Turkey 2011

A Glorious End to a Wonderful Trip
November 7, 2011

The day started with a Celebration breakfast, and such a joyous one, at that!

The travelers shared testimonies of what they and the staff experienced. One example: Ed and Stephen (staff) were stationed at the front of the stage, ready to take testimonies of those who were healed, but on several occasions, could not immediately do so because coming forward were people who only spoke Farsi (from Iran), Russian, French, Korean, etc. Istanbul is a very international city so getting interpreters for all the languages was quite a delightful challenge to have!

The first tour was a cruise on the Bosphorus strait. The weather cooperated wonderfully, and the travelers learned a lot about the culture and city of Istanbul along the way.

The Healing Meeting started with anointed praise and when Marilyn was introduced, she again started right in on building the faith of the crowd of over 350 people. She showed the Sudan International Ministry Update and also allowed travelers to share their testimonies of being healed.

The first testified of being bedridden for 5 years with Lyme’s disease, in constant pain, during which time her husband took all her money, left her and she lost her will to live, and how God has gloriously restored and is still restoring her.

The second testified of how her husband almost lost his leg in an accident, and when in the hospital it was discovered that he needed a quadruple bypass, and so that needed immediate attention and the leg could not be saved. But then, when she touched his leg and in faith commanded its healing, and the color returned and it did not have to be amputated.

The third testified of when his back was gloriously healed after being injured.

Then Marilyn called for people who have hand and wrist problems. About 30 stood and about 10 came up to testify that they were healed. She also called for healing in ears, and several stood, and one came up and testified of her healing. Pastor Corey tested her by having her cover her good ear and whispered in her healed ear, and she could hear perfectly!

Then Marilyn called for salvations, and 5 stood and prayed the sinner’s prayer. Then she called for Holy Spirit baptisms.

The Travelers will travel home full of faith in God’s unfailing love and provision for his people!

An Anointed Healing Meeting
November 5, 2011

Day 6 started with breakfast, prayer, and praise and worship. Marilyn anointed the hands of all the travelers in preparation for the upcoming healing meeting.

After a full day of touring, the travelers attended the healing meeting at a nearby hotel’s ballroom. When Marilyn got up to speak, she said this meeting was a dream come true. She shared with those in attendance the Pakistan International Ministry Update and told of the testimonies of healings, building the faith of the crowd. Some of the travelers shared their own healing testimonies.

She spoke from the Word about more healing testimonies emphasizing that we all need speak our faith and our faith needs action.

The healing meeting was Holy Spirit anointed. There were several hundred in attendance including the travelers, church members and invited guests.

Marilyn called out specific problems for healing: for backs, about 60 people stood for healing and several came forward to testify; for growths, tumors and breathing problems over 20 people stood and several went forward to testify of their healing. Then Marilyn called for healings of any kind and almost the whole room stood!

At the end of the meeting, several came forward for salvation and about 30 came forward for baptism in the Holy Spirit!

The travelers were amazed and in awe of how God used them and their hands to touch those in attendance. Everyone is very excited about what tomorrow’s meeting will bring.

Interesting fact—Istanbul is famous for being the only city situated on two continents, Asia and Europe (separated by the Bosphorus Strait), but a little known fact is that there is another city, also in Turkey, that can also claim this distinction. More on this tid-bit later.

November 4, 2011

The day started with the Celebration Breakfast which included wonderful praise and worship and viewing some exciting and inspirations International Ministry Updates. Marilyn also gave the travelers and update on the E21 conference in Indonesia that she spoke at right before arriving in Turkey.

Marilyn talked about living in the miraculous and expounded on the story of
the widow in 2 Kings 5 who experienced a miracle through Elijah with the
filling of the oil jars. The travelers responded graciously and generously.

After checking out of their hotel they made the short flight to Istanbul, had
dinner and settled into one of the three stunning Hilton hotels
in Istanbul. The travelers’ hotel is right on the Bosphorus Strait, offering a breathtaking view of the Strait.

Everyone is very excited about all they are experiencing and look forward to the coming Healing Meeting.

Thank you for your continued prayer’s and support which make these great trips possible.

The Fascinating Sites of Turkey
November 1, 2011

Because this is our last day in Kusadasi, the travelers had an early wake-up call, quick breakfast then boarded the buses for a tour of Pergamum.

Once there, they went as high as they could on the bus, then boarded gondolas to the Acropolis (high city) where they saw the ruins of the theater, library, church and more.

They then moved on to the ruins of Asclepion, the Pergamum hospital that was built outside the city because the city government didn’t want to be around sick people.

After a delicious lunch, they moved on to tour Thyatira. The Thyatira ruins are enclosed within one city block of the modern city called Akhisar and so they only stopped briefly to take a few pics and off to the airport.

After a short flight, we landed in Kayseri. Its ancient name is Caesarea and Kayseri is its modern name. Cappadocia is the region surrounding this city, so Cappadocia is not an actual city.

After the flight is was on to the hotel and some much needed rest.

Turkey 2011-A Sweet Spirit of Love Enveloped Day #3
November 1, 2011

The day started out beautifully with breakfast, prayer, showing the 2010 Albania and 2007 Sudan International Ministry Updates and anointing of hands for tonight’s healing meeting. What a sweet presence of the Lord surrounded us!

