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The earth shall be full of the knowledge of the LORD as the waters cover the sea.Isaiah 11:9 New Here?
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30 Days to a Stronger, More Confident You with Deborah Pegues – Part 2
Is insecurity robbing you from living life to the fullest? Do you want to live a bold and fearless life? Marilyn and Sarah are joined by Deborah Pegues to discuss her new book 30 Days to a Stronger, More Confident You. You can confront and overcome the fears that limit you.

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Dec 8 Marilyn Honored with Lifetime Global Achievement Award

Recently Marilyn was honored at Oral Roberts University with the prestigious Lifetime Global Achievement Award. This award recognizes individuals or organizations that have made a significant impact...

Dec 7 Marilyn Speaks in Richmond, VA

Marilyn was privileged to speak at Mt. Gilead Full Gospel Church in Richmond, VA on December 6, 2015. Over 7,500 people attended the two Sunday morning services where she taught from the Tabernacle...

Saving Moses

Saving Moses

Saving Babies Everyday!

Jan 14 From Scars to Safety

Thom and Arun are brothers who have lived through the reality of unspeakable abuse. Before they attended NightCare, Thom and Arun’s step-father would routinely beat them with electrical cords. They...

Dec 31 The Most Important Resolution: Life

The Most Important Resolution: Life   Darya, an Afghan woman who had taken the birth life-saving skills course, visited a relative whose baby had been born two months premature. She noticed that th...

Sarah Bowling

sarah bowling

spiritual food for thought

Feb 5 Happy Birthday!!!

I’m super pumped to celebrate an amazing birthday throughout this whole year!  Saving Moses is five years old this year & I’m incredibly amazed at what has happened in the last five years: we have ...

Feb 4 A God Smile

The other day I surprisingly arrived early for a party & was waiting on the fringes for the festivities to begin. There weren’t many people there yet, which was good for me, so I could get my intro...