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2019 Australia Trip-Day 8

The group started the morning with praise, worship, and teaching, getting them ready for a day to enjoy a free afternoon exploring streets, and sites on their own. In the evening, the travelers joined together for a celebration dinner.

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2019 Australia Trip-Day 7

After breakfast, everyone met for praise and worship, and a teaching by Marilyn. Then they enjoyed a full day touring the impressive Great Barrier Reef, which is the world’s largest coral reef system, and Green Island National Park.

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2019 Australia Trip-Day 6

The travelers met for an invigorating time of praise, worship, and teaching from Marilyn. The rest of the day was full of with a tour of the Daintree Rainforest, which is the oldest continually surviving tropical rainforest in the world.

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2019 Australia Trip-Day 5

Monday was a travel day for the group. After breakfast, everyone left the hotel and headed to the airport where they got a flight to Cairns. Cairns is a city on the east coast that is known as the gateway to Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. The travelers arrived, checked in, and enjoyed a free afternoon exploring on their own. That night everyone attended a celebration dinner where they recounted their experiences so far and looked forward to the remainder of the trip.

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2019 Australia Trip-Day 4

After breakfast, the travelers got onboard busses to take them to Inspire Church, which has 2,500 members. Marilyn spoke at two services, and the travel group arrived for the second service. After the service, the MHM travelers were able to meet and pray over those who needed ministering and prayer.

Inspire Church

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2019 Australia Trip-Day 3

Saturday, May 25th

The group ate breakfast at the hotel with Marilyn and met together for a time of praise, prayer, and teaching. Mid-morning, the group left for a half-day tour of the highlights of Sydney. That evening, dinner was on their own, and they could choose to go out on the city or rest up for Sunday’s activities.

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2019 Australia Tour-Day 2

Friday, May 24th

After a private breakfast with Marilyn, the group enjoyed a teaching from Marilyn and praise and worship. The event ended with Marilyn praying over the tour members and the experiences they will share. For some of the group, they were on their own to stroll around the city and have dinner wherever they chose. People who had selected the excursion to Uluru traveled to the airport for their flight.

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2019 Australia Tour-Day 1

2019 Australia Tour Update

Thursday, May 23rd

The group arrived in Sydney Thursday morning, and Marilyn welcomed them at the harbor where they enjoyed lunch together on the Captain Cook Sydney Harbor Cruise. After lunch, everyone checked in at the hotel and then were out on the town with a free afternoon to see the sites. The group got together late afternoon for an orientation, and praise and worship. The ended the day with dinner on their own and a night to ponder the exciting trip they have before them.


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Dubai Hungary Austria Tour 2018

DAY 1:
The travelers arrived in Dubai in the early hours of Friday, October 12, safe and sound.

After getting a good night’s sleep and enjoying a leisurely breakfast, they met for a private meeting of praise and worship, prayer, orientation, and teaching by Marilyn. She talked about her miracle pregnancy as well as other miracles in the Bible, including the multiplication of the fish and loaves. The group watched the video of the 2016 Pakistan meeting where a million people attended, and Marilyn prayed for their hands to be anointed to impart miracles and healing to those they would touch at the first healing meeting in the evening.

The healing meeting was in Sharjah, another emirate. There are seven emirates, and the travelers will visit three with this trip.

There were many nationalities present at the healing meeting. The attendees were people from many congregations who came together to hear a word from Marilyn. The worship combined songs in Urdu, the language of Pakistan, and English. After worship, Marilyn spoke on miracles and healings, both in the Bible and personal testimonies. She asked people who had been sick with any ailment for over 20 years to stand, and prayed for them. She prayed against growths, tumors and warts. She talked about how God healed the hand of the war hero from Eritrea, increasing the faith of all who heard. She also prayed for back pain and for those who were married and wanted babies. Many responded, and quite a number of folks testified of their healings.

The travelers returned to the hotel full of faith for the next evening’s meeting.

Fall Tour 2018

DAY 2:

After breakfast on day two, the travelers were delighted to be welcomed by Sarah, who had arrived in the wee hours of this morning. Following praise, worship, and prayer points, Sarah inspired the group as she talked about the Holy Spirit, encouraging them to drop the “the” in front of Holy Spirit. She spoke right to the heart with her message and encouraged everyone to develop a relationship with Him. She stressed that He’s with us, whether we feel His presence or not. The travelers were excited to hear that she would be speaking at the healing meeting that night.

The group embarked on their first half-day tour of Dubai, visiting the old and then the new. For the old, they visited the Dubai museum, located in the ancient fortress of Al-Fahidi. There were many fascinating artifacts to look at, as well as jewelry and videos of how the craftsmen made their goods and products. Then the travelers were wowed in the modern section by the impressive architecture. Everyone had some time to shop in the gold and spice markets, or souks (pronounced shooks), before heading back to the hotel.

After a short rest at the hotel, the group was off to the second healing meeting at the same venue.

After praise and worship, Sarah spoke on the healing anointing being on us even when we don’t feel like it, referencing John 8 and 9. She ministered to individuals in the congregation through words of wisdom and knowledge, and prayed for an Isaac anointing for all. Sarah exhorted the audience to focus on the purpose, and not the cause, of the healing that is needed. She reminded everyone that healing does not always come the same way—it could come instantly, it could come over time. But, the purpose of healing is always to glorify God. She prayed for eyes, back problems, and ended by praying for God to pour out His love in everyone’s hearts.

The travelers returned to the hotel exhausted but energized in their faith.

Fall Tour 2018

DAY 3:

On day three, the Marilyn Hickey team met for a private meeting of praise and worship, prayer, and teaching by Sarah. She showed everyone a moving Saving Moses video, and shared on Luke 8, the parable of the sower. She taught that the seed always works, but it’s the ground—our hearts—that has the potential to be a problem if we’re experiencing a challenge. She talked about the road, the rocks, and the thorns, and ended by praying for everyone’s hearts, that they will all be fruitful. The travelers warmly received Sarah’s words of knowledge and wisdom.

After the morning meeting, the group embarked on a tour of Abu Dhabi, visiting the Yas Mall and saw the impressive buildings and structures in the city. The morning ended with a tour of the Grand White mosque. When you travel within the emirates, there are no signs indicating that you’re leaving one emirate and entering another. The tour guide explained that the pavement color changes from emirate to emirate—one darker, one lighter.

Some facts the travelers learned from their guide:
• The seven emirates were founded in 1971, and there are 1 million locals, and 8 million foreigners living and working there. Three million of the foreigners living there are Indian, Pakistani, and Filipino.
• Oil (of course) is the main industry in Abu Dhabi, the capital, and tourism, finances and real estate are the main businesses in Dubai.
• The UAE is bordered only by Saudi Arabia and Oman.
• The country is very safe, with a very low crime rate.
• Abu means father and Dhabi means gazelles (and they once had many gazelles there), so it was named “father of many gazelles.”
• Dubai means locusts. Guess what was plentiful there at one time?
• Abu Dhabi has camel races, and Dubai has horse races.
• 2018 is the hundredth year of the reign of the first president, so his face is everywhere you look. He has always been very revered.
• The president of the UAE must be of royal blood.
• In the 22 Arab countries, Saudi Arabia and Qatar are the richest, with oil and natural gas being the main industries, respectively.
• UAE wants to be the best, the fastest, the highest, etc. in everything. Here are some of their records:
• Fastest roller coaster
• Slowest roller coaster
• Biggest chandelier
• Tallest building (in Dubai), and they are in the process of building a taller one
• Heaviest ring, which you can see at the gold souk
• Biggest manmade island
• Biggest carpet in the world, weighing 5 tons

The travelers found the white mosque to be impressive, with all the inlaid pearls, gold, marble floors, and sparkling chandeliers. The women had to cover their hair completely, wear skirts or pants that went down to the floor, and wear sleeves that went to the wrists.

After this exciting and full day, the travelers were ready for a good nights sleep.


Fall Tour 2018

DAY 4:
Wednesday, October 16

Wednesday began with amazing worship and prayer time with Leonard Dawkins. The focus of the praise and worship was on persevering, not quitting.

Marilyn showed the travelers the CBS video of her time in Pakistan. After the video, she thanked everyone for being part of answered prayer with the favor she had with CBS.

The focus of Marilyn’s teaching was the blessings you receive when you sow seed. She taught on 2 Kings 4:8, the story about Elisha and the Shunammite woman who received answered prayer by sowing into the life of the prophet.

She mentioned that the woman supplied the prophet food and accommodations, and she walked in faith. Marilyn’s teaching emphasized no seed, no harvest. She also stressed the importance of watching your confession by being careful about what you say over your day. Marilyn encouraged everyone to only speak positively, not negatively, about their situations. She also encouraged everyone to guard their hearts.

Later, the group toured Palm Island, build in the shape of a palm tree, and the Tower of the Arabs. The travelers also saw a district where 30,000 people live. The tour guide said that district’s homes sold in 72 hours to investors from all over the world.

The wealth of this country is unimaginable. Skyscrapers are being built everywhere. The travelers visited the Dubai mall, which has 12 million square feet of space. They also saw the largest building in the world, which will only be the largest for a short time because there are plans to build even a taller skyscraper. The goal of the United Arab Emirates is to be number one in everything.

Wednesday’s tour ended with an impressive display of fountains like the ones in Las Vegas at the hotel Bellagio. Following the display, everyone went to Five Guys for a hamburger lunch. Later, at the farewell dinner, the group celebrated their time in Dubai.

Fall Tour 2018

DAY 5:
Thursday, October 17
On Thursday, everyone was packed and ready to travel from Dubai to Budapest. The travel day was blessedly uneventful, and everyone arrived at their hotel ready to experience the sights of Hungary.

DAY 6:
Friday, October 18
Friday morning began with praise, worship, and prayer. Marilyn showed the Egypt video and talked on eight ways to heal the sick. She shared exciting testimonies such as when God gave her a new heart. Afterwards, Marilyn answered several traveler’s questions, and they were eager to learn all they could.

In the afternoon, the group took their first half-day tour of Budapest. The large city used to be two cities, one on either side of the Danube River. One side was Buda, and the other side, Pest. The two cities were united to become Budapest in 1873. Eight bridges, all unique from one another in design, connect the two cities. Budapest has two million residents, and there are 10 million residents in Hungary.

On the tour, they visited the Parliament building, the third largest parliament building in the world, and the Castile district, replete with beautiful neo-gothic-style buildings. They also saw the former royal palace, which is now a museum, Matthias church, Fisherman’s Bastion, and St. Stephen’s Basilica, which was named after their first king who was later canonized as a saint. The tour concluded with visiting Heroes Square with its statues of important men in Hungary’s history, the state opera house, and numerous other palaces.

Fall Tour 2018

DAY 7:
Saturday, October 19

Praise and worship, prayer points, and a short teaching by Marilyn started the day on Saturday. Afterwards, everyone was off on a day-trip to Vienna, Austria. The travelers saw the famous Ring Boulevard (a world heritage site), the Parliament, City Hall, the Museum of Fine Art, and the Imperial Palace. It was a long day, but well worth the journey, as the travelers were fascinated with Austria.

Fall Tour 2018

DAY 8:
Sunday, October 20

Sunday was another wonderful, full day. The morning started out with praise and worship, prayer points, and watching the “Hungary Wild” video. Afterwards, everyone visited the Godollo Royal Palace built by Antal Grassalkovich I, one of the most distinguished Hungarian noblemen of the 18th century. The Godollo is a baroque-styled building that was presented by Antal as a coronation gift to Emperor Franz Joseph and Queen Elisabeth for their residential use. The palace has been beautifully restored, and travelers found it easy to transport themselves into the lives of that royal family, who were highly revered.

An interesting aside, in the various portraits of the king and queen throughout the palace, the king ages appropriately, but the queen is perpetually young – no more than 30. This was because she ordered the artists who painted her to never depict her beyond the age of 30. After WW II, the palace was taken over as a barracks for Soviet troops, and then later as a home for the elderly. Both uses led to structural decay, but the palace is now beautifully restored.

