Marilyn Speaks at the Empowered 21 Conference – 2016

Marilyn recently spoke at the Empowered 21 Conference which was held in London this year. E21 London was a gathering of key spiritual leaders from around the world who convened during Pentecost to intercede for the European nations. Over 41 countries were represented. It was encouraging to hear how God is moving in what was previously known as a very dry spiritual atmosphere.

When we would hear that a European church had 400 members, we would rejoice because that was considered large. But now, reports are coming in that some churches are exceeding 1,000 people and that the atmosphere is changing; the spiritual culture is changing; the Holy Spirit is moving.

Karl Martin, 3rd generation Baptist pastor in Edinburgh, Scotland, had a beautiful testimony. His church of 1,000, primarily under 35 years of age, received a call from the government that 1,500 refugees from Iran needed shelter and assistance. The church took them in and not only did they meet their physical needs but, most importantly, their spiritual needs sharing Jesus with them. One man in particular stood out when receiving the Lord. He stayed after the service and told the pastor when he was 11 years old a man came to him in a vision and told him that he would be a pastor. He said when he accepted Jesus as his Savior, the same man appeared to him. He asked Pastor Martin to teach him how to be a pastor.

Marilyn ministered at one session and taught on Inheritance.

She was highly esteemed and was one of the most popular speakers. Marilyn also had a radio and television interview while in London.

We are grateful for the tremendous favor Marilyn had at this event and pray the message she was able to share will bless and enrich all those who heard it for years to come.

Now Marilyn is off to Switzerland to meet up with the travelers for the Switzerland-Portugal group tour.