What to do in a Crisis – Part 1

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What do you do when crisis strikes? Join Sarah as she shares what the Bible says about staying strong when everything else is going wrong.


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Slay Your Giants Ministry Day

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Join Marilyn and Sarah on this special ministry day. Are you going through a difficult time, and it seems like there is no way out? Marilyn and Sarah would like to minister and pray for God to help you slay those giants in your life.


30 Days to Taming Your Fears – Part 1

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Don’t miss special guest, best-selling author, and Bible teacher Deborah Pegues as she ministers on taming your fears. Her down-to-earth approach to fear will help you overcome any obstacle you are facing with joy and success.


Emergency Prayer with Deborah Pegues – Part 1

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Marilyn and Sarah welcome back Deborah Pegues to discuss her book, Emergency Prayers. Do you need financial direction, wisdom, and guidance with decisions? You don’t want to miss this special program.


Saving Moses NightCare 2020

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The children of sex workers face abuse, kidnapping, neglect, and even more unimaginable things every night. NightCare provides loving shelter and care where the need is most urgent and least available. You can help Saving Moses establish more NightCare centers so these children are safe, protected, and know there is a better life and future available to them. Tune in today to hear Sarah’s heart for these precious babies, and do your part to make a difference.