The group also visited Lazar Equestrian Park and enjoyed a horse show and lunch there, complete with a four-instrument band who serenaded them with both traditional and American show tunes, in a Hungarian style. The food and entertainment were festive, lively, and fun.

Back at the hotel, everyone had a couple hours to freshen up and relax before going to Faith Church, home church of Sandor and Judit Nemeth. Marilyn has visited Faith Church since she was in her mid-40s. Sandor and Judit are close friends of Marilyn’s, and their church gave a warm welcome to all the travelers. About 20,000 people attended the church service. Marilyn gave personal testimonies, everything from her father’s mental breakdown and God’s assurance to her that she’s just like her heavenly Father, to staying committed to what God tells you until you receive. Marilyn illustrated the point by telling the story of when God promised her a baby, and she waited 10 years before Sarah was born. Marilyn prayed for all manner of concerns: hearts, babies, neck problems, pain, growths, tumors and warts, and the greatest call—salvation and recommitment. Perhaps about 1,000 people or more came forward for healing and salvation.

After that anointed church service, the 160+ travelers experienced a lavish banquet complete with caviar, goose liver, and much more. Faith Church enjoyed honoring the travelers because of their visit with them. It was a truly amazing evening.


DAY 9:
Monday, October 21

After praise, worship, and prayer points on Monday morning, there was an offering time accompanied by a teaching by Marilyn on what the travelers have in their hands. The rest of the day, everyone was free to enjoy the local markets and other attractions. Later the group had their farewell dinner and celebrated what the future holds for Marilyn Hickey Ministries and all who will travel with her. A Hungarian classical five-piece band played wonderful Hungarian music, and dancers danced traditional Hungarian dances. It was a beautiful show.

Fall Tour 2018


DAY 10:
Tuesday, October 22

On Tuesday, after a memorable trip, the travelers packed up and journeyed home to the USA.

Fall Tour 2018


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China Mongolia Tour 2018

Day 10 – Sunday, May 20th
This was the group’s last full day in Mongolia.

In the morning, they all went to see Marilyn preach at the one main church, and after the service, half of the travelers ministered at the main church, and one of the buses drove half of the travelers to another church, where they were allowed to lay hands on the sick… and just like on previous occasions, many in the church received their healing, many were slain in the Spirit, and many committed or rededicated their lives to God. Mongolia was definitely ready for this group, and God moved mightily wherever we went, with signs and wonders following!

Then back to the hotel to prepare for the final Farewell Dinner at the hotel.

The Farewell Dinner was amazing! It was arranged for 7 local entertainment groups to come and put on a show for the travelers – and they loved every minute of it! There were singers, musicians, a contortionist, and dancing. All were very delightful and entertaining. Marilyn also utilized the opportunity to have a second fundraising time – a very fruitful use of time, and the travelers gladly gave to MHM’s worthy and proven efforts to cover the earth with the Word. The group saw firsthand how ministry is the main focus of our tours, as well as having a lot of fun throughout the trip on tours letting God knit us together.

Day 9 – Saturday, May 19th
In the morning, after the group’s private time of P&W, prayer, and nugget from Marilyn, she went to preach again at the conference while the travelers toured. She taught on John 5 about man who sat at pool at Bethesda for 38 years, and the pastors and leaders were again hungry and hung on every word she spoke – another home run!

The travelers toured the city, driving around and having various buildings identified, and visited the Bogd Khan’s Palace museum, an old and colorful structure that housed various emperors’ artifacts and clothing, etc. They then had a Mongolian BBQ lunch, which was very delicious and a fun experience where you pick out your own veggies, sauces and meat for them to barbeque (really, stir fry) in front of you, with flair, of course! After the touring, the travelers had a free day.

Day 8 – Friday, May 18th
We met for P&W, prayer and a nugget on Elisha’s miracles before Marilyn left for the first of four meetings with the Pastors and leaders all around Mongolia. Pastor Batbold, the pastor who is hosting it and bringing in everyone from the surrounding area to be mentored and taught by Marilyn, received her and the team very graciously, and was truly honored to be able to host her here. He said he expected about 125 pastors and leaders, and over 300 showed up! Marilyn taught on how to heal the sick, something the pastors said they really need mentoring in. It was a smashing success!

While Marilyn was preaching and teaching, the travelers had a beautiful tour to the Genghis Khan Statue complex, a massively huge statue sitting atop a museum that houses artifacts, artwork, trinkets, etc. of the famous conqueror. Genghis is mostly remembered for uniting multitudes of tribes over a vast amount of territory. Before viewing the statue, the travelers had a fun stop where local merchants were offering camel rides and the opportunity to hold an eagle on their arms, as well as buy trinkets and souvenirs. We also got to visit a Ger camp and have a traditional Mongolian meal as well as visit with a family who lives there. Most of the nomadic Mongolians have many horses, and the families that hosted us allowed us to ride them for a short time – the travelers had lots of fun doing that. These sights, tastes and experiences were a superb intro to Mongolia!

In the evening, the travelers went to see Marilyn preach at the conference and were allowed to lay hands on the sick… many received healing, many were slain in the Spirit, and others committed their lives to God. It was an exciting night, and Marilyn said later that here in Mongolia, we’ve hit a “hot spot” – ready and ripe for revival!

Day 7 – Thursday, May 17th
Everyone woke up super-early, picked up their boxed breakfasts, and were on there way to Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, commonly called “UB” by the locals.

After arriving and being driven to the hotel, they were told that all of this city’s buildings were no more that 28 years old! Much construction has gone on recently, and it shows – it’s a charming and eclectic city that is colorful, and vibrant. It was nice to see the clouds and sun, as Beijing was mostly hot, humid, and hazy the whole time they were there. On to the Shangri-La, an incredibly opulent and palatial hotel. The travelers loved it.

Day 6 – Wednesday May 16th
This was the travelers last full day in China, as they prepare to transfer back to Beijing from Tianjin. After a bit of rest and refreshing, they hopped on the buses for their last tours in China: Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden Palace. The travelers received grapes and crackers and went about in the square in twos and threes, prayer walking and taking communion. Quite powerful, as the travelers prayer-walked around the area with its well-manicured flower beds and thought about the innocent Blood of Christ shed for us.

The Forbidden City, also known as the Palace Museum, is a short walk in that same area. The city was filled with concrete and stone buildings, and it was meant to be an imperial palace for emperors during the Ming and Qing dynasties to bring them closer to God. In the complex there are 9,999 rooms. They stopped short of ten thousand because that was considered to be God’s number, and they were unworthy of having that number of rooms.

Next stop: Mongolia!

Day 5 – Tuesday, May 15th
The travelers woke to another glorious private breakfast where they prayed, worshipped, and had a teaching with Marilyn. They toured the Five Avenues, commonly called the Concessions, which display buildings with China’s most complete area of Western architecture. This area was built in the 30s to accommodate the Western businessmen who lived in China. They visited the UK Concession, and there’s also smaller Belgium, Italy, France, and other country areas to make westerners feel right at home. They then spent time in the Ancient Culture street, or Food Market street, and found lively and earthy smells and cuisines. The travelers then returned to the hotel for a relaxing evening. Tomorrow will be a very early start to another long but colorful and exciting day going back to Beijing and the Forbidden Palace and Tiananmen Square.

Day 4 – Monday, May 14th
The travelers were pleasantly surprised with today’s activities. They were treated to a tour of Hutong which was taken on rickshaw rides all around the charming, narrow streets of old Beijing. The tour culminated at a stop at a local Chinese family’s complex. They enjoyed a welcome speech from the locals, and in this particular complex, there were 11 families representing four generations. A great glimpse into the lives of the locals.

They also stopped at a Silk factory and were educated on the production of silk. The factory actually displayed the silkworms in various stages of silk-development and found the experience to be enriching. They then traveled to Tianjin, a seaport that is beautiful and charming, as much of China is.

That evening everyone enjoyed a meeting in one of the Ballrooms. This was so welcomed, as they weren’t able to meet together in Beijing. After the evening meeting it was off to bed in a truly exquisite Hyatt Regency suite. I heard Marilyn say she’s never stayed in a room so gorgeous! The travelers loved the whole day!

Day 3 – Sunday, May 13th
Church time! The travelers had a leisurely breakfast, then boarded buses for the 11 AM service at a non-denominational church for ex-pats. Marilyn had already preached at the 9AM service, and it was powerful and anointed. The 11AM service was no different, and she built up the congregation’s faith and expectations for a miracle encounter with God. Many people stood at the end for salvations, closer walks with God, and healings. At another part of the church complex, Doug and Linda McDonald, and Abraham John, spoke to a mostly Nigerian congregation. The people were so grateful for their presence and prayers. Many people rushed to the front for prayer and were very moved by the speakers.

After church, the travelers toured the Temple of Heaven, a very large structure where the Buddhists pray for a good year, abundant crops, etc. The grounds of the Temple were filled with people and families playing chess, exercising, laughing, and having a great time.

We are expectant that our abundant prayer-walking is doing its work! The travelers then returned back at the hotel to pack and rest for the drive to Tianjin tomorrow.

Day 2 – Saturday, May 12th
The group got up bright and early for breakfast in their hotel and then the tour many have been anticipating… the Great Wall! On the way to The Wall, they stopped mid-trip to tour a Jade Factory where they learned about the various types and qualities you find in that stone. The travelers were able to purchase the beautiful examples for sale.

The Great Wall did not disappoint—it was misty, mysterious, and beautiful. Most of the preserved parts of Great Wall were built and reinforced during the Ming Dynasty (1368 – 1644 AD) to defend Beijing against the intrusion of northern Mongolians. A few of our travelers made it to the top of the stretch of Great Wall that they visited. When they reached the top, they were given a gold medallion with their name carved in it– a great souvenir for a worthy accomplishment. The other travelers walked on more level parts of the wall, and that in itself was a great experience.

While the majority of our travelers experienced the Great Wall, we had three people: Shirley Wilkins, who heads up most of the group tour praise and worship, Jean Metcalf, a good friend of Marilyn’s and MHM as well as frequent traveler, and Deborah Sheaks, a frequent traveler of the last several years, all spoke at a women’s conference at the church that would host Marilyn the next day. They spoke on women’s issues and all witnessed the Holy Spirit fall on the crowd, with people being slain in the Spirit under the anointing.

That evening, a surprise treat for the travelers – an Acrobatic show! It was complete with contortionists, jugglers, balancing acts, crazy-fast motorcycles contained in a spherical cage, and more! It was fun, lively, at times scary, but overall a great treat for them, and they enjoyed it. It was exciting and breathtaking! After such an amazingly memorable day, the travels were equally excited to return to their hotel and rest.

Day 1 – Friday, May 11th
China and Mongolia—Here we come! The Spring 2018 group tour consisted of 66 travelers and 5 staff members. They were thankful for a smooth 12 ½ hour trip from LAX to Beijing.

From the airport, the travelers enjoyed a city tour around Beijing, where many significant political, architectural, and local landmarks were identified. Beijing has been China’s capital for over 3,000 years.

After the city tour, the buses brought the travelers to the Summer Palace. The palace, which was famed as ‘Imperial Garden Museum of China’, is a well-preserved one combining the natural landscape and delicate gardening design. The classic buildings and elegant scenery in the park will leave you breathless. It was built to be a luxurious royal garden for royal families to rest and entertain, and later became the main residence of royal members in the end of the Qing Dynasty. It is the largest and most well-preserved royal park in China, displaying gorgeous naturally landscaped gardens and beautiful buildings in the classic Chinese architectural styles.

To end this very full day, the travelers enjoyed a traditional dinner of Peking Duck. Marilyn also shared encouragement and expectation with group.

After a long day of traveling in and out of airports and touring Beijing, the travelers were looking forward to a good night’s sleep.


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Marilyn Is On CBS – August 2017

Marilyn on CBS in prime time!

On Marilyn’s most recent trip to Pakistan, she was joined by CBS News Special Correspondent James Brown and a camera crew from CBSN On Assignment.

