You’ve heard of “good king” Hezekiah, haven’t you? Well, the circumstance surrounding this man’s healing were truly miraculous. After Isaiah the prophet came and told him to set his house in order because he was going to die, Hezekiah turned his face to the wall and beseeched the Lord for healing. Then God stopped the departing prophet in his tracks with the latest news bulletin from heaven: in three days Hezekiah would be healed and live another 15 years! For proof, Hezekiah asked the Lord to cause the sundial to move backward ten degrees, and God did just that! (See Isaiah 38).Making Your Ascent

Hezekiah was so filled with praise to the Lord that he wrote ten psalms and added to those ten, another five of King David’s, a psalm for every additional year of life. These are called “psalms of degrees” or “psalms of ascent.” Hezekiah didn’t think of the clock running down; he saw every year as another step closer to God. He was on an ascent to life everlasting, not a descent to death. Don’t you like that kind of attitude? Just like Hezekiah, you can cry out to God for a miracle. Then you, too, will have a song of praise in your heart for the One Who is daily drawing you closer to Him.