On Friday, Marilyn and Sarah were busy with the first day of the training school with 600 pastors and leaders. Those attending were from Ethiopia, Sudan, Eritrea, and Egypt. Tying in the conference message of unity, Sarah spoke and encouraged continual unity and taught the story of David and how he moved within his anointing, not Saul’s. She gave out several Words of Knowledge. Pastors soaked it up and were moved by the message. Marilyn taught on the motive gifts out of Romans 12 and how pastors and leaders are able to recognize the gifting in others.

 The travelers spent some time with Marilyn before they boarded their busses for the three-hour drive to Alexandria, north of Cairo. Alexandria was impressive in architecture and history. The hotel travelers stayed in thrilled everyone with views of the Giza pyramids.

Despite Julius Caesar burning down the Library of Alexandria in 47 BC when he was fighting Pompeii, there are 4000,000 books in 33 languages today. It’s all preserved on the internet now. A lot of thought was put into the design of the current building, one example is that ceiling windows are in the shape of eyes with eyelids and lashed. Each design served a purpose as well as colors that were used. All were chosen to enhance the reading experience. The group also visited Alexandria’s lighthouse, long destroyed by earthquakes. Fortress in same location are known as one of the ancient seven wonders of the world.