On Monday night, August 7th, 2017 this special report was aired on CBSN. It showed the bridge building Marilyn is doing with the Muslim community in Pakistan and throughout the world.

Check out the program here:


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Russia Armenia Tour 2017

Day 13 – October 31st

Traveling back to USA – all accounted for and all so very full and happy for the experiences! This was a spiritual group. Everyone walked in unity.

Day 12 – October 30th

In the morning the travelers had our last Celebration time, and we prayed over China, Russia and India. Marilyn showed the CBS On Assignment video. She taught on Jacob and giving vows; the Nazarite vow that Samson took, and her own vow to Cover the Earth with the Word. She emphasized that God remembers our faith, not our mistakes.

On this last day of touring the group went to the Kremlin and the Armory Chamber, in the museum that also had 9 Faberge Eggs on display. The sites were fascinating with many other treasures to behold.

Day 11 – October 29th

The travelers went to Good News Church, pastored by Paul Renner, Rick Renner’s son. Marilyn taught on healing and miracles. She testified of the fish and loaves miracle with KFC lunches in Egypt, and crazy-faith friends, and emphasized that the power of the Lord is very present to heal. Marilyn prayed for back problems, grief, growths, tumors, and warts, and talked that healing is a process, and to stay in faith. She also prayed for memory problems, and talked of the various ways God can heal – anointing a handkerchief, sending the word via texts – and also gave her testimony of her salvation at age 16. The travelers prayed for the sick. It seemed as if the entire congregation came to the altar!

The travelers had a free day after that.

Day 10 – October 28th

In the morning the travelers gathered or breakfast and Marilyn was prompted to have us everyone pray in the Spirit for seven nations: Russia, Armenia, Turkey, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt. This lasted around 20 mins to 1/2 hour, and the time was very fulfilling. Then Marilyn taught on angels and Daniel chapter 4. She prayed for us all to have unusual miracles.

The group toured the Bolshoi Theatre, St. Basil’s cathedral, and Red Square.

Day 9 – October 27th

Today was a travel day for the group.

Side note: Moscow’s official population is 13 million people (compared to St. Petersburg, which has 6 million) but with permanent residents, immigrants, and others, the real figure is closer to 17 or 18 million. It’s Russia’s largest city.

Day 8 – October 26th

The travelers had breakfast then spent time praying in the Spirit—what a glorious time it was! Marilyn shared and update from the Armenian pastors we just left. An amazing 200 people got baptized in the Holy Spirit! Wow! The travelers shared testimonies of what they witnessed during the services in Armenia. Marilyn then talked about the four wise things. Great meeting!

The travelers enjoyed a full day of touring the palaces and parks of Pushkin, Pavlovsk and Peterhof. The Pushkin Palace was founded in 1710 as an imperial residence and received status of a town in 1808. The first public railways in Russia, the Tsarskoye Selo Railways, were opened here in 1937 and connected the town to the capital of St. Petersburg. The town contains and ensemble of architecture from the 18th century. This museum complex includes the Catherine palace, Alexander Palace, and other buildings and associated parks. It is a major tourist attraction of the area and is included in the list of monuments protected by the UNESCO. They proceeded to the Pavlosk Palace.

Catherine the Great liked the nature in Pavlosk area and frequently visited it for hunting trips. In December 1777 she gave her son, Paul I, 977 acres of land along the Slavyanka River, together with forests, arable land and two small villages with peasants. This was a present to Paul and his wife Maria Feodorovna at the birth of their first son, the future Emperor Alexander I of Russia. This date is considered the founding date of the Pavlovskoye village (the name Pavlosk derives from Paul’s name in Russian, Pavel.) Catherine commissioned the Scottish architect Charles Cameron, who had previously done much work for her in the nearby Tsarskoye Selo, to design a palace and park in Pavlovskoye. Their tour ended with a visit to Peterhof Palace. The Peterhof Palace is a series of palaces and gardens located in Peterhof, St. Petersburg, Russia. It was laid out on the orders of Peter the Great. These palaces and gardens are sometimes referred to as the “Russian Versailles”. The palace-ensemble along with the city center is recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Day 7 – October 25th

Celebration breakfast, where Marilyn talked about sowing into dreams with a seed, and how no one can steal your dreams – only you can let them go, so hold on to them! She gave the testimony about Wally’s retirement, Pastor Anwar being saved in her 1995 Pakistan meeting, how the $1M offering in Uganda came about, as well as other faith building accounts of her supernatural life. She taught about Joseph and the travelers had free time for the rest of the day.

Day 6 – October 24th

After breakfast, great praise and worship, prayer, and teaching by Marilyn, the travelers started their panoramic city tour of St. Petersburg with a visit to Peter & Paul’s Fortress / Cathedral of Savior on the Spilled Blood. This tour showcased the main architectural and historical monuments of Saint Petersburg. They took a ride along its main streets and prospects enjoyed splendid sights like numerous palaces and cathedrals, rivers and channels, bridges and parks. Afterwards they visited The Hermitage museum. One of the largest museums in the world, the State Hermitage occupies six magnificent buildings situated along the embankment of the Neva River. It would take 15 years to see all the exhibits treasured in the Hermitage!

Side note: Their group tour guide shared something curious. St. Petersburg was named after the Apostle Peter, not Peter the Great.

Day 5 – October 23rd

This was basically a travel day from Yerevan to St. Petersburg, starting with wake-up calls at 3:30AM – say yuck three times!

St. Petersburg has 6 million people and is called the ‘Venice of the North’. There is a lot of water here and the tour guide said to expect a fair amount of rain. St. Petersburg has 500 bridges over the various canals and rivers, and is quite charming. Touring starts tomorrow!

Day 4 – October 22nd

After morning worship and prayer, the travelers went back to the same church for ministry. Marilyn taught again on miracles and taught on the three Hebrew men who were thrown in the furnace. She recounted her early days and some of her ‘misses’, including praying for a man in a wheelchair to walk before she knew he had no legs. Her humility is truly endearing. She also gave testimonies of being healed of an enlarged heart, her dad’s mental problems being healed, and more. She prayed for hands and wrists, salvations, and Holy Spirit baptisms, and again, many people came forward. Tumors disappeared, knees, spines, and hips straightened, and so much more! We are all so thrilled by what God does through the MHM teams! The service was another ‘home run’!

Afterwards, the church put on a reception for the MHM team and the pastors took Marilyn to lunch, followed by two interviews, one via TV taping with the pastor’s wife. The pastors were truly besides themselves witnessing Marilyn’s stamina. The head pastor commented during both the services that he’s 51 and wants to be like Marilyn when he’s her age. He announced that he desperately wants her to return.

Day 3 – October 21st

In the morning after praise and worship and prayer, Marilyn taught on Gideon and more on angels. She took time to anoint the travelers’ hands with oil in preparation of that nights church service at Word of Life. This particular church has planted churches in many other nations, including Russia, Georgia (former Soviet Union), and surrounding Muslim countries. Their total church plants are well over 100 and they are so on fire for God!

The travelers took a sightseeing tour to Khor-Virap monastery which has a very rich history, both religious and secular. It is situated in the Ararat valley against the biblical Ararat Mountain, were Noah’s arch cast anchor. It is important because if it’s connection to Gregory the Illuminator, who introduced Christianity to Armenia and is considered the first Armenian bishop. They then toured the town of Echmiadzin, the center of the Armenian Church and the spiritual center of Armenian people. Here is the location of Echmiadzin Cathedral, which is the most ancient Christian temple of Armenia dating back to 301-303. They continued to explore the ruins of Zvartnots Temple listed as a World Cultural Heritage Site by UNESCO. Zvartnots is an outstanding monument of world architecture, an evidence of the high level of the development of the artistic and engineering thought in the 7th-century Armenia. The cathedral had been standing for about 300 years and was destroyed by a disastrous earthquake.

After returning to the hotel to freshen up, the travelers rode to Word of Life church. Everyone enjoyed the worship which consisted of both contemporary Armenian worship and more familiar songs–what a joy to hear songs including “You are my All in All” in the Armenian language!

Marilyn preached on the miraculous, and called out areas of healing. This anointed time lasted the rest of the evening. They prayed for married people who wanted to have babies, tumors and warts, feet and ankles, wrists, as well as salvations, rededications, and Holy Spirit baptisms. Wow! A very large amount of people responded to each call! Afterwards, the pastors said they had NEVER encountered such bold preaching and manifestations of healing ever! Many testified of being healed – glory to God! The travelers returned to the hotel both overjoyed and ‘spent’!

Day 2- October 20th

The next morning the travelers had a wonderful breakfast to start their first full day of the trip. Armenian food is incredible, by the way! Lots of veggies, great cheeses, and more.

Marilyn taught on angels, emphasizing that we don’t pray to them, but praying the Word activates them. We don’t want our assigned angels to be bored! She taught on the different types of angels – Elect, Seraphim, Cherubim, Fallen, and more. The travelers loved the teaching!

The day of exploration started at the vibrant capital of Armenia, Yerevan, where ancient culture is mixed with modern lifestyle and great traditions. The travelers then toured Republic Square, visited Cascade, an open-air museum of modern art, saw the “Mother Armenian” monument and Victory Park providing a fantastic overlook to the entire downtown, then finally the Opera House and Swan Lake. Then it was on to Saint Gregory the Illuminator Cathedral, the largest cathedral of the Armenian Apostolic Church. Higher up the gorge of the Azat River they visited the magnificent monument of medieval Armenian architecture the Geghard monastery inscribed in UNESCO World Heritage list and partly carved out of a mountain. Here they had a chance to enjoy the performances of the famous vocal quintet performing old spiritual Armenian songs in Acapella. Afterwards they drove to the village of Garni. The pagan temple of Garni is a picturesque monument of the Hellenistic period and an impressive piece of ancient Armenian architecture.

The evening was free for dinner on their own, and more travelers than usual ventured out of the hotel, having peace due to the repeated statements of how safe Armenia is, and how genuinely friendly the people are. In Republic Square, right outside their hotel, there is a nightly light show with waterfalls and piped in music of all genres – quite a joyous experience. The Armenian people are quite cordial and welcoming, and have accepted the tracts they passed out very readily. Everyone is praying that the fire that this nation once felt in declaring Christianity as their national religion (the first nation to ever do so), will burn once again!

Day 1 – October 19th

All flights went smoothly, and all were accounted for! No lost luggage! Great start to what promises to be an excellent, Spirit-filled trip! Many thanks to those back home for interceding for this trip – your prayers make these trips over-the-top!

On the bus ride from the airport to the hotel, the tour guide gave us some interesting facts about Armenia, including:

– Armenia has enjoyed a 100% growth in tourism from last year to this year

– 92% of Armenians are religious and go to church

– Armenia is one of the safest countries in the world. There’s no terrorism, and it’s completely safe to go out at night, well after midnight

– They are a very young country, having gained independence from the former USSR in 1991

The evening of their arrival, the travelers enjoyed the Welcome Dinner in the hotel, which was a wonderful time of reunion. There are 68 travelers on this trip and all but 10 are previous travelers. They love these trips and are always excited about Marilyn’s teachings, the miracle healings they witness while Marilyn is preaching, and the joy of joining in ministering with Marilyn. They also love the great touring, and so much more.

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New Zealand Fiji Tour 2017

Last Day in New Zealand!


Animal Farm in New Zealand!


Cruise down the Milford Sound!


Queenstown is BEAUTIFUL!


Marilyn Hickey speaks at City Impact Church in New Zealand!


Seeing Jesus Down Under-New Zealand and Fiji Group Tour – Day 5

Day 5 was the optional excursion to Milford Sound, which the majority of the travelers opted into. The scenery along the 4-hour bus ride was truly breath-taking. They saw craggy snow-capped mountains up close, along with meandering rivers and waterfalls all over the mountains. The guide said if they had come the day before, they would have seen virtually none of the waterfalls, but because of the heavy rains in the last 24 hours alone, the mountains were just gushing the waterfalls out.

