My foot stands in an even place   (Psalm 26:12a NKJV).

Did you ever feel like your foot was slipping? That you were slipping in your faith and commitment? The devil would like for all of us to slip and slide. But God says, “Your feet stand in an even place.” When we stand on His Word, we are in an even place.

Once when our ministry went through a financial trial, the devil told me just to close the doors and hang it up. He said that I had never been capable of making good financial decisions—that I had blown it. But God didn’t say that to me; in fact, God gave me a promise that if I would trust Him, He would bring me through. While the staff was crying the blues, I stood on an even place. I said, “God will deliver us, God is delivering us,” and in one month we had a total turnaround.

When it looks uneven, put your confidence in the Word, and it will keep you even—until the circumstances come in line with the evenness of God’s Word. Let me pray for you.

Dear Heavenly Father,

We pray that if we slip and slide, we will know in our hearts that there is no temptation You cannot lead us through victoriously. We have Your deliverance because we are the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus. Thank You for our deliverance and our strong place of standing on Your Word.

In Jesus’s Name,