“For whoever calls on the name of the Lord shall be saved”

Many people think that it’s difficult to be saved.  They say, “You mean, all I have to do is to call upon God?  That’s too easy—too simple.”  It IS simple to be saved—for one reason:  Jesus has done what is necessary.  It is not what we have done.  It has already been done.  We must simply believe that He has done it for us.

Today’s scripture can transform any life—if it is mixed with faith.  If we call upon the name of the Lord, repent of our sins, invite Jesus into our hearts, and confess it boldly with our mouths, the Bible says that we will be saved.  Jesus did it all.  He paid it all so that we might have it all.

Today, ask the Lord to lead you to someone who needs Him.  Ask God to open that person’s heart and show him how he can call upon the name of Jesus and receive the cleansing of Christ’s blood for all sins.  Let Jesus be acknowledged as the Lord of that person’s life.

Dear Heavenly Father, we thank You that every one of us is called to be a soul winner.  Each of us is called to be light wherever there is darkness.  Lead us to a hungry soul in Jesus’s Name.