This particular group of travelers was split into three buses and one of the buses had a mechanical problem that forced it to stop and wait about 45 minutes while the driver and guide attempted to fix it. Thankfully God doesn’t waste a single thing and it so happened that this bus was also carrying Marilyn. So that 45 minutes were FULL of teaching, mentoring, praying, praise and worship – quite an extraordinary impromptu time they all felt so privileged to enjoy! Marilyn also solicited questions about any topic, and everyone was so blessed by her wisdom in answering each one of them. Her sharp wit and wise answers so enthralled every one of us.

Milford Sound, South Island, New Zealand

The travelers arrived at Milford Sound right on time, boarded the ship, and enjoyed a lovely buffet meal, followed by a great cruise down the Sound, which is really a fjord. Our guide explained the difference between a sound and a fjord, but I forgot the explanation. Suffice it to say Milford Sound would have been more accurately named ‘Milford Fjord’. Regardless, the breathtaking scenery delighted us all! We also got to see seals basking on rocks – so precious! We enjoyed a couple of hours of ’oohs’ and ‘aahs’ because of the scenery, then back to the buses for the long ride home – with no bus breakdown.




New Zealand Fiji Group Tour – Day 3
Visiting the Hobbiton – the set from the Lord of the Rings!


Seeing Jesus Down Under-New Zealand and Fiji Group Tour – Days 3 & 4

On day 3 the team had a private breakfast where Sarah shared some nuggets about Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob’s altars. It was such rich teaching – the travelers loved it! She also prayed for ears, and later that day a traveler shared that ever since that prayer, the ringing in her ears had stopped, PTL!

Sarah went on to minister at the City Impact’s North Shore 8:30AM chapel service, and Marilyn taught at the 10:30AM service. Later, a young person who had heard Sarah’s teaching shared that it really caused her to think about the experiences in her own life and what altars she has and hasn’t recognized thus far.

At the 10:30 service, after lively, young, dynamic worship, Marilyn taught on the gospels’ depictions of Jesus and what they meant. The service was simulcast to the Wellington congregation, where the team would be for the evening service. She was extremely well received. All the audience loved her and her message, and she ended the service with calls for salvation, re-dedication, and for healing of tumors and warts. The travelers were buzzing about Marilyn’s message all afternoon!

Later, at the Wellington campus, there was another large capacity crowd with lively worship. It was simulcast to the North campus. Both churches were very alive and intense about their worship, infecting the audience worshipers in a most wonderful way. Marilyn taught on how the Old Testament was segmented into the Pentateuch, History, Wisdom and Prophets. Again, the Lord enlightened and energized the crowd through her thrilling, on-point teaching, and tonight when she called for salvations and re-dedications and Holy Spirit infillings, the altar was filled to overflowing! It was a great service, and the travelers didn’t want to leave that holy ground!

The next day, the team traveled to the airport and took two different flights to Queenstown, a very popular tourist destination in New Zealand. Queenstown gets its name from local gold prospectors of the 19th century who called the town “fit for any Queen”. On the way from the airport to the hotel, they stopped at a small town called Arrowtown and toured their Lakes District Museum. The museum was filled with western items: wagons, tools, etc. that could easily have been viewed in a Colorado museum – those of us from Colorado felt right at home! Queenstown is the coldest place so far for this trip and the travelers from Florida and other southern states were cold. They bought up all the plentiful sheep wool winter scarves, hats, etc. that are ubiquitous there.


New Zealand Fiji Group Tour – Day 2

The beautiful sites of Auckland!


Seeing Jesus Down Under-New Zealand and Fiji Group Tour Days 1 & 2
The Spring 2017 group tour to New Zealand(NZ) and Fiji is underway with 122 travelers ready to See Jesus Down Under!

All are excited to be with Marilyn and with Sarah, who joined the group for the Auckland part of the trip.

When the team arrived in Auckland, they toured the city. Auckland is a sporting and cultural city sprawled on a narrow isthmus between two harbors. There are numerous volcanoes, and every so often you can see evidence of them with the lava rock formations. NZ is a young island, but the native fauna and birds are from a much older time because they migrated from Australia.

The Auckland metropolitan population is a mix of European, Maori, and Polynesian peoples.

In the evening, the travelers enjoyed a welcome dinner where Marilyn and Sarah shared a lovey greeting. The travelers are excited with anticipation of how God would use all the team. There is unity in this group thanks to your prayers. The food is delicious and plentiful, and the native people are very kind and pleasant.

On Day 2, the team headed to Hobbiton, visiting the movie set of the Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit movies. The set featuring the Shire from middle-earth, is on 10 acres of a picturesque 1,250-acre sheep farm. It rained heavily but there were also patches of sun, and it was so thrilling to be there. It’s fall heading into winter there, so this weather was typical. FUN FACT: An interesting feature about filming at the Shire was that sometimes two identical sets, one big and one little, had to be made to pull off the hobbits’ smallness against Gandolph’s tallness, since the actors were all essentially the same size.

After that, they toured Rotorua and saw the active geysers, second only to Yellowstone’s. There was also an area where they saw the therapeutic boiling mud. The group then visited places where they carved and weaved traditional items, and they also visited a dark cave-like structure where a nocturnal Kiwi was kept. The group actually saw one darting about! The Kiwi bird is flightless, and is believed to have evolved from the Australian Emu. Because for so long birds were the only inhabitant of NZ, many evolved to be flightless because there were no predators to flee from. Not so in more recent times. With the advance of civilization they are becoming extinct, but massive efforts are being made to counteract this.

This visit culminated into a visit to a cultural performance by the Maori, and late afternoon tea. The travelers returned to the hotel exhausted but so happy that they had experienced so very much in one day!


New Zealand Fiji Group Tour – Day 1
Flying to New Zealand!



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Greece Israel Tour 2016

Greece Israel Tour 2016

Greece Israel Tour 2016 Update

Tuesday, November 1st

Th Western Wall and the Garden Tomb

The group started their day with a lovely breakfast with teaching from Marilyn. They toured Yad Vashem, Israel Museum where the Dead Sea Scrolls are preserved, the Pool of Bethesda, the Via Dolorosa and the Garden Tomb. After this full day they enjoyed their farewell dinner and prepared to head home.


Monday, October 31st

The Garden of Gethsemane


Sunday, October 30th

Sea of Galilee

The travelers were treated to a day trip to Galilee. Marilyn taught on the boat as the travelers experienced the Sea of Galilee. They had prayer and praise and worship and shared stories of the miraculous.

Then the group traveled to the site for baptismal in the Jordan River. There was no way anyone could contain the excitement, even if one wanted to! Comments were heard to the effect of this being the main reason this person came on the trip. People were coming out of the water speaking in tongues and filled with renewed love for our Lord… Great to witness.


Friday, October 28th
The next stop was a visit to the Acropolis and the Parthenon. It was then on to Mars Hill where Paul delivered his speech on the “Unknown God.” Marilyn taught on-site about identity and the group was truly blessed. The travelers have been thrilled with Marilyn’s teachings along the way and many can’t wait to take future trips with her. That night they had a Farewell to Greece dinner as they prepare to move on to Israel.


Wednesday, October 26th and Thursday, October 27th
The next stop on the travelers cruise around the Greek Islands was the Island of Rhodes. This port was once dominated by the Colossus, one of the seven wonders of the ancient world. It was then on to Heraklion, Crete with free time to explore the area. After a few hours, there they sailed to Santorini. This area is often referred to as the most breathtaking of all the Greek Islands with its beautiful whitewashed villages.

Tuesday, October 25th

The first stop their cruise ship made was in Kusadasi, Turkey. The ruins of Ephesus where Paul spent three years during his ministry are just a short drive from there. The travelers toured and prayer walked the Agora, the Theater, the Stadium, the Library of Celus, the temple of Diana, and one of the seven wonder of the ancient work and much more. Marilyn taught on-site as well.

Click here to see Marilyn’s Facebook Live video from Ephesus.

After all that, they returned to the ship and went on to the island of Patmos where they visited the Monastery of St. John and the Grotto where John had the apocalyptic Revelations. Then they returned to the ship and rested up for the next full day of ministry.




Monday, October 24th

The next morning the group enjoyed breakfast at the hotel where Marilyn taught on the importance of prayer walking everywhere they go. They then boarded a cruise ship that would take them on a 4-night trip around the islands. Their first stop was the quaint isle of Mykonos. It is called the Island of the Windmills. They visited waterfront shops and cafes and also strolled along walkways that are nestled up against lovely whitewashed buildings. They also enjoyed dinner and a night of peaceful rest on the ship. Their prayer walking was anointed and powerful as they walked the streets which are also painted white.

Sunday night, October 23rd

After the travelers had time to rest from their trip into Athens, they were treated to a welcome reception on the rooftop of their hotel which had spectacular views of the city and the Acropolis.

Sunday, October 23rd

The fall 2016 Group Tour to Greece and Israel is underway! A remarkable 130 travelers joined Marilyn and her team to See Jesus on a Biblical Journey through this historic part of the world.

Marilyn is posting Facebook Live videos on her Facebook page.

Check out her first video from the trip!

Marilyn started the trip off Sunday night with a welcome dinner in a private ballroom where she blessed those in attendance with a special teaching. Marilyn prayed for each traveler to be effective in their prayer walking…to change the world and history through their efforts.

Check back for more exciting updates from this miraculous trip.




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Switzerland and Portugal Tour 2016

MAY 20-31, 2016 – Switzerland Portugal Tour
Seeing Jesus in the Heart of Europe

Day 10:

The travelers enjoyed their final breakfast and teaching time with Marilyn. Travelers shared testimonies and celebrated in a time of prayer. They then had a free day to explore and came together one last time for their Farewell Dinner.

Day 9:

The travelers headed north to visit the marvelous medieval walled town of Obidos. Next they continue to the fisherman’s village of Nazare and on to Batalha to visit the Monastery, a masterpiece of flamboyant Gothic and home to the Unknown Soldier tomb in Portugal. Then they went on to Fatima, one of the most important pilgrimage centers in the world. They then went to the Sanctuary, the old and new Basilicas, and the Capelinha, home to the miracle of Fatima.

In the evening Marilyn and the travelers ministered at the CEIZS church service. Marilyn spoke on preached Luke 5:17. She prayed for growths, tumors and warts, salvations, and Holy Spirit baptisms. Many responded!

Day 8:

After breakfast, the travelers enjoyed more teaching from Marilyn. She spoke from John 2 about being a servant.

The visited the Royal Palace and then traveled to Cabo da Roca, the westernmost point in Europe where they enjoyed an outstanding view over the Atlantic Ocean. Cabo da Toda means Cape Rock. From there they went on to the fishing village of Cascais and the beach area of Guincho.

They walked the narrow streets and eventually returned to Lisbon through the village of Estoril.

Day 7:

The travelers got up early for their first breakfast in Portugal and experienced the best buffet yet! Variety, flavorful, abundant – the travelers all had extra-wide smiles on their faces this morn despite how they longed for just a bit more sleep.

During the ministry time with Marilyn, she had some of the travelers share testimonies about the early trips to China when they smuggled Bibles into the country. This really electrified the faith of everyone in the room. Then Pastor Claudio, the Lisbon pastor also from the Rio church, brought colorful fliers announcing the coming Healing Meeting at their church. The travelers distributed the fliers during their daily excursions.

They then went on a half-day excursion into the city, visiting the Geronimos
monastery and other sites. Lisbon (Lisboa) is a city of 10 1/2 million people and growing. They walked all over, getting to know the city with its cobblestone streets and colorful tiled or painted houses. We caught a glimpse of the botanic gardens with its beautiful flowers and plants, and saw that many of the sidewalks are made of scrolled patterns of limestone (white) and volcanic rock (black), making quite a dramatic statement. We looked at the Tejo River which starts in Spain and divides a north/south part of Spain from Portugal.

