…And by works faith was made perfect (James 2:22 NKJV).

We can “talk” faith, but if we don’t have any fruit following it, we have not brought forth what God wants—our faith has not been perfected.

Sometimes we are so involved in our own little family that we forget Jesus was sent to feed the whole world. We are a part of not only a spiritual revival, but also a physical renewal. We cannot say to hungry children, “Be fed,” and then let them starve to death. Faith must always produce a work.Faith must always produce a work.

We cannot merely go around saying, “The Word works.” We must act like the Word works; then it will produce fruit. One night I was murmuring over a situation. My son Mike said, “Mother, you say that what things you desire when you pray, believe that you will receive them, and you shall have them. Have you really prayed for your need? If so, then don’t you really believe that you will have it?”

The Word was like an arrow to my heart. I then repented to the Father and my family for murmuring.

Dear Heavenly Father,

We come to You in Jesus’s name. We thank You that the Word is working in us and that we are not just “talking the Word, but also acting the Word. We are not “make-believers,” we are believers making the Word work. The you, Father, that you are perfecting our faith today.

In Jesus’s name.