God Is On The Move In The Mediterranean

The Holy Spirit “Rains” in Spain

Recently, I took a team of 144 travelers to the Western Mediterranean for a trip that I knew would be epic in its scope and impact! Imagine touching five nations with the love and power of God! Our ministry team handed out 34,000 salvation tracts translated in French and Spanish. We saw thousands drawn to our gospel street dramas. Attendance at our citywide meetings in Barcelona tripled from four years ago. For the first time in the ministry’s history, two people born deaf were healed at our meetings!


Powerful Prayer, Praise, and Ministry
Marilyn and the team started each day with powerful prayer, praise and worship. A highlight of the cruise was Marilyn’s teaching from her book, Acts of the Holy Spirit. The team prayerwalked in Italy, France, Spain, Morocco, and Gibraltar…and our drama team of 30 people drew crowds of a thousand or more as they acted out events from the gospels on city streets. In Palma de Mallorca, Spain, Marilyn and a team delivered food to a shelter for the elderly and the homeless suffering with AIDS and HIV.


Everything Was Leading Up To Barcelona
After seven exciting days aboard ship, it was on to Barcelona for two days of healing meetings and a pastors’ and leaders’ conference. According to one traveler, “There was a real sense of purpose as the ship approached Barcelona—almost as if they were being carried or delivered there by the Holy Spirit.” Shortly before arriving in Barcelona, Marilyn anointed the hands of each traveler for miracles.


What A Time We Had In Barcelona
The first night 1,100 people packed the room. One hundred sixteen people came forward for salvation and 300 responded to receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit. Attendance for the second healing meeting grew to 1,400, with 70 people accepting Christ and 400 receiving Holy Spirit baptism.

Healings abounded as Marilyn prayed each night. Two people—deaf since birth—were healed! Countless eyes, backs, and shoulders were healed—and legs grew out! Eighty-one pastors and leaders attended the leadership conference—ushering in a new spirit of unity and cooperation among the pastors of Barcelona.


The Prophesy Came True
It had been prophesied that the Holy Spirit would “rain” on Spain during our trip. From Genoa…to Barcelona…aboard the cruise ship…during the street dramas…while passing out tracts…at the citywide healing meetings…that’s what happened!

Your partnership makes ministry of this magnitude possible. Thank you! Together, we’re winning souls, touching lives, and changing nations…in Europe and around the world.

Marilyn Hickey Ministries THANKS YOU for praying and supporting this ministry so we can go to unreached places like Sudan and continue to “cover the earth with the Word.”