Day 6:

The travelers took advantage of their free morning to sleep in and stay close to the hotel before their flight to Lisbon later in the afternoon. Their flight was smooth and they got into Lisbon, Portugal rather late so they went straight to bed to rest up before their early morning.

Day 5:
During breakfast, Marilyn continued on her theme of walking in the supernatural, and the travelers really loved it. This is a free day, so after breakfast, the travelers took full advantage and boarded hotel shuttles, taxis, and trains to do whatever they wanted to!

Day 4:
The travelers had another great start to the day with breakfast, prayer, praise and worship, and a teaching from Marilyn on natural acts preceding the supernatural. They then set out on a gorgeous, unseasonably warm day to tour in Lucerne with a boat ride on the lake and then to Mt. Titlis for a gondola ride up the mountain.

Lucerne is a quaint and colorful town nestled in between steep, dramatic snow-covered mountains – a sight to behold! The town reminded a few travelers of Venice, Italy with the canals throughout the clean, fresh town and lovely houses with abundant flowers in the windowsills. The travelers witnessed as they walked, handing out tracts as they engaged with the people they met along the way. They visited the famous lion carved out of rock. Mark Twain loved that lion and said that it was the best rock carving he’d ever seen, as well as the most emotional. The boat ride later on Lake Lucerne was tranquil and heavenly – the water captured the reflection of the mountains perfectly.

Mt. Titlis:
The travelers climbed the 10,000 foot mountain on gondolas singing “How Great is Our God” and filling the atmosphere with electric, contagious, joyful praise. The mountain is so high that they rode well above the cloud cover. At the top of the ride the travelers stepped into an unparalleled panoramic view of Lucerne and surrounding areas. There was also a photo gallery, restaurant, lounge, and a beautiful gift shop to enjoy.

Healing meeting:
This was so fun! The praise and worship was lively and powerful, led by young adults who obviously had hearts yielded to the Lord. They started with songs in Swiss, but ended with some familiar contemporary American Christian songs. Pastor Renato was ordained out of the CEIZS church where we ministered in Rio de Janiero, Brazil, and only speaks Portuguese, so he preaches with a Swiss translator. Because of this, they gave headsets to the Americans for the English translation. Lots of young people were in the congregation of about 100 or so, and when Marilyn preached, it seemed the atmosphere was charged up and they responded very well. There were calls for salvation, re-commitment, infilling of Holy Spirit, and healing, and all calls had people responding! After the service, the travelers lined up and laid hands on the people.

Day 3:

The travelers enjoyed a beautiful start to the day with praise and worship, prayer, and Marilyn’s continued teaching on expecting the supernatural. The weather was rainy and cold, so they had to wear jackets and use umbrellas for the day. They first visited Rhine Falls near a town called Schaffhausen. Interesting fact – they had to drive through a bit of Germany to get to that part of Switzerland that had the falls. No passports needed to move from one country to the other. The falls were quite a bit smaller the Iguassu falls in Brazil, Niagara falls, or Victoria falls, but no less dramatic!

Next they visited St. Gallen, a UNESCO world heritage site with its famous cathedral and medieval library. Interesting fact – it’s a working library and you are still able to check out books, but they have to be less than 100 years old.

Then they moved on to Liechtenstein, a very tiny monarchy that is one of the smallest countries in the world, and then a stop on the way back to hotel at the Lindt chocolate factory where the travelers shopped at the store but were unable to tour the factory that day. They then returned to the hotel. Like the day before, the travelers had the afternoon to explore on their own.

Day 2:

The travelers started their day with a wonderful breakfast, praise and worship, and encouraging word from Marilyn. She spoke on 2 Kings 19 and the double-portion miracles of Elisha. She taught that an act in the natural always precedes a miracle. She also encouraged everyone to prayer-walk everywhere they went.

The first touring destination was the capital of Bern. Bern is named after the German word for bear. The architecture was beautiful and it hit home how old Europe is.

Switzerland is less than 60,000 square miles, and has eight million people, 6% of which are farmers. It is divided into sections that speak four different languages: German is largest percentage (although they learn “high” German in school, Swiss German is different, and is more commonly heard than pure German), French, Italian, and Romansh, a Latin-type of language.

The group then traveled to the financial capital, Zurich, for a city tour. After the tour, the travelers had free time to explore the city on their own.

Day 1:

The Travelers landed in Switzerland and made their way to the hotel to freshen up. When the land only travelers arrived, they were a full group of 98 ready to go.

The first event was a Welcome Dinner which was packed with excitement even though everyone was tired from the long flights. (However, those travelers who have been to Asia know this trip has much shorter travel times.)

Marilyn talked through the goals for the trip, and everyone was excited with the expectation of a miracle trip, breaking up fallow ground while honoring the rich spiritual heritage that was birthed in this region.

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Bali Indonesia 2016

Marilyn in Bali, Indonesia – Sunday, November 1, 2016

Marilyn had a wonderful time speaking at the R.O.C.K. church with Pastor Timoteus Arifin in Bali, Indonesia.

Bali is known as the island of the gods It’s exotic and vibrant yet it has a serene feel steeped in a history that goes back centuries. They remain true to their culture and have a high sense of community as each village gathers daily at their town center to reminisce and pour into their children their customs and teach them Balinese dance.

At the 10am service attendance the attendance was 1,500 people, eager to hear Marilyn speak on Seeing Jesus in the Gospels. Five people responded to the alter call. When Marilyn asked for people with back problems to stand for healing, 25 people stood. Then she asked for people with skin problem and allergies to stand and 15 people stood.

At the 5pm service attendance there were 1,000 people in attendance. Twenty-five people responded to the altar call and she prayed a general prayer of healing over the entire congregation.

Thank you for your prayers for Marilyn. She is now traveling to Singapore to meet up with the Fall Group Tour which starts November 5th.

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Marilyn Speaks at the Empowered 21 Conference – 2016

Marilyn Speaks at the Empowered 21 Conference – 2016

Marilyn recently spoke at the Empowered 21 Conference which was held in London this year. E21 London was a gathering of key spiritual leaders from around the world who convened during Pentecost to intercede for the European nations. Over 41 countries were represented. It was encouraging to hear how God is moving in what was previously known as a very dry spiritual atmosphere.

When we would hear that a European church had 400 members, we would rejoice because that was considered large. But now, reports are coming in that some churches are exceeding 1,000 people and that the atmosphere is changing; the spiritual culture is changing; the Holy Spirit is moving.

Karl Martin, 3rd generation Baptist pastor in Edinburgh, Scotland, had a beautiful testimony. His church of 1,000, primarily under 35 years of age, received a call from the government that 1,500 refugees from Iran needed shelter and assistance. The church took them in and not only did they meet their physical needs but, most importantly, their spiritual needs sharing Jesus with them. One man in particular stood out when receiving the Lord. He stayed after the service and told the pastor when he was 11 years old a man came to him in a vision and told him that he would be a pastor. He said when he accepted Jesus as his Savior, the same man appeared to him. He asked Pastor Martin to teach him how to be a pastor.

Marilyn ministered at one session and taught on Inheritance.

She was highly esteemed and was one of the most popular speakers. Marilyn also had a radio and television interview while in London.

We are grateful for the tremendous favor Marilyn had at this event and pray the message she was able to share will bless and enrich all those who heard it for years to come.

Now Marilyn is off to Switzerland to meet up with the travelers for the Switzerland-Portugal group tour.

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Marilyn Speaks in Richmond, Virginia – 2015

Marilyn Speaks in Richmond, Virginia – 2015

Marilyn was privileged to speak at Mt. Gilead Full Gospel Church in Richmond, VA on December 6, 2015. Over 7,500 people attended the two Sunday morning services where she taught from the Tabernacle Syllabus.

The promise of the tabernacle is that God’s presence is always with us. Today it is a reminder to make tabernacling with God a way of life.

She prayed for people with pain problems and specifically people with pain in their right arm. Hundreds of people stood to receive their healing.

Over 100 people came forward for the altar call as well.

Thank you Mt. Gilead Full Gospel Church for a anointed weekend of ministry.

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Marilyn Honored with ORU Lifetime Global Achievement Award – 2015

Marilyn Honored with ORU Lifetime Global Achievement Award – 2015

image11Recently Marilyn was honored at Oral Roberts University with the prestigious Lifetime Global Achievement Award. This award recognizes individuals or organizations that have made a significant impact in the history of ORU and in the world in positive ways as an extension of the university and its mission.

Those selected for this notable award are chosen by a committee comprised of ORU alumni, students, administrators, faculty and staff. The committee utilized a rigorous selection process, choosing only 50 recipients out of thousands or potential candidates to receive this honor. Recipients come from all walks of life and offer a multitude of contributions on behalf of the university around the world.

Marilyn served on the Board of Regents for over 20 years and made numerous contributions to the success of the university. And then she served as the Chairman of the Board of Regents for almost 20 years. Over those almost 40 years, she faithfully served to promote the vision and purpose of ORU.


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Singapore, China, and Tibet Tour 2015

Singapore, China, and Tibet Tour 2015

Thursday, November 12th

The travelers started out with a breakfast time of prayer, praise and worship, and Marilyn continuing her teaching on identity. They then headed out for Potala Palace, home of the Tibetan Dalai Lama. Once there, they prayer-walked around the complex, and then the more stout-hearted among them walked the many steps up to the palace for a guided tour within the palace. Of course, Marilyn made it to the top! More details about Potala to come!

After lunch, our tour director arranged for us to go to a carpet factory to see the procedure of making carpets from sheared sheep wool to the finished beautiful carpet. That’s great, but that’s not really the treat – He also arranged with the Buddhist owner of the factory to let our people pray and lay hands on the factory workers and their families. Remember, this nation, under China’s rule, does not allow any proselytizing. Once there, we went through the factory tour and ended up in the warehouse with the workers. The owner said that we were NOT to lay hands on them because they are Buddhist. So everyone started just walking, praying in tongues, and the factory workers, all young ladies, were so receptive that some of our travelers started laying hands on them and they were quite welcoming and visibly touched and warm to our prayers. When the buses were ready to leave, the workers all left their looms and came out smiling and vigorously waving goodbye. Our tour guide later said he could see in their eyes how touched they were by our presence and prayers. Hallelujah to our King for however he will use this time to affect their eternal destinies!

Our tour guide also mentioned something else that can only be attributed to another miracle of God. In his vast experience, when groups apply for Tibetan visas, usually a small percentage of the people in the group get denied. With our group, every single one of the visas processed got accepted!

Wednesday, November 11th

The travelers woke up in the wee hours to catch our two flights to Tibet, and everyone arrived safely. Some luggage was missing, but reappeared in the next two days, so all were happy. Many of the travelers were battling spiritual warfare manifesting in headaches, coughing, and other minor physical maladies. Even those used to high altitudes had to fight against the sickness that can come with being in an elevation of almost 12,000 feet high. We also had two falls but both are recovering and they are refusing to let this get them down. Everyone was encouraged to relax as much as possible after settling in so that they will have energy when the touring starts the next day

Monday-November 9th

This day was the travelers last day in Singapore and the morning breakfast time included a teaching by MH on identity. She shared that everyone has a divine destiny, and gave numerous examples of the devil trying to steal identities, and how God gave them back – Adam and Eve, Rahab, Esther, the woman at the well, and more. She emphasized that our identity is in Him and it’s His Name that brings the miraculous.

Next the group went on a “Singapore Past, Present, and Future” tour. This comprised of a city tour and a museum tour. Singapore is only 50 years young, and it is a marvel to see what all has been accomplished in such a short time! Singapore is about half the size of Los Angeles, or approximately the size of New York City. It holds 5.5 million people, so out of necessity, they build up, and skyscrapers abound. The climate was very warm, humid, and rainy this was the ‘cooler’ season! Twenty percent of the land has receded in 50 years, so the government has made huge strides to reclaim it, mostly by bringing in tons of sand from neighboring Indonesia in the early 2000s.

