Costa Rica 2010

Testimony and Miracles from Costa Rica

March 9, 2010
Marilyn and Sarah, I can’t tell you what breakthrough God did in me through the mentoring trip to Costa Rica…

I was so glad Sarah taught on fear that first night at the church, as all this was so new for me (laying hands on the sick and praying for them) that inside I felt like running! But I couldn’t!! I couldn’t run from what Jesus had for me (and for others). And I knew in my heart I needed to trust Him and obey Him. The Holy Spirit was so gentle with me, even though I knew I didn’t do everything right.

The first night, the lady I prayed for received healing but I didn’t know that until the following day when she went forward, saying a black pebble came out of her ear at home and she could hear. All of a sudden I realized this was the lady I had prayed for and laid hands on the night before! God used this to strengthen my faith for me to witness a miracle.
Thank you Marilyn & Sarah for hosting such a powerful event…and changing lives in the process!

Sharing your heart in Costa Rica

March 3, 2010

Walking among the children in Costa Rica living outside a garbage dump, flying to the interior of the jungle to preach Jesus and donate food to impoverished villagers, or praying with young people who were crying out to God, we were thinking of YOU. And Sarah and I know that without your faithful support we could not do the things God has called us to do.

It was humbling to see the children smiling even without clean water, milk or nutritious food, not even shoes on their feet. Seeing the need and the appreciation on their faces always reminds us why we go wherever God calls us. We know in every spot He has someone waiting to be touched, loved, and led to Jesus.

For example, the gentlemen we met in the village of Talamanca. A team member prayed with him and he accepted the Lord. God sent us via airplane, helicopter, and truck just to reach him! God will go to any lengths to send workers to rescue and deliver people and bring them into the Kingdom.

In the youth service, God gave Sarah a word for a young man in the audience. Later in the hall, Sarah ran into him and he shared his story. He had just been released from prison and was discouraged and considering walking away from God and the call on his life. He asked God to speak to him in an “obvious” way!

During one of our healing meetings, a young woman was instantly healed from terrible back pain; more than that, she gave her life to Jesus that night! Her sister had persuaded her to come, and God met her with a miracle. She was just one of the 2600 people in attendance, and many were healed physically and powerfully touched by God.

Everywhere we go, God has divine appointments waiting for us. He may send us on a boat, a train, a bus, or a helicopter—any way He can to get the Word to the people who need it most. Thank you for your faithful support that allows us to share His love for people in such personal ways. You share in the harvest from every life we touch and every soul brought into the kingdom.

Thank You to our hosts in Costa Rica

February 22, 2010

Mom and I and our team would like to extend a special Thank You to Pastors Hugo and Ruth Solis of Centro Evangelisticoin San Jose, Costa Rica for opening their beautiful church campus to our Women’s Mentoring Exchange. Every service was filled with God’s presence, and we saw young people, men, women, and pastors overcome with the Spirit of God. Seeing the American and Costa Rican women joining together in worship, praying for one another, and ministering together was a tremendous display of God’s kingdom in action. Thank you all for praying! You helped make this a great event.

Such an amazing trip!
– Marilyn and Sarah

Sharing God’s Love in Costa Rica

February 3, 2010

Sarah and I are here in Costa Rica. While it’s a beautiful country, and a favorite vacation spot–we are here for a bigger purpose–an ETERNAL purpose!

You have sent us here to mentor and train women to impact the world for Christ, to equip pastors and leaders who are ready to see a stronger anointing of God in their ministries, and to hold citywide healing meetings in San Jose that are open to the public. Thousands of people will hear God’s Word and receive prayer for salvation and healing. Sarah and I and the team have high expectations–we know God is going to do something powerful through these events!

We will keep the updates coming as we can; our staff gets pretty busy on these trips! Sarah and the Saving Moses team visited an orphanage and were able to love on the precious children there. Those pics should be updated later today…

Keep praying–it’s only because of your support that we can be here and share God’s love in such a powerful way!

Costa Rica Prayer Points

January 5, 2010

Please help us by praying for our upcoming trip to Costa Rica. Here are some prayer points that Pastor Marilyn has asked us to pray for:

  1. Pray that the Team operates in the supernatural
  2. Pray that transformation occurs in every service
  3. Pray that God will call women into a fresh anointing while there
  4. Pray that the books that are translated will continue as missionaries after we leave.
  5. Pray that Costa Rica will continue in great revival 6. Pray that more people watch Enlace/TBN.

Thank you for all of your support!