was 17 and how he held on to it despite all the things he went through. She taught how important it was to sow into others’ dreams, as well. She gave testimony of sowing Bibles underground for many years culminating in her first healing meeting ever in Kunming, China!

She ended the evening with calling out for healing in people’s ears and other areas, but God wasn’t finished with the team!

Something truly extraordinary happened! Pastor Friedzon called the MHM team up, and instead of them praying for others, he had an extended time of his church praying for them! They were blessed beyond belief, to say the least! Well worth the experience of some having started their day at 5am and ending it around 1am.

Friday, May 8th, 2015

The travelers awoke to have another great breakfast with prayer points and worship, and since they were ministering that night, Marilyn went around anointing hands. She also ministered scriptures to each table. The travelers were so blessed!

They embarked on their tour, first around the city’s districts of Recoleta, where our hotel is, and Palermo and San Telmo districts. Very colorful, indeed! San Telmo was the birthplace of the Tango, and there were plenty of artists on the streets selling their varied interpretations of that dance. They then visited Evita Peron’s grave in a cemetery in the Recoleta district. The cemetery itself is considered a work of art. The graves are quite impressive and each have enough room in them for several family members. When you look at each gravesite, there are layers that go down very low into the ground to accommodate the generations.

After the fascinating tour, they had lunch at an incredible restaurant, a truly 5 star experience, and then back to hotel for a couple hours of rest before our first ministry time.

At Iglesias Rey de Reyes (church of King of kings) this first night was a Women’s conference where there was exciting, lively worship! Then Marilyn was the first speaker and spoke of Ruth’s good decisions when Naomi did the unexpected and went back to Israel during the famine. She concluded her message stressing that when we do the unexpected, God gives us extraordinary lives.

Sarah was next up, and her topic was what do you do when you’re disappointed with God, and gave examples in the story of Martha, Mary and Lazarus’s death. Sarah then prayed for backs and spines, and many people raised their hands indicating they received healings.

Then they took about a half-hour break and when they returned, Marilyn ministered in the evening healing meeting and had powerful results as she first built up faith that healing was for them, and then called for several areas to be healed – she was truly demonstrating how Spirit-led she was! She called Sarah up to pray for babies, then she prayed for creative miracles, giving her testimony of how she received a new heart that replaced an enlarged heart. Then she prayed for heart problems, unusual miracles, and rumors, growths and warts. She then taught on ways to heal the sick: words of knowledge, sending the word, via prayer cloths, and more. Many came up to testify of their healings!

Thursday, May 7th, 2015

The travelers started their day with breakfast and prayer points, worship, and then Marilyn spoke on how she got started in ministry–by having home Bible studies. She gave the three anointing’s in her ministry, 1. Love for the Word, 2. Signs and Miracles, and 3. Reaching Nations. She also taught on Elijah and Elisha, and how the mantle is caught, and she gave Sarah as an example of catching the mantle, and encouraged all of us to sow into our children so they can catch the mantle. She then prayed for the team and encouraged them to become her partners and believe for the miraculous.

The travelers headed off on an hour drive to their second full day tour at Fiesta Santa Susana Gaucho Ranch. When they got there they were greeted by people handing them freshly baked empanadas, and the choice of wine or juice. Most of our people chose the juice! Then they had free time to shop, walk around, take horseback rides, and explore the house (now museum) of the original owners and get a flavor of how they lived. Very interesting!

When they sat down to eat lunch, they had no idea they were about to receive four or five salads, and five courses of meat! First there was beef sausage, then bloodwurst, then beef, then chicken, and then filet mignon. The meal was incredible! Afterword they were treated to several tango, samba, and other lively dances and singing.

It was a wonderful show, and the travelers had a great time. After the show, Marilyn was invited on stage to say a few words, (this was delightful since this was a public show), and she introduced Abraham John, one of our missionaries to India, who briefly spoke of God’s love for all people in all nations. After that, Shirley led the travelers in a medley of praise songs. When they left they prayed all the way home for the salvation of those in attendance!

That night allowed the travelers to rest up for their next busy day.

Tuesday and Wednesday, May 5th & 6th, 2015

The Seeing Jesus in Argentina and Uruguay group tour is off to a great start. Marilyn, the staff and the 81 travelers arrived in Buenos Aires and got settled in to the Emperador Hotel where they enjoyed a lovely welcome diner and orientation time Tuesday evening.

On Wednesday, May 6th the group toured Colonia, Uruguay via a ferry boat.

Please keep the team in your prayers as they continue to tour this beautiful country and prepare for their times of ministry later this week.

Monday, May 4, 2015

The Argentina and Uruguay group tour is underway. Please keep Marilyn, the staff, and the 81 travelers in your prayers. Check back here for updates from this exciting trip.