Then the group went to Marina Barrage where a huge dam sits. This is where Singapore has invented the process of turning the sea water into fresh water, so they won’t need to be dependent on Malaysia for their water supply. Some interesting facts – as many skyscrapers as there are, there are also lots of trees and foliage around because of a government law that whenever a developer builds a building that displaces trees, they must replant an equal number of trees. This is why you see lots of trees sitting on various levels of the tall buildings – sometimes the only room to plant trees is on the buildings themselves.

The group traveled to Chongqing, China to overnight then…next stop—Tibet!

Sunday, November 8th

On Sunday morning Sarah spoke at the two morning services at Trinity Christian Centre. Over 900 people were in attendance for these two services. She shared about Faith and how it is essential in our relationship with God. Those who wanted an increase in faith and community were invited to come forward and pray.

After these services, Sarah signed copies of her Jesus Chicks book.

The next morning the travelers were up early and at breakfast they were joined by Sarah, who shared a teaching nugget about being keenly aware of the Holy Spirit’s working in our lives. We are to be more like sponges, soaking in the Holy Spirit and leaking Him out along the way, than like cups who keep the Spirit contained. After that, we had powerful prayer led by a traveler who has been with us for decades, Leonard Dawkins, and then great praise and worship again led by Shirley.

They then traveled to New Creation Church, and were awed by the incredible, dynamic, alive worship in the church and the number of members is amazing – over 35,000 attend services every Sunday – this count is pretty accurate since the members are asked to only come once each Sunday. NCC has multiple locations, but our travelers were at the Star PAC (Performing Arts Center) where 5,000 seats are filled up for 4 services every Sunday. The first two are live, and then the better of the two live services are broadcast to a packed crowd in each of the next two services. Each traveler was blessed with a gift bag filled with NCC products!

Marilyn spoke at both live services, and all the travelers went to the 11:30 service to see her. Everything is extremely high tech, and so beautiful. The travelers normally get the opportunity to pray for and lay hands on the believers, but they were not allowed to do so here, so they just sat back and enjoyed the service. Afterwards, they prayed individually as God gave opportunity as they were waiting for the bus to take them back to the hotel.

They could readily see how the Singapore family of believers really love and honor Marilyn. They gave her much applause and respect in their words of introduction. Joseph even calls her ‘mom’. The NCC members also love their pastor, Joseph Prince, who was in the USA to speak at his church in Houston and in Lakewood (Joel Osteen’s) church, and they prayed for him fervently before the awesome, lively praise and worship started.

Marilyn taught on the immeasurable value of meditating, saying and doing the Word, and memorizing scripture as the vehicle for getting the Word to start working in you. She emphasized that the more you get the Word in you, the more successful and prosperous you will be in this life. Then she gave all 35,000 people in attendance a homework assignment – memorizing Psalm 139 – she said for them to tell Pastor Joseph that! She then prayed for heart problems, then growths, tumors and warts. Many people stood up to receive their healings, and many waved at her when she asked who felt differently. She closed with some personal testimonies, such as when she received the Lord at age 16, some Sarah stories, and how the Lord had given her a physical new heart and straightened spine. The atmosphere was electric!

After returning to the hotel and freshening up, the group took a tour to Singapore’s Botanic Gardens, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, which includes a national orchid garden, a children’s garden, and other themed gardens. To their delight, Sarah joined them during this tour! She will head back home tomorrow, so the travelers were so grateful to have a bit more time with her.

The gardens house over 1,000 species and 2,000 hybrids, so there was plenty of beauty to go around. After that, a trip to ‘Little India’ gave the travelers the unique experience of being there on the day that they celebrated the New Year – quite the colorful experience, with music, dancing, decorations, and shoulder to shoulder people! A smaller team chose to instead go out on the streets evangelizing – approx. 30% of Singaporeans are Christian, so the field out here is white.

Sarah Bowling Ministering at New Creation Church and Trinity Christian Centre

Saturday-November 7th

The Singapore, China, Tibet fall group tour is under way!

A total of 102 travelers and 8 staff members are on this wonderful adventure. The flight to Singapore, their first destination, was long but smooth. Everyone enjoyed getting to know their new traveling companions and with 61% of the group being previous travelers, many old friendships were rekindled.

After arrival and a smooth check-in, they all had our first gathering at the Welcome/Orientation Dinner, where Marilyn greeted everyone and went over the goals for the trip. They then had an anointed time of praise and Worship with Shirley Wilkins, and the bar was set for high expectations of what God was about to do in their lives during this trip, and miracles He would perform.

While Marilyn and the travelers were ministering at New Creation Church, Sarah had the opportunity to speak at Trinity Christian Centre, in Singapore.

She spoke to over 500 in attendance at the Saturday evening service. She shared Deuteronomy 30:6 about having a fresh call to be committed. She also gave specific scripture verse to certain people in attendance.

She also shared A Saving Moses video.

Friday, November 6th

Sarah had the great opportunity to minister to the young adults at New Creation Church on Friday, November 6th. She was well received and really enjoyed the opportunity to speak one-on-one with people while signing copies of her Jesus Chicks book.

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Spanish Seeing Jesus Encounter – Puerta de Paz Women’s Conference 2015

Spanish Seeing Jesus Encounter – Puerta de Paz Women’s Conference 2015

October 2-3, 2015

Marilyn just returned from an anointed speaking engagement in Cranford, New Jersey. She shared the Seeing Jesus Encounter in Spanish at the Puerta de Paz Women’s Conference.

There were two services where she ministered to over 1,000 women hungry for the Word of God.

She taught on Seeing Jesus in Ruth and on Seeing Jesus in 1 Samuel and Abigail.

Over 200 people stood for healing, 80 people answered the altar call, and 120 received the baptism of the Holy Spirit.

Thank you for your prayers as Marilyn continues to Cover the earth with the Word.

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Tanzania and South Africa 2015

Tanzania and South Africa 2015

In September of 2015, Marilyn traveled to Tanzania and South Africa for some amazing times of ministry.

In Tanzania she spoke at three services at Mountain of Fire Mikocheni “B’ Assemblies of God. Attendance was over 3,000 each night and there were 8,000 in attendance at the Sunday service. At least 50 healings were reported—everything from backs to tumors, to those wishing to have children.

While in South Africa, she spoke at the Rhema Women’s Conference hosted by Rhema Bible Church in Randburg. The theme of the conference was Glorious Living and the gathering proved to be just that—Glorious!

Marilyn spoke three times during the two day conference. The daytime sessions saw over 4,000 in attendance and the evening session had over 8,000 in attendance. All total over 600 people responded to the altar call.

She was also part of a panel discussion along with several other women of God.

She had the opportunity to pray one-on-one and speak in to the lives of several people which we all know Marilyn loves to do!

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Argentina 2015

Argentina 2015

Sunday, May 11th, 2015

This was the travelers final full day in Buenos Aires. It has been great with the staff and travelers all in unity. This has been an amazing group! It has been supernatural!

The travelers started the morning with a Celebration breakfast where Marilyn asked for testimonies from the group. Then they had special prayer time, prayer points and praise and worship.

She then preached on ‘no fear’ and talked about Elijah and the widow—seed and harvest—and said a most profound statement that resonated with everyone “if what’s in your hand is not enough, it must be a seed.” She also said she calculated the meals the widow received after she made the cake for Elijah – over 6,000!

They then left for their last half-day tour to the Tigre district and to the Delta for our boat ride. This river is much like Venice with its winding canals and the people who live there must drive their boats instead of cars to get anywhere. When they returned to the hotel, they had free time until the Farewell dinner in the evening, which was a sumptuous buffet. The photographer put together a montage of pictures from the trip that played during the dinner which the travelers loved. There was one last praise and worship song and many of the travelers shared testimonies from the trip.

Tomorrow the majority of the travelers will start their journey back to the states while a small group will continue on to El Calafate for the optional excursion.

Sunday, May 10th, 2015

The travelers were once again blessed by anointed teaching from Marilyn and Sarah at the morning breakfast meeting. Then they had some free time before the evening ministry services.

They were transported to Iglesia Rey de Reyes church for three consecutive services that proved to be glorious once again. Sarah spoke at the first service, then Pastor Friedzon at second, then Marilyn at third. Both Marilyn and Sarah ministered powerfully on destiny, healing, faith, and Sarah gave scriptures individually to people. That church is truly on fire, moving freely in spiritual gifts! Both Sarah and Marilyn were on soaked in the anointing and preached dynamically calling for healings in various areas. Marilyn called for healing of feet and ankles and had multitudes standing, and a minimum of about 25 lined up to testify of their healing!

This has been a miracle trip. Many first-time travelers have expressed their intentions of traveling with Marilyn again. Every trip seems to be a ‘home run’ and this is no exception!

Saturday, May 9th, 2015

This proved to be a long and glorious day! There were two shifts of people going out for outreach, and the first group had to gather a 5am to be ready for a bite of breakfast and the bus rolling out at 5:45am. About 45 travelers showed up for this first departure, praise God!

The travelers were dispatched to the church where the volunteers split them into groups distributing food and clothing to two specific poor neighborhoods. One neighborhood had never been reached by the church before. The point was to touch lives, so each door that opened got material blessings and the travelers had the opportunity to speak into their lives. The church had plenty of volunteers who also knew English so the team was blessed to have their words make an impact in many lives. This outreach took all morning and the travelers were overflowing in their praises to God for this opportunity.

The next group had a chance to have a more complete breakfast and venture out to four destinations: a teen pregnancy shelter, a children’s hospital, a regular hospital, and a Police/Fire station.

All the travelers we’re so very blessed by this outreach! Praises to Him and thank-you galore to MHM were pouring out of them. After the outreaches, many went to the hotel to rest before tonight’s service.

Sarah ministered in the teen church which met in an overflow building, and then Marilyn ministered in the main sanctuary to the College and Career people. Both meeting places were filled to overflowing!

The teen service started with very lively praise and worship, and Sarah flowed in the prophetic as she gave words to various teens throughout her ministry time. The teens were blessed. She asked them if they knew why they were here and do they know their purpose? She ministered on how nothing can satisfy us like God can because that’s how we were designed. She exposed the scheme of the devil in trying to separate them from God and how to heed that pull in their hearts to draw near to God.

College and Career: Marilyn also flowed in the prophetic, and singled out rows of people in the congregation to minister verses to. Her topic was destiny, drawing on Psalm 139. She taught that knowing and holding onto God’s dream and destiny for us makes us supernatural. She gave her personal testimony of being drawn to God when she was 11, born again at 16, and her hunger for the Word. She talked about Joseph and his dream when he was 17 and how he held on to it despite all the things he went through. She taught how important it was to sow into others’ dreams, as well. She gave testimony of sowing Bibles underground for many years culminating in her first healing meeting ever in Kunming, China!

She ended the evening with calling out for healing in people’s ears and other areas, but God wasn’t finished with the team!

Something truly extraordinary happened! Pastor Friedzon called the MHM team up, and instead of them praying for others, he had an extended time of his church praying for them! They were blessed beyond belief, to say the least! Well worth the experience of some having started their day at 5am and ending it around 1am.

Friday, May 8th, 2015

The travelers awoke to have another great breakfast with prayer points and worship, and since they were ministering that night, Marilyn went around anointing hands. She also ministered scriptures to each table. The travelers were so blessed!

They embarked on their tour, first around the city’s districts of Recoleta, where our hotel is, and Palermo and San Telmo districts. Very colorful, indeed! San Telmo was the birthplace of the Tango, and there were plenty of artists on the streets selling their varied interpretations of that dance. They then visited Evita Peron’s grave in a cemetery in the Recoleta district. The cemetery itself is considered a work of art. The graves are quite impressive and each have enough room in them for several family members. When you look at each gravesite, there are layers that go down very low into the ground to accommodate the generations.

After the fascinating tour, they had lunch at an incredible restaurant, a truly 5 star experience, and then back to hotel for a couple hours of rest before our first ministry time.

