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The earth shall be full of the knowledge of the LORD as the waters cover the sea.Isaiah 11:9 New Here?
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Breaking Generation Curses – Part 2

Generational curses are real but not something we have to live under. Join Marilyn and Sarah as they minister on this powerful topic and be set free from the generation curses in your life.

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Oct 29 Ireland Scotland 2014

2014 Ireland & Scotland Tour Update The Tour has left for Ireland and Scotland!   Check back here for more updates!

May 6 Ethiopia 2014

Ethiopia 2014 Update #3 Sunday, after breakfast, Sarah taught the group on Genesis 11, where Abraham's father, Terah, had lost his son Haran, yet continued to journey to Canaan, but when he came...

Saving Moses

Saving Moses

Saving Babies Every Day

Nov 1 2014 Cambodia Team Treated the Nation to Genuine Love

Today many little ones around our nation adorned themselves in costumes and canvassed neighborhoods to trick or treating. In July we took our first team trip to the nation of Cambodia and “treated”...

Oct 27 Seenan’s Story

During each trip to Cambodia we get to meet and love so many amazing little lives. In all our travels to date, perhaps one of the most disheartening stories we have learned of is from a vulnerable ...

Sarah Bowling

sarah bowling

spiritual food for thought

Oct 31 hot topic: trick or treat

All of us want treats and blessings – take the good and leave the bad!  I read this morning about how Jacob dressed up in his brother’s clothes to pretend that he was Esau, attempting to trick his ...

Oct 30 how to have fun :)

Last night, our church had our first alternative to the alternative Halloween celebration.  Normally, we have the annual “harvestfest” where families can bring their kids for a safe alternative to ...