Miraculous Mentoring And Fellowship In Veracruz, Mexico!

The 2008 International Women’s Mentoring Exchange & Citywide Healing Meetings were awesome!

What a miraculous time of worship, mentoring, and fellowship we had!

The 2008 International Women’s Mentoring Exchange and Citywide Healing Meetings in Veracruz, Mexico brought 57 women from the United States and Canada together with 1,700 Mexican women for fellowship and ministry. They came expecting something BIG from God and weren’t disappointed! Five days of powerful mentoring and prayer turned into two nights of miracle healings! The momentous end result was an awesome display of God’s love and power in Mexico! Thousands of gospel tracts were passed out, 1,500 received the baptism of the Holy Spirit, and hundreds were healed and accepted Christ.

Miraculous Teaching and Mentoring Sessions
Marilyn selected the port city of Veracruz for this special exchange in keeping with her desire to minister in places not often visited by other Christian organizations. Unlike other tourist destinations in Mexico, Veracruz is a vacation favorite for local residents.

The first day of the conference, Marilyn drew from her decades of ministry experience to teach the women how to evangelize, pray effectively for the sick, minister in their spiritual gifts, and develop a heart for the nations.

At the end of the day, Marilyn prepared the women for the ministry that lay ahead by anointing their hands, imparting her three-fold anointing for the Word, healing, and the nations to each woman.

Marilyn’s trademark teaching Breaking Generational Curses was a huge hit with the women. It was complemented by the teaching from Pastor Blanca Castro from California and Pastor Indri from Indonesia.

Pastor Blanca Castro ministered on sexual and emotional abuse. God supernaturally poured His love into the women and the truth about their value and worth as women. They left encouraged, edified, and built up.

Pastor Indri discussed very practical issues like how to build a church, create Godly relationships, and develop leaders.

Marilyn also hosted a Pastors’ and Leaders’ Conference for 1,200 men and women. She taught on eight ways God heals the sick, and many received healing. Afterward, Marilyn and travelers formed a prayer tunnel and anointed each of the 1,200 leaders and pastors.

Two Nights of Outstanding Healing Meetings
The unique anointing that saturated the Mentoring Exchange was present to perform miracles as almost 3,000 people crowded Convenciones Cristiana Church for the evening healing meetings.

What followed was a mighty outpouring of God’s miracle healing power. Marilyn said, “It was like ‘popcorn healing’ was taking place. With each problem or infirmity I mentioned, whether it was backs, growths and tumors, whatever…people were popping out of their seats to testify of their healing.”

A woman saw a growth on her stomach disappear…
A man was healed and pain free after 20 years of shoulder pain…
A woman with one arm shorter than the other saw her arm grow 1 and ½ inches.
A woman’s back and spine were healed after five years of pain.
Another woman can now bend over without pain in her back.
A lady was healed of pain in her back, legs, and spine.
Another woman had a growth disappear from her breast.

After the meetings, people packed the altars, pressing in to receive prayer from the freshly-trained women who laid hands on the sick and prayed for their needs.

These miracles are just a sampling of the awesome wonders witnessed and experienced during the International Women’s Mentoring Exchange and Healing Meetings in Veracruz. The Mexicans’ deep passion for God had a profound impact on Marilyn and each woman present.

Mexico is showing the world that as people hunger for God…seek Him with their whole heart…and humble themselves before Him…entire nations can be changed by His transforming power!

On behalf of Marilyn Hickey Ministries, we’d like to thank you for helping bring God’s Word and healing power to Mexico.
Your prayers and financial support made the difference.