At Iglesias Rey de Reyes (church of King of kings) this first night was a Women’s conference where there was exciting, lively worship! Then Marilyn was the first speaker and spoke of Ruth’s good decisions when Naomi did the unexpected and went back to Israel during the famine. She concluded her message stressing that when we do the unexpected, God gives us extraordinary lives.

Sarah was next up, and her topic was what do you do when you’re disappointed with God, and gave examples in the story of Martha, Mary and Lazarus’s death. Sarah then prayed for backs and spines, and many people raised their hands indicating they received healings.

Then they took about a half-hour break and when they returned, Marilyn ministered in the evening healing meeting and had powerful results as she first built up faith that healing was for them, and then called for several areas to be healed – she was truly demonstrating how Spirit-led she was! She called Sarah up to pray for babies, then she prayed for creative miracles, giving her testimony of how she received a new heart that replaced an enlarged heart. Then she prayed for heart problems, unusual miracles, and rumors, growths and warts. She then taught on ways to heal the sick: words of knowledge, sending the word, via prayer cloths, and more. Many came up to testify of their healings!

Thursday, May 7th, 2015

The travelers started their day with breakfast and prayer points, worship, and then Marilyn spoke on how she got started in ministry–by having home Bible studies. She gave the three anointing’s in her ministry, 1. Love for the Word, 2. Signs and Miracles, and 3. Reaching Nations. She also taught on Elijah and Elisha, and how the mantle is caught, and she gave Sarah as an example of catching the mantle, and encouraged all of us to sow into our children so they can catch the mantle. She then prayed for the team and encouraged them to become her partners and believe for the miraculous.

The travelers headed off on an hour drive to their second full day tour at Fiesta Santa Susana Gaucho Ranch. When they got there they were greeted by people handing them freshly baked empanadas, and the choice of wine or juice. Most of our people chose the juice! Then they had free time to shop, walk around, take horseback rides, and explore the house (now museum) of the original owners and get a flavor of how they lived. Very interesting!

When they sat down to eat lunch, they had no idea they were about to receive four or five salads, and five courses of meat! First there was beef sausage, then bloodwurst, then beef, then chicken, and then filet mignon. The meal was incredible! Afterword they were treated to several tango, samba, and other lively dances and singing.

It was a wonderful show, and the travelers had a great time. After the show, Marilyn was invited on stage to say a few words, (this was delightful since this was a public show), and she introduced Abraham John, one of our missionaries to India, who briefly spoke of God’s love for all people in all nations. After that, Shirley led the travelers in a medley of praise songs. When they left they prayed all the way home for the salvation of those in attendance!

That night allowed the travelers to rest up for their next busy day.

Tuesday and Wednesday, May 5th & 6th, 2015

The Seeing Jesus in Argentina and Uruguay group tour is off to a great start. Marilyn, the staff and the 81 travelers arrived in Buenos Aires and got settled in to the Emperador Hotel where they enjoyed a lovely welcome diner and orientation time Tuesday evening.

On Wednesday, May 6th the group toured Colonia, Uruguay via a ferry boat.

Please keep the team in your prayers as they continue to tour this beautiful country and prepare for their times of ministry later this week.

Monday, May 4, 2015

The Argentina and Uruguay group tour is underway. Please keep Marilyn, the staff, and the 81 travelers in your prayers. Check back here for updates from this exciting trip.

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Indonesia 2014

The praise reports from Marilyn’s recent trip to Indonesia were simply amazing! A young woman with severe scoliosis showed up to Marilyn’s healing service with her family. She had been diagnosed with the condition in 2009, and though advised to have surgery to correct the curvature, she instead believed that God would heal her. According to the account, when she came to Marilyn’s special healing service, she told herself that if Marilyn first prayed for backs she would be healed during the service. Healing of backs was the first thing Marilyn prayed for that night. The young woman was completely healed of her condition!

When Marilyn prayed for tumors, warts and growths, 50 stood up and responded. One woman had a growth behind her ear that is now smaller. Another woman had a growth in her lower abdomen for three months that is now completely gone. A woman with a lump in her breast saw it disappear completely after having it for 8 years! Marilyn prayed for people with broken hearts and 100 stood up and responded. Many were healed, saved and transformed!

Tumors shrunk, backs straightened and many prayed the prayer of salvation! One of the worship leaders, a former Muslim, prayed for a woman who was blind. She stood up for healing and he laid hands on her. Amazingly, she said she saw a bright light and as the worship leader continued to pray she began to see movement. Marilyn anointed her eyes with oil.

Marilyn taught about healing and how another person’s faith can help one with unbelief. She taught on the power of agreement and shared her own testimonies of healing. Marilyn had an opportunity to teach from her benchmark Study Guide, Seeing Jesus Bible Encounter. Study Guides were provided in the native language of Indonesian and several hundred were purchased.

Would you like to be part of the amazing miracles taking place through Marilyn Hickey Ministries? Help support us today and change the lives of people all around the world! We can’t do it without you!

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Ireland Scotland 2014

Ireland Scotland 2014

God’s Grace & Power…Ireland Scotland 2014

As the bagpipes played a thrilling rendition of “Amazing Grace,” Marilyn and Sarah’s trip to Ireland and Scotland came to an end. It was a fitting finale to 10 amazing days of God’s power demonstrated through miracles of healing, salvation, and restoration. The Green Isles will never be the same!

The travelers relished the amazing history and scenery of the area as they explored castles, museums, and a 6th century cathedral with magnificent stained glass and remarkable stonework. Edinburgh Castle was a group favorite, built during the Iron Age and used as an arsenal, prison, and today is still in use by the Scottish military. In all, the travelers visited six cities, including Dublin, Belfast, and Edinburgh. The lush green landscape made a gorgeous backdrop for the amazing ministry and teaching woven throughout the trip.

Healing meetings were held in both Dublin and Belfast and hundreds of lives were radically changed. This was the first time Marilyn Hickey Ministries ministered in this region.

Marilyn ministered at Solid Rock Church of God Dublin, an international multicultural Pentecostal church pastored by an African pastor, Emmanuel Might, with over 30 races represented. Marilyn preached mainly about the demonstration of healing; many in the audience received salvation. Others were healed of problems in their feet, tumors and warts, back problems, and much more.

The evening healing meeting at Living Rivers Church was packed. As Sarah ministered, more than 30 people stood for baptism of the Holy Spirit. Physical miracles were abundant as well. One man testified that he had an accident at work and his arm had constant pain and his hand couldn’t stop trembling, and he was obviously healed, holding the affected arm out with no trembling. Another was healed of rheumatoid arthritis, one person who had suffered for more than 50 years with sciatica pain testified that his pain disappeared, and another was healed of chronic neck pain. All in all, there was an amazing outpouring of God’s power in Belfast!

Throughout the trip, the group began each day with worship, teaching, and prayer with Marilyn and Sarah. During one session, Marilyn did an impromptu Q & A time with the travelers. Marilyn answered all their questions with wisdom, grace, and abundant knowledge. This special time drew the travelers closer to Marilyn as she shared from her heart.

We believe Ireland and Scotland were immensely blessed by the Marilyn Hickey Ministries 2014 Tour. God’s amazing grace surrounded travelers from the first steps on the Green Isles to the very last moments together as the bagpiper played. Pray with us that God would continue to pour out His power and love to the people of Ireland and Scotland long after this trip!

>Ireland/Scotland blog update #10 – November 11, 2014

On this final full day the travelers went on a city tour of Edinburgh.

The farewell dinner had a very exciting beginning – a bagpiper performed for the travelers with traditional Scottish music, the telling of the “Toast to the Haggis”, which is a poem written by Robert Burns about haggis, traditional Scottish food that is read to the accompaniment of bagpipes. Robert Burns is considered by many to be the national poet of Scotland. Then the bagpiper performed a thrilling rendition of Amazing Grace – quite lovely! The dinner was excellent, and the evening ended with tearful goodbyes among our team.

Day 11 was the last morning together, and it was great to see how the travelers so appreciated Marilyn and Sarah’s ministry tour and the lifelong friendships that were either created or nurtured during their time together.

>Ireland/Scotland blog update #9 – November 10, 2014

The day started with praise and worship, prayer and Marilyn teaching on the gifts of the Spirit. After the teaching, Marilyn left time for questions and many travelers were lead by the Holy Spirit and had many thought provoking questions that Marilyn answered with wisdom, grace and great knowledge. It was a very anointed time.

The travelers the boarded a ferry which took them to Scotland. The ferry was every bit as comfy and luxurious as a cruise ship, with many amenities offered for the travelers to enjoy during the two-plus hour ride. When they disembarked the ferry on the western side of Scotland, they drove for a while to get to Edinburgh, which is on the opposite coast. They drove through Glasgow, another famous city, and as the sky darkened, they checked into their Edinburgh hotel. Edinburgh is quite lovely. Edinburgh, by the way, is pronounced “Edinburruh” by the native Scots. After diner the travelers enjoyed a restful night in preparation for their next exciting day.

>Ireland/Scotland blog update #9-November 10, 2014

The Bless the Green Isles ministry trip has come to a close and what an amazing journey it was. On the final two days the travelers took a ferry to Scotland for a tour of Edinburgh and other adventures.

Check back for more reports and testimonies from this very special trip.

>Ireland/Scotland blog update #8 – November 9, 2014

Day 8 started with praise and worship, prayer time , and Sarah continuing her teaching on Jacob and being healed on the inside. She encouraged the travelers to stay true to the Holy Spirit.

Later, the travelers took a tour of the most significant Titanic museum in the world, mainly because the original Titanic was built there in Belfast. It was a great experience, complete with getting in trams, hearing and feeling what actually went on in the ship yards, walking through sections of the museum that gave you copious amounts of info, like 14,000 gallons of drinking water were used every 24 hours, and 57,600 pieces of crockery and 29,000 pieces of glassware were used on board, as well as 250 barrels of flour and 2,200 pounds of coffee, and many more interesting stats.

Then they took a city tour around Belfast and headed back to the hotel for the last Healing meeting at Living Rivers. The air once again was electric, worship was great. Then Marilyn called up one of our frequent travelers to share a miracle that happened in the Dublin service where two sisters got healed of tumors, and the one who was having a difficult pregnancy got healed as well-the baby was leaping inside the mom’s womb as hands were laid on her. Marilyn introduced Sarah and then shared about her father’s nervous breakdown and how her mom’s standing in faith on God’s promises healed him. Marilyn taught on ways to heal, and had everyone pull out a cloth or handkerchief, prayed over them, and encouraged everyone to use them as they prayed for healing. She also had everyone pull out their phones and text people that we were about to pray for them and to expect a miracle. She encouraged everyone to stand on Nahum 1:9 and believe in the deepest way that the affliction will not return to them.

She then prayed for hands and wrists, and about 12 stood. Then she prayed for backs, and about 20 stood. One man testified that he had an accident at work and his arm had constant pain and his hand couldn’t stop trembling, and he was obviously healed, holding the affected arm out with no trembling. Another was healed of rheumatoid arthritis, another who had 50 years of sciatica pain testified that the pain disappeared, and another was healed of chronic neck pain.

All in all, a great, awesome, mighty two days in Belfast! Tomorrow the team will board the ferry to Scotland for their last two nights there.
>Ireland/Scotland blog update #7-November 8, 2014

Day 7 started in excited anticipation of the ministry that would take place later in the morning and in the afternoon, led by Living Rivers church. The travelers first had breakfast, praise and worship and prayer, as well as a time of teaching by Sarah. She taught briefly on the life of Jacob, how to be healed on the inside, and the travelers soaked it up and really enjoyed her!

They then went to the very site in Kells where an engraved stone marks where the revival of 1859 broke out. This was a revival that not only broke out in Ireland, but in the USA at the same time, started by praying Irishmen in both places. They then went on to Slemish, the site on the side of a mountain where St. Patrick tended sheep and prayed over his country. As they walked that area, powerful prayers for another revival to break out were spoken and decreed by our travelers. One of our travelers got slain in the spirit and healed of a painful jaw condition while there! Then to Living Rivers church.

