Dear Friends and Partners,

On Tuesday, December 12th we will be Fasting and Praying for YOU!

Click here to send in your requests, today!

We are fasting and praying for you, our faithful partners.  We know that the Lord has promised to protect His people and supply for their needs.  Let us join our faith with you to see God’s blessings displayed in your life!

We want to pray for YOU! We know the power of prayer and are so thankful for partners like you. This month, we have set aside a specific day to pray for you to experience a MIRACLE MOMENT! We are believing that 2023 will be a year of upgrade in your finances, family and health.

We will stand with you for the miraculous, supernatural power of God in you and your loved ones’ lives.

And thank you for working with us to Covering the earth with the Word while connecting every one with the heart of God.

We love and appreciate you!

P.S. – Please prayerfully consider your next gift to the ministry.
We believe that God will open windows of blessings for you, and remember to send in your prayer requests — it’s not too late.