I know a family who owns a business.  I know them quite well and I have never seen a family who are so called to give as this family.  They are worth over four and a half billion dollars!  But they lie very simple—the cars they drive, the way they dress—because they live to give.  And I know personally that they gave over 210 million dollars to Oral Roberts University.  Honey, that’s giving!

But then along comes Obamacare and certain restrictions were put on them.  And they said, “We can’t do it and be true to God.”  They refused to conform to the standards being imposed upon them, which would mean that they would lose everything.

Now, they could have said, “God, all we want to do is give to You.  Look at how much we’ve given!  And this is how You repay us?  We’ve been betrayed!”  They could have been bitter.  But they didn’t do that.  They stood firm in their faith.  They stood on the promises of God to Abraham: “I will surely bless you…”  They called us and we fasted and prayed.  They took their case to court.  And they won!  Now God is blessing them even more.

We all have the choice to be bitter and miss the blessing, or be better and get the blessing.  What’s your choice?

Dear heavenly Father, I am choosing to leave the betrayals of people in Your hands under the blood of Jesus.  I want to go into a higher level of faith this day.  I see that You want to bless me and multiply Your blessings.  Amen!  Hallelujah!