After an early wake-up call, travelers checked out the ship hotel in Luxor and boarded busses to make the trek to Valley of the Kings. The tombs were colorful with lots of detailed hieroglyphics. Everyone was impressed that it took many people to build it, over their lifetimes and the life of the king, all for glory of their deaths. In all, there are 63 royal tombs in that location.

The biggest highlight was the bus ride to Luxor, which crossed the ‘magical line.’ On one side of the road is fertile and green, and the other side is desert.

They also visited the temple of Pharaoh Hatshepsut. The second female pharaoh of three total, she is known for her infrastructure and building projects. By her choice, she is portrayed as a male in monuments. But if you look closely at them, they are softer in facial features.

Karnak temple, built for their gods, Amun, But, and Khonsu in 2000BC, was a monstrosity in its time, and perhaps ours. It was interesting because it is thought that Moses went to school here when he was trained up in Egypt

That evening, the group flew back to Cairo.