Salvations And Miracles: God’s Favor In Sudan – Sudan Tour

Sudan–Amazing! Miraculous! Beyond What Anyone Expected!

Marilyn had only words of praise to describe four extraordinary days of ministry in Sudan in early December. This was the first time ever that Christian meetings were held in a public stadium in this Muslim nation. And what a time it was!

10 Years Of Faith and Prayer
It had been ten years since Marilyn’s last visit to Sudan. “Getting back into the country was a miracle in and of itself,” Marilyn explained. This trip had been several years in the making—with delays and roadbloacks all the way. “We pushed and pressed for a long time,” Marilyn said. “But this was the right time.”

Consider this:
• 37,000 people attended the first night, 45,000 the second…54,000 the third…and over 60,000 the final night (with 10,000 to 15,000 more outside the stadium!)
• 1,800 participated in the pastors’ and leaders’ conference the first day…then 2,000…2,200…and finally 3,700
• nearly 40,000 salvations and Holy Spirit baptisms
• scores of major healing miracles
• many high-ranking government officials attended
• the audience was 60% to 70% new people every night

The local Sudanese pastors were organized and ready—with 1,000 volunteers, including intercessory prayer teams, special groups to pray for demon-possessed people, and 140 buses to bring people to and from the meetings.

Healings…and More Healings
“People came again this year who had been healed in our meetings 10 years ago,” Marilyn said—including one woman who had been deaf in both ears and now hears properly…and another woman who could not have a baby but who now has a 9-year-old daughter!

Miracles abounded as tumors shrunk and people with chronic pain experienced instantaneous healing. People born deaf received their hearing, blind eyes were opened, knees and backs were healed, and demon-oppressed people were set free.

“How could we lose, we were just saturated with prayer!” Marilyn remarked.

Marilyn Hickey Ministries THANKS YOU for praying and supporting this ministry so we can go to unreached places like Sudan and continue to “cover the earth with the Word.”