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The earth shall be full of the knowledge of the LORD as the waters cover the sea.Isaiah 11:9 New Here?
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30 Days to Taming Your Kids Tongue with Deborah Pegues
Special guest Deborah Pegues provides an indispensable guide for leading your children into healthy and godly communication. Learn biblical principles on how to help your children speak respectfully, express anger appropriately, and when to speak or remain silent.

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May 3 China Mongolia 2018

Day 4 – Monday, May 14th The travelers were pleasantly surprised with today’s activities. They were treated to a tour of Hutong which was taken on rickshaw rides all around the charming,...

Oct 16 Russia Armenia Tour 2017

Russia Armenia Tour 2017 Day 13 – October 31st Traveling back to USA – all accounted for and all so very full and happy for the experiences!  This was a spiritual group.  Everyone...

Saving Moses

Saving Moses

Saving Babies Every Day!

May 1 Why is the infant mortality rate so high in Afghanistan?

Why is the infant mortality rate so high in Afghanistan? Note to the reader: Names and images have been changed to protect identities. According to the CIA website, Afghanistan has the highest infa...

Feb 20 Stars

A glimpse of innocence in an otherwise harsh world. Nights used to be long. When the stars awoke, my mother would usher me to the the dark corner of our small recycled home. Unknown faces made thei...

Sarah Bowling

sarah bowling

spiritual food for thought

May 23 LET’S GO!!!

It’s a rare occassion when I’m waiting for an appointment or for a reply from someone because I’m usually late, ill-prepared, running behind or I’ve just plain forgotten something on my schedule.  ...

May 22 Everywhere A Lesson

Learning can be loads of fun, massively painful or somewhere in the middle. And thankfully, we don’t have to sit in a classroom to learn 🙂 Here are some recent examples of lessons I’m learning in l...