Today the Group visited Ephesus and walked around the agora, or meeting center of the city. We took our group picture in front of the spectacular ruins of the Ephesus library, and walked a bit further outside the city, to the site of the church of St. Mary. There Marilyn gave an overview of Revelation and showed how each church symbolized the different ages that believers have gone through, are going through, as well as what believers will go through.

After that tour and lunch they toured a rug factory, and then returned to the hotel for dinner and then the Healing meeting.

The church where the Healing Meeting was held was small—seats only about 150. It was about half travelers, one quarter church members and one quarter unsaved guests—mostly Muslims. With everyone in attendance, the room overflowed into the foyer.

There was a sweet spirit in the church when they worshiped, and you could sense the love in the room among the crowd. Marilyn ministered on healing, explaining the stories of the lame man at the pool of Bethesda, and other healing testimonies. She called for healings of backs, deaf ears to hear, salvations, Holy Spirit baptisms, and more.

Many were healed and filled with the spirit. There were a few salvations. The overwhelming theme of the evening seemed to be love, though. Love tore down any perceived barriers between religions and nationalities.

The travelers left the church overwhelmed by how the Lord ‘showed up and showed off’.

Thank you for your continued prayers. Marilyn, Sarah and the travelers are strengthens and blessed by your intercessory partnership of this trip.

A Full and Exciting Day 2
October 31, 2011

The group got an early start today with breakfast, praise and worship and prayer points. Sarah talked about Saving Moses and the progress and impact it is making with under 5 global missions.

Their first stop was Laodicea, where Sarah read the Revelation passage about the city, and talked about lukewarmness and keeping our passion for Jesus alive.

The guide expounded a bit on the lukewarmness of Laodicea: geographically, on one end of the Lykus River sits Hieropolis, which has hot springs. On the other end of that river sits Colossae which has cold springs. Laodacea is in the middle, and the water there is literally lukewarm. There is also a reference in that same scripture about eye salve, and the guide said that the Laodicians made lots of money on the eye salve they produced.

They stopped for lunch then went on to Philadelphia, where Sarah gave a brief teaching.

Then to Sardis, where the guide explained that it used to be called something like “Safarda”, which was where “Sephardic” Jews originated. On this site, they visited the ruins of the oldest synagogue ever found in Turkey to date. Sarah also read the Revelation passage on Sardis to the travelers. Our guide says the problem Turkey has with the Jews is between the governments, not the people. Jews live in Turkey undisturbed and Jewish tourists come to visit often.

On the way back to the hotel, they drove through Smyrna.

All along the long drive, they saw the local agriculture – lots of olives, figs, grapes, pomegranates, tangerines and a variety of other vegetables that grow in Turkey; Turkey is a very fertile region of the world.

The travelers seemed to enjoy this day very much!

Thank you for your continued prayers—especially leading up to the healing meetings!

Off To A Great Start–Turkey 2011
October 30, 2011

All of the 62 travelers and 6 staff made it to Turkey with NO lost luggage, and they are greatly anticipating what the Lord will do with them there!

The group is already getting along beautifully—their individual personalities are complimenting each other nicely.

After everyone was somewhat rested and refreshed from the long flights, they had their first meal (dinner) together, and Sarah spoke to the group, inspiring them to love one another and really endeavor to make this a spiritual trip. Better words of encouragement couldn’t have been spoken, and the group soaked up every word.

The surroundings there in Kusadasi are quite breathtaking: our hotel is built on the side of a cliff, with a safe lagoon for
swimming, as well as a large, spectacular outdoor pool on the side facing the sea.

At least one of the travelers who got here a few days early has already been spotted diving off the cliffs into the lagoon. He said the clear, aquamarine colored water was quite warm after the initial chill.

A handful of people who come on just about all of the trips, come early, not only to relax, get acclimated and prepared for what God has in store, but to earnestly seek His face and pray through whatever darkness is lurking to try to foil what God has planned for the trip. The spiritual warfare in the heavenlies that is waged for these trips is so appreciated. The
prayers from you at home are equally appreciated—THANK YOU. The results are quite often tangible, so necessary, and appreciated to no end. Please do continue to keep the group in prayer. It’s what makes these trips so successful.

Please pray in particular about the upcoming Healing meeting planned for Monday in the only Christian church in Kusadasi; that it takes place without any hiccups, that everyone who needs to be there will attend, that God gloriously shows up and off, and that this lovely city will never be the same!

Today will be a long one – the group will be going to the sites of 4 of the seven churches: Laodicea, Sardis, Smyrna and
Philadelphia, not necessarily in that order. Sarah will teach on site. Please pray for strength for everyone in their bodies, in Jesus’ Name!

Explore Turkey’s Treasures
October 29, 2011

Marilyn, Sarah and there team of 62 travelers are on their way to Turkey to experience a wonderful nine day adventure in this lovely country. Turkey is one of the oldest continuously inhabited regions in the world and has so much to experience: breathtaking natural beauty, unique historical and archaeological sites and an abundance of warm hospitality.

The group will be…

  • touring biblically significant cities of Izmir, Kusadasi, Cappadocia and Istanbul.
  • experiencing anointed teaching from the book of Revelations
  • visiting the seven churches of the book of Revelation
  • ministering opportunities in Kusadasi and Istanbul.

Watch for exciting updates from this spectacular adventure.