Can you imagine the emotional and spiritual rollercoaster the disciples experienced during Jesus’s last few weeks on earth?

The triumphal entry into Jerusalem, with large crowds of people singing Hosanna and praising Jesus as the Messiah? The sheer anger of the Jewish leaders toward Jesus and their inability to control Him?

Or the last supper, when Jesus shared His most intimate moments yet by washing their feet, telling of His imminent betrayal by one of them, and His talk of death?

There was also the agony of His prayers in the garden; His arrest, scam trial, and beatings; His execution on the cross.

Then, after three miserable days of hope lost and unfulfilled expectations, Jesus returns. Alive.

For the next 40 days, His followers were able to see Him just a little more, and then He said goodbye as He ascended to heaven until His second coming.

They had seen it all, and in these final moments with Him, He left them as He was blessing them. They knew with certainty He was the Messiah, He loved them, and He was coming back again.

So what did they do?

They worshiped Him, a form of thanksgiving. This allowed them to return to Jerusalem with hearts full of joy, a joy that would carry them through the miraculous establishment of the church over the remainder of their lives.

When you receive the blessings, God has for you and respond by worshiping Him with a thankful heart, the same joy they experienced will be yours.

Worship Him. Praise Him. Thank Him—until joy overwhelms your heart as you become lost in His presence.

Today’s blog post is taken from Marilyn’s Today’s blog post is taken from Marilyn’s book, Treasures of a Thankful Heart.