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  • What activities on your site require registration or “Creating an Online Account?’

Some areas of the site that require registration include:
Make a Donation
Sign up for Email Mailing List
Order Products
View giving records
Edit or update account information.
Registration for breakfasts or ministry trips
Order special television offers
Request free Ministry Trip brochure
Become a partner or give partner gift online
Receive special free offers

  • Why does a link not work?

Problem:  If you click on a link that does not work, the reason may be that your computer is blocking pop-up windows. To open this link, you can either disable your pop-up blocker or hold the CTRL key while clicking on the link.

Solution:  For Windows XP users using Internet Explorer, you may see an information bar appear below the address bar on your browser notifying you that a pop-up window has been blocked. Click on this information bar and choose “temporarily allow pop-ups” then click the link again to open the pop-up window. You can also choose “Always allow pop-ups from this site” and then enter the address of the site: * (don’t forget to include the *) in the Address of Web site to allow box, then click Add.
The only pop-ups we use on our site are user-initiated pop-ups”we never display pop-up windows you haven’t requested by clicking on a link.

Another reason a link may not work is that you have JavaScript disabled. This may be something you did manually, or it may be because you set your browser security settings too high.

  • What does this error number mean?

400 – Bad Request
Problem: There’s something wrong with the address you entered. You may not be authorized to access the web page, or maybe it no longer exists.

Solution: Check the address carefully, especially if the address is long. Make sure that the slashes are correct (they should be forward slashes) and that all the names are properly spelled. Web addresses are case sensitive, so check that the names are capitalized in your entry as they are in the original reference to the website.

401 “ Unauthorized and 403 – Forbidden
Problem: You can’t access a website because you’re not on the guest list, your password is invalid or you have entered your password incorrectly.

Solution: If you think you have authorization, try typing your password again. Remember that passwords are case sensitive.

404 – Not Found
Problem: Either the web page no longer exists on the server or it is nowhere to be found.

Solution: Check the address carefully and try entering it again. You might also see if the site has a search engine. If so, use it to hunt for the document. (It’s not uncommon for pages to change their addresses when a website is redesigned.)

To get to the home page of the site, delete everything after the domain name and hit the Enter or Return key.
For example, if the address is: you would remove “program-topics” and it would return you to the home page.

503 – Service unavailable
Problem: Your Internet service provider (ISP) or Internet connection may be down.

Solution: Take a stretch, wait a few minutes and try again. If you still have no luck, phone your ISP or system administrator.

  • Why am I seeing out-dated information?
    To ensure that you see the most current information and photos on the MHM emails, please clear the cache folder on your computer regularly.  Here are some simple instructions to guide you through this process:
    If you use Firefox:
    Click on Firefox (your Google screen should appear)
    Click on Tools, then options, then clear private data
    A list of options will appear with boxes checked next to them.  Make sure the “cache” box is checked.  You will need to determine if you want the other options cleared.  Then click the “clear private data” button.If you use Internet Explorer:
    Click on Internet Options
    Click on Tools (in the upper right corner of the screen)
    A screen should pop up with several tabs across the top.  Make sure you are on the “general” tab.
    Look for “Browsing History” and click “Delete”
    You must delete the Temporary Internet Files and Cookies.  After that you can decide what other areas you want to clean out.