South Africa 2012

Everybody Loves Penguins!

On a lighter note, the travelers visited Boulders Beach, home of the African Penguin. Wooden walkways allow visitors to view the penguins in their natural habitat. The beach there is beautiful with tropical blue water all around. it was very relaxing to watch the penguins swimming in the serf along the beach.

Our Day with Saving Moses

On day 4 the travelers had the awesome opportunity to participate in a Saving Moses outreach! There were three daycares or creches (pronounced “creshes”) that the travelers went to serve. The first, Itsoseng was housing 28 children; the second, Little Roses was housing 55 children; and the third, Phuthanang was housing 30 children. The travelers assisted in painting, laying sod, and playing with the children. Most of the day was spent helping with this project and the weather cooperated very well. The children also performed for the travelers. All were so enriched and delighted by this day!

More Exciting Updates from Johannesburg

On day 2, the group participated in a wonderful healing meeting at Christian Family Church International (CFCI). Many came forward for healing and for the Baptism in the Holy Spirit. Marilyn and Sarah anointed the travelers hands with oil before they prayed for those who came forward.

On day 3 Marilyn and Sarah both spoke at the CFCI services. The first Sunday morning service had approximately 2,500 in attendance and Marilyn preached on “Weakness Attracts God.” Sarah spoke about “God’s Promises” at the second Sunday morning service and had specific words for various people.

At the Sunday evening service, Marilyn spoke on the 23rd Psalm and the Names of God. Healing of growths, back problems and worry were prayed for. Again there were approximately 2,500 in attendance. The line for those wanting salvation and the Baptism in the Holy Spirit seemed endless!

Finishing Up an Amazing Trip

Today is the final full day in South Africa for the travelers. They have experienced all that South Africa has to offer–from it’s beautiful people to its colorful landscape. Here are a few more pictures of the sights they enjoyed.

Cape Town, South Africa

The travelers are now enjoying Cape Town, South Africa. They have toured Table Mountain, Robbin Island, and Boulders Beach.

Check out the Saving Moses blog post about our work on some Daycare Makeovers!

I’m currently in Johannesburg South Africa doing something with Saving Moses that is beyond cool: daycare makeovers! We are doing 3 makeovers in a shanty town on the outskirts of J’burg. In this shanty town, the houses are made of corrugated metal sheets or former shipping containers. What is totally amazing is watching the daycare owners take nothing & make it into a functional daycare. They use old tires, shipping containers, metal scrape sheets, etc to create warm, inviting & safe environments for their kids to learn. They take the American concept of “modular education” into 3rd world living to provide education & care.
Today, our team is painting, “de-rusting”, cleaning, organizing & supplying these 3 daycares with upgrades that are essential for the future for these small people, 5 & younger. Saving Moses is about giving little people 5 & younger love, resources & survival essentials so they can have a bright future!
– Sarah and Saving Moses

It’s Safari Time!

The latest adventure the travelers experienced was a one-day safari where they got to see the “big 5” animals: lions, African elephants, cape buffalo, leopard, and rhinoceros.

Welcome To South Africa – Friday and Saturday, May 18-19, 2012
Day 1 and 2 Updates

A wonderful 129 travelers arrived in South Africa ready to experience all that God presents in this nation full of diverse sights, tastes and sounds! Of the 129 travelers, 40% have never traveled with this ministry, and many are already are saying they’ll come again – they seem to know that they’re in for a very special experience from God during this tour!

The first day, the travelers arrived early evening and enjoyed a Welcome Dinner full of diverse African and American-style cuisine,

They got to know one another, and went to their rooms to turn in early, preparing for a full day ahead and the first ministry meeting of the MHM tour.
In the morning, we all enjoyed a breakfast together, along with praise and worship, prayer points, and showing the Egypt international Ministry Update video.

The first group tour was to Soweto, a sprawling township (more accurately a cluster of townships) on the south-western side of Johannesburg (JB). Soweto was created in the 1930s and comprised of black people relocated by the white apartheid government from other areas in JB that the government wanted reserved for whites. It now has grown to a population of over 2 million people. Soweto has long been the center of political campaigns aimed at the overthrow of apartheid, and in 1976, a student uprising started there and spread quickly to the rest of the country. In Soweto, they also saw Nelson Mandela’s house, now a museum, Archbishop Desmond Tutu’s and Winnie Mandela’s houses.

They then went on to the Hector Pietersen museum, named after the first black youth, 13 years old, killed by the government on June 16, 1976, which sparked that uprising that was to be the beginning of the end of apartheid. After that, on to lunch, then to the Apartheid museum, which opened in 2001, and is the preeminent museum dealing with South Africa’s modern history, which is in reality, the history of Apartheid. This museum is similar to the Holocaust Museum, with its gigantic pictures, many graphic videos, and artifacts chronicling the political, social, and human struggle.

Then back to hotel for freshening up, praying up, and looking forward to the first Healing Meeting and the Christian Family Church, pastored by Theo and Beverly Wolmarans. They enjoyed dynamic worship from their youth worship team, and a great message by Sarah. She showed how when you think God is silent, persistence is the cure, when you’re feeling rejected, pursuing Jesus is the cure, and when you think your blessing is delayed to the point of never coming to pass, worship is the cure. The audience loved it! Then she had an altar call for salvation, filling with Holy Spirit, and many a video from her recent trip to Pakistan and Sarah returned with a few more nuggets, including specific words and bible verses for specific people, and then they entered into prayer for healing of anyone who came forward. Many responded!

Wednesday, May 17, 2012
We are so excited to go to South Africa!

South Africa is a vivacious, cosmopolitan region with a stunning variety of spectacular natural environments, exotic wildlife, historic townships, uniquely sophisticated cities, world-renowned cuisine, and lively culture.

South Africa offers a journey of discovery like no other.

Our group of 127 travelers plus staff members will bring the love of Jesus and supernatural healing to this country filled with many different beliefs and religions.

During our time in Johannesburg we will:

  • Minister at three days of Healing Meetings
  • Help with a humanitarian outreach
  • Visit SOWETO and learn about South Africa’s turbulent past and hopeful future
  • See the homes of Nobel Peace Prize winners Nelson Mandela and Desmond Tutu
  • Experience the Apartheid Museum

During our excursion to glorious Cape Town we will:

  • Tour Cape Point where the Indian and Atlantic Oceans meet.
  • Take a spectacular tour of the city
  • See Table Mountain
  • Take a ferry ride to Robben Island and see the infamous prison that held Nelson Mandela for over 17 years
  • Experience a spectacular one-day safari where you can see the “big 5” animals: lions, African elephants, cape buffalo, leopard, and rhinoceros
  • Participate in an additional Healing Meeting