Marilyn Hickey has spent her adult life with one thing guiding her and being her plumbline: the Word of God.

In her latest book, she will show you how to take the promises of God off the page and apply them to your daily life!

At the age of 11, Marilyn asked God a simple, yet profound question, “Where are you?” God’s reply was equally as simple, yet profound: “I am in the Word.” His response made sense, and Marilyn began to read the Bible. At night, she would kneel on the floor and pray the Scriptures before going to bed. She had no idea that this would lay the foundation for her life and ministry — that these simple practices were shaping her destiny. Several years later, Marilyn heard a teaching on not just reading and doing what the Bible said, but also speaking it. That revelation, along with God’s mercy and grace, has produced astonishing miracles in Marilyn’s life over the last six decades.

She wants these same miracles for you! In Read It. Speak It. Do It., Marilyn gives you the blueprint that she has used for reading the Bible, speaking its promises, and acting on what the Word says.

You will gain practical strategies on:
Reading, studying, and meditating on the Bible.
Taking a passage of Scripture and speaking it over your life.
Wielding the Sword of Truth (the Word) during spiritual warfare.
Walking out the Word in faith and expecting miracles.

Living a miraculous life is not just for international evangelists and preachers; it is also for you!

Victory begins when you read it, speak it, and do it!