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    Please click the My Account button, then Make Trip Payment. You will be asked to then enter your information and complete the transaction.
  • Event FAQ’s
    • Do I need a passport and visa to travel on your trips?
      A passport is required before you leave the United States. Call your local Post Office or county courthouse for details on how to obtain a passport in the U.S.A. Visas are required to travel in some of the countries we visit. We can assist you with your visa application or you can contact Duke’s Visa Service at 1-202-667-7445 or www.dukesvisa.com.
    • Will I have one-on-one time with Marilyn or Sarah?
      Although we cannot guarantee personal time with Marilyn or Sarah, they will be spending time with the travelers on a daily basis.
    • What makes your tours different from a trip I can plan on my own?
      First and foremost, you’ll travel with other Christians”and you’ll share the love of God wherever we go. Marilyn also schedules Bible teaching times during each trip. You’ll enjoy exciting city tours which often combine Bible and cultural history together in a way unique to MHM Tours.
    • How much ministry will I be able to do?
      More than you can possibly imagine! You’ll share God’s Word in a variety of settings, distribute humanitarian aid, visit orphanages (on certain trips), pray for the sick during citywide healing meetings, and pray for pastors and leaders during our Leadership Conferences.
    • Do I have to pay for gratuities or any other fees?
      No, all gratuities and booking fees are included in the price of your tour.
    • Are my meals included?
      Many of your meals are included on our tours including Celebration lunches or dinners. When we travel by cruise ship all meals and snacks are included.
    • Do you provide travel insurance?
      Yes, optional travelers’ medical insurance is available for $42 for US Citizens.
    • How many people usually go on your tours?
      It varies according to the destination. You can usually expect to travel with around 100 other people.
    • Can a person confined to a wheelchair travel with your groups?
      We make every effort to accommodate travelers with disabilities. However, please be aware that sometimes we travel to very remote areas that require mobility. Check with our travel desk for specific details.
    • Will I have any free time where I can explore on my own?
      Yes, there is free time built into every trip. However, the guided tours and ministry schedule will keep you very busy.
      • Do you offer land-only tours which allow me to make my own travel arrangements?
        Of course. If you chose to do so you’ll provide your own transportation and transfers to and from the airport or ship. Once you join our group you’ll be entitled to the same benefits as the other travelers.
    • When should I arrive in the origination city?
      Marilyn Hickey Ministries recommends arriving at the origination city at least 24 hours ahead of time to ensure that any flight delays or cancellations will not keep you from arriving in time to catch the group international flight.
  • Trip Disclaimer
    It is clearly understood that Marilyn Hickey Ministries (MHM) will provide the opportunity for spiritual enrichment and is in no way responsible for the operations of the local agents and other transportation companies.
  • Legal Information

    • MHM acts only as an agent for the passenger with respect to transportation, hotels and all other related travel services, and assumes no responsibility, however caused, for personal injury, damage, loss, accident, expense, delay, act of God, or military action beyond their control. The passage ticket issued by the carrier is the sole contract between the passenger and the carrier.
    • MHM reserves the right to cancel, withdraw, or change the tour in whole or in part at any time in the event the change is deemed necessary by MHM. In such event, MHM will make a œbest efforts attempt to recover payments made on the traveler’s behalf for transportation, hotels, and other related travel services. All monies recovered on the traveler’s behalf will be refunded to them. MHM cannot insure any amount will be refunded. The advertised œnon-refundable deposit amount will not be refunded.
    • MHM is not responsible for unexpected transportation delays and changes, nor liable for additional expenses or loss of time which may be incurred. The airline/transportation companies concerned are not responsible for any acts, omissions, or events which may occur during the time passengers are not on board their vehicles.
    • MHM reserves the right to accept or decline any person as a participant at any time, or to require any participants to withdraw from the tour at their own expense when such an action is determined appropriate by MHM staff to be in the best interest of the participant’s health and safety, and that of the tour group in general.