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The earth shall be full of the knowledge of the LORD as the waters cover the sea.Isaiah 11:9 New Here?
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Oct 29 God’s Grace & Power…Ireland Scotland 2014

As the bagpipes played a thrilling rendition of “Amazing Grace,” Marilyn and Sarah’s trip to Ireland and Scotland came to an end. It was a fitting finale to 10 amazing days of God’s power...

May 6 Ethiopia 2014

Ethiopia 2014 Update #3 Sunday, after breakfast, Sarah taught the group on Genesis 11, where Abraham's father, Terah, had lost his son Haran, yet continued to journey to Canaan, but when he came...

Saving Moses

Saving Moses

Saving Babies Every Day

Jan 21 What is Hope?

What is hope? That might seem like a simplistic question that leads to a well-defined answer, but is it really? What is hope to an Ebola orphan who has lost parents, and possibly siblings to the ep...

Jan 7 New Beginnings

It’s exciting to think of new beginnings! They offer a chance to start fresh, to gather our acquired experience and knowledge, and apply it to new projects, new events. It’s exciting to plan for th...

Sarah Bowling

sarah bowling

spiritual food for thought

Jan 27 What about the future?

It seems that this question often lurks in the back of our minds. Thankfully, God has the future already well-scooped. Think about how God developed Moses to be the deliverer of God’s people from b...

Jan 26 Is God a Vending Machine?

This sounds like a rhetorical question to which we automatically reply, “No!” But if we look at our actions & how we treat God, maybe we treat God like a vending machine: please answer my prayers, ...