Egypt Tour 2008

Awesome Ministry In Egypt! Egypt Tour 2008

Largest Christian Event Ever Held In Cairo, Egypt!

The citywide healing meetings were the largest Christian events EVER held in Cairo! More than 9,000 people heard about the love and saving grace of Jesus Christ at the healing meetings…hundreds were healed, received salvation, and Holy Spirit baptism. 5,000 pastors and leaders attended the Leadership Conference—where everyone witnessed a modern day “loaves and fishes” miracle of multiplication, and 1,000 women came to the Women’s Conference.

Backed by the faithful support of partners and friends, and after many miracle breakthroughs, Marilyn, her ministry team, and 122 travelers arrived in Cairo with great expectations—and they weren’t disappointed. Since this was an Explore Egypt Group tour—it began with a cruise down the Nile River and visits to some of Egypt’s most impressive historical sites. The travelers got to see places like the Temple of Karnak, the Valley of the Kings, tombs of Pharaohs like King Tut, and the historical archeological site of Luxor. But this was not just another tourist cruise. It was a 4-day teaching cruise packed with dynamic insight on the Old Testament names of God and their significance today combined with powerful personal mentoring from Marilyn.

A Stop In Garbage City

Back in Cairo, Marilyn and the travelers walked among the 63,000 inhabitants of Garbage City who also serve as “garbage collectors” to the city of Cairo. Each day, they collect over 4,000 tons of garbage! They take the garbage back to their homes to sort through it and look for things that can be sold or recycled. This is how residents earn their living and survive daily. Marilyn and her group shared the love of God with them and prayed for the sick. Marilyn also ministered to the women of Garbage City during a Women’s Conference in the first Coptic church built in Garbage City.

The group also toured the impressive cave churches, which were literally carved out of a mountain and stand as a testimony to the over-coming faith and determination of a group of Christians committed to God—no matter the obstacle or the sacrifice. There are a total of 5 churches the largest of which can seat 20,000 people.

Meetings and Ministry In Cairo
Marilyn and her team hosted two citywide healing meetings in Cairo where over 9,000 attended. Upon her arrival at the first meeting, Marilyn was honored with a welcome gift normally presented only to presidents and other dignitaries.

With the help of an interpreter, Marilyn taught on the healing power of Jesus during the healing meetings and…each night, hundreds left their seats and flooded the stage to receive Christ and the baptism of the Holy Spirit.

Scores of major healings occurred: A woman who couldn’t bend over for 20 years because of a crooked spine was healed. A doctor in the audience came forward to confirm her healing…A 21-year old man, deaf in his right ear since birth, could hear again…A woman with lung cancer, scheduled for another round of chemo, could breath freely and felt no more pain in her chest …A man who was healed of a heart problem on the first night, joyfully came back the second night waiving the before and after reports from his doctor confirming his heart was healed…And before the trip even began, one of the travelers who had been confined to a wheelchair unable to walk was healed and on the tour, walking alongside Marilyn and the other travelers…with no wheelchair.

A “Loaves and Fishes” Miracle In Cairo
Marilyn’s call and anointing to minister to Christian leaders in the Muslim world was evident as 5,000 pastors and leaders came to hear sound Biblical teaching and encouragement on families, finances, and healing.

Marilyn, her ministry team and travelers prayed a blessing over each pastor and leader as they walked through a prayer tunnel. Each pastor was blessed with a gift copy of Names of God, When Only a Miracle Will Do, and Speak the Word, translated in to Arabic.

During the Leadership Conference, God did a ‘loaves and fishes” miracle. He literally multiplied the lunches bought to feed the pastors.

“We ordered and counted 3,500 lunches before we realized the crowd was approaching 5,000. We handed out all the lunches…then within minutes; the tables were filled again—with 1,200 MORE box lunches! Again we handed those out—and again returned to find 1,200 MORE box lunches—much to the amazement of the Egyptians helping us! We gave the extra lunches to the security guards, police, kids in the street, nearby homes, and the homeless. It was one of the most incredible miracles anyone has ever seen!” ~Marilyn

Exceeding All Expectations!
God’s presence filled the ships as we cruised the Nile, reached out to the people in Garbage City, and His power saturated the Pastors’ and Women’s Conferences, and miracle healing meetings.

Only God could give us such favor with the churches and people of Cairo. Thank you for standing faithfully alongside Marilyn Hickey Ministries as we continue to cover the earth with the Word. God is pouring out His Spirit around the world in unprecedented ways and Marilyn Hickey Ministries—through your prayers and financial support—is privileged to be part of this mighty move of God.

Your partnership makes ministry of this magnitude possible. Thank you! Together, we’re winning souls, touching lives, and changing nations…in Egypt and around the world.