At the church, they had several ministry outreaches for us to take part in They divided into smaller teams headed by various volunteers from their church. There was a Pastor’s luncheon attended by approx 40 – 50 local pastors and their wives, door-to-door witnessing, passing out fliers to come to the healing services, praying for people, witnessing in shopping malls, setting up a bandstand with singing, worshiping and witnessing, a drug rehab shelter and a homeless shelter, and a nursing home visitation. The remaining people stayed at the church, powerfully interceding for the various outreaches… what a full, rich, powerful day!

The evening healing meeting at Living Rivers Church was packed out! It holds about 500 or 600, an there was standing room only! It started with a delightful performance by some Irish dancers, then Marilyn spoke of the miracle of Sarah’s birth, prayed for married couples if they wanted babies, and 7 or 8 couples stood Sarah then took the platform and spoke on this being a resurrection night. She talked about the transfiguration, the parable of the fig tree, and much more, stirring people to believe for resurrection in their nation and their own personal lives. Sarah ministered a verse to a man, and then invited people to receive salvation, recommit to following Jesus, and for baptism of the Holy Spirit.

>Ireland/Scotland blog update #6 – November 7, 2014

On this day the travelers made had a long bus ride to Ballymena and Belfast in Northern Ireland.

Upon their arrival they had to convert their currency into pounds. Ireland uses the Euro but Northern Ireland and Scotland user the British Stirling. Upon their arrival, they checked into their hotel, freshened up and went straight to their evening dinner celebration. Sarah arrived today and everyone was thrilled to see her. She shared a short teaching then everyone retired to their rooms to rest up for the next day of excitement.

>Ireland/Scotland blog update #5-November 6, 2014

This day started off with a wonderful breakfast and inspired teaching from Marilyn. The group visited Burren and the Irish Moher Cliffs.

After a full day of touring, the travelers had their first Celebration Dinner. The atmosphere was festive and full of the Holy Spirit. Marilyn taught on Isaiah 53 and 54, emphasizing the place that worship should have in out lives. Worship bring to pass the provision and we can sing to the barren places with great expectation.

>Ireland/Scotland blog update #4 – November 5, 2014

Day 4 started early with the travelers checking out after a brief meeting and traveling 2 hours to Galway,

for a city tour, lunch and a bit of shopping They then checked into their second hotel, a very beautiful one, about a five minute drive away from the city center. This particular home was once a residence, and over the years was turned into a hotel by continuing to build more and more rooms on the property. You can walk into a couple of the original rooms were the family resided, preserved and restored so that all can see a slice of history.

After dinner there was more great teaching from Marilyn, and many travelers got to relate testimonies of their experiences seeing God heal or start the process of healing in the lives of the people they prayed for.

>Ireland/Scotland blog update #3 – November 4, 2014

Day 3 began with breakfast, prayer, praise and worship, and great teaching from Marilyn from 2 Samuel 3:21. Then the travelers were off on their first of two tours for the day.

The first one was to St Canice’s cathedral, founded in in the 6th century. It has magnificent stained glass and remarkable stonework. The See chair of a bishop dating back to the 12th century, and intricately carved tombstones where high ranking bishops were entombed are also located there.

From there the travelers visited the famous Kilkenny castle, built in 1195. The castle is beautifully restored and a symbol of Norman occupation which, in its day, formed an important element of the defenses of the town with four large circular corner towers and a massive ditch, part of which can still be seen today on the Parade. The property was owned by the Butlers, an English family, and was transferred to the people of Kilkenny for 50 British pounds in 1967. The property is now managed by the Office of Public works, and the castle and beautiful gardens are open to the public.

The travelers then returned to the hotel to freshen up before the first healing meeting at the Solid Rock Church of God in Dublin, an international multicultural Pentecostal church pastored by an African pastor, Emmanuel Might. There are over 30 races represented in his congregation.

As they entered the church, the air was one of excitement and great anticipation of what was to come. The praise and worship was powerfully anointed, and the travelers and congregants were in rapt attention as Marilyn began preaching healing. This night was mainly about the demonstration of healing, as Marilyn didn’t spend a lot of time teaching on it like she normally does. Marilyn prayed for wives who wanted to get pregnant, led people in salvation, people were healed of problems in their feet, tumors and warts, back problems, and much more. Marilyn said later that she was led to get to the demonstration part more quickly because she felt this church believed in healing, but were not used to seeing it manifest in their lives. Well, they certainly did tonight!

The travelers will move on to Galway tomorrow.

>Ireland/Scotland blog update #2 – November 3, 2014

The second day started with a lovely breakfast at the hotel and then an anointed time of teaching with

Marilyn. Marilyn shared personal and biblical testimonies of ‘hanging on” for the promises of God to manifest in our lives, and to never give up. A few of the travelers had tears in their eyes – God was speaking directly to them through Marilyn.

The first stop on the tour was Trinity College where the book of Kells resides. These are colorful, ancient books that are now housed in glass cases to preserve them. The Book of Kells, written in Latin, contains the four gospels, and is believed to have been created ca. 800 AD. It is widely regarded as

Ireland’s finest national treasure.

Then on to St. Patrick’s cathedral, a famous Anglican, not Catholic church, a beautiful building built and rebuilt, most recently in the 13th century after destruction by a fire. After this, the travelers went to a stunning, famous castle called Malahide—owned by the Talbots for 8 centuries. The Talbots were originally from England. This beautiful castle was eventually willed to the government when there were no more heirs to inhabit it.

Tomorrow the travelers will enjoy more touring and, in the evening, the first healing meeting.

>Ireland/Scotland blog update #1 – November 2, 2014

Marilyn and her team of 123 travelers have safely landed in Ireland! We are so excited that over 35% of our group are first-time travelers!

Marilyn arrived before the rest of the group and did an interview with Spirit Radio in Dublin and then met with the pastor of the Dublin Solid Rock Church.

The first adventure everyone enjoyed was a driving tour of Dublin. While on this relaxing tour, the travelers saw historic landmarks and beautiful gardens.

Tomorrow the group will visit St. Patrick’s Church, Christ Church, and see the Book of Kells at Trinity College.

2014 Ireland & Scotland Tour Update

The Tour has left for Ireland and Scotland! Check back here for more updates!

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Ethiopia 2014

Ethiopia 2014

Ethiopia 2014 – Update #3

Sunday, after breakfast, Sarah taught the group on Genesis 11, where Abraham’s father, Terah, had lost his son Haran, yet continued to journey to Canaan, but when he came to the city of Haran, same name as his son’s, and got ‘stuck’ there and stayed until he died. Sarah’s message was about pressing on after loss, and not getting stuck as Terah did. We have a future and a hope, and what’s in front of us is bigger and better than what is behind us.

Then the group boarded the buses to the last healing meeting, which was the Sunday morning service at Beza. Marilyn taught on healing, citing many personal testimonies of witnessing the demonstration of God’s healing power. Marilyn called for people with crooked spines and lower back problems to be healed, then growths and tumors to be healed, then a call for salvation and re-commitment. Many came forward and testified of their healing.

In the evening, the travelers enjoy the Celebration/Farewell dinner and another powerful message from Marilyn.

On Monday morning after breakfast, Marilyn had a time for a Grace Offering, encouraging people to believe and give BIG.

Then the travelers toured a famous Ethiopian Orthodox church called the Holy Trinity. This is a church that Haile Selassie built, and he and his wife are buried there, as well. This looked very similar to an ornate Catholic church, with its icons along the wall and stained glass windows. There was a museum on the same property, and the travelers toured that next. There were golden crowns in this museum.

Then back to the hotel for lunch, then off for a brief shopping excursion, and then off to the airport for the 17 1/2 hour flight home.

We want to thank all the friends and partners of Marilyn Hickey Ministries—you help make trips like this possible.

Ethiopia 2014 – Update #2

On Friday morning, the group got up early to catch flights to Addis, then upon arrival, checked into the Hilton hotel for the second time. They had lunch and prepared for the first of three meetings at the Beza International church.

Marilyn met the president of Ethiopia shortly after landing, and the meeting was very pleasant with Marilyn feeling very at-home with him. More details about this historic meeting coming soon.

Sarah arrived in Addis, and greeted the travelers as they left for the evening meeting. The church and its members were warm and inviting. There’s not much of a police presence in any of the cities visited including the bustling capital, and the people live in simplicity and harmony – very impressive.

Beza means ‘redemption’ in the Ethiopian language of Amharic. This meeting was geared to church leaders and pastors, and was held in the chapel area where their administrative offices were, which is also the youth chapel. The place holds 500 and was packed out. Marilyn is very well respected here, and the leadership of the church expressed their appreciation and gratitude for her coming.

Marilyn spoke first about 4 keys to success: 1. meditate on the Word, 2. speak the Word, 3. do the Word, and 4. look for success. Sarah spoke next on Increase, using the life of Jacob as an example. She said the 4 questions we need to ask ourselves to help us increase is: 1. who am I? 2. What do I do? 3. What time is it with respect to the seasons in your life, and 4. Am I growing? Both MH and SB also ministered specific words and scriptures to individuals. The time and space was too tight to have the travelers pray for the needs of the people, nevertheless the evening was anointed and everyone had a great time.

On Saturday they had another early wake up time to go to Project Mercy, a community development organization. Project Mercy has its hands in the fields of medicine, education, water purification, AIDs programs, prenatal care, and a whole host of other things. They have several hundred acres and multiple compounds in various places, not only in Ethiopia. They are making a difference. They have a church building that seats maybe 200-300, and with our travelers, the place was filled as Marilyn taught on generational curses and blessing, citing her own testimony with mental illness in her family, the miracle birth of Sarah, and the healing of her spine. After the service, the travelers went to an area by the children’s school where they had set up a tent, and had a scrumptious, organic lunch fit for kings and queens. All of the meal was made from the veggies and grains in their community gardens.

Animals—goats, mules (lots of them), oxen, dogs, horses, and more walk freely on the streets, and sometimes the bus rides were quite exciting with the frequent swerves to avoid donkeys who occasionally wandered across the road unaware of oncoming traffic!

The evening service was in their regular sanctuary, which seats maybe 2,000 to 3,000. It was packed and all were eager to hear Sarah preach. The worship was lively and engaging, and Marilyn spoke first, introducing Sarah to the congregation. Sarah started with some specific words/scriptures for people, a general encouraging scripture for Beza, Hebrews 6:14, and then she prayed for women having difficulties getting pregnant. At the end of her message, she also had an altar call for salvation, fresh starts (renewal).

Sarah’s message was on how to cope with the times when God doesn’t answer prayer, citing the story in John 11 when Lazarus died and Martha and Mary’s response to Jesus when he delayed coming to them to heal him. Excellent teaching, eager listeners, and the travelers were able to lay hands on the sick, and left for the hotel eager for God to use them again in tomorrow morning’s service, the last before departing for home.

Ethiopia 2014 – Update #1

After landing in Addis, we enjoyed a smooth check-in to the Addis Hilton hotel and enjoyed a colorful Ethiopia/American lunch after freshening up. Our Land Only travelers joined us throughout the day, and by afternoon, most if not all joined the main group of 91 travelers on a bit of city-sightseeing tour.

In the evening, we enjoyed our Welcome dinner, where Marilyn addressed the group, and showed the Ethiopia 2002 International Ministry Update Video.

The next morning, we had a very early wake up call, met for breakfast and headed to Axum for our time in that city. Axum is beautiful, and our first tour was to the ruins of the obelisks which were tributes to the various kings of the region. We learned that—the bigger the columns meant the bigger the kingdom. One was so big that it fell because erosion over time caused the foundation to shift, and one was very small representing a 6 hour kingship—a king who was killed by the people.

Then we visited the palace of the Queen of Sheba. The connection between Ethiopia and Israel is strong because of the lineage of King Solomon through her. She had at least a three story palace with over 50 rooms and had a special cactus tree, very unusual in looks, that has been preserved over all these thousands of years, that we saw. One interesting fact was that in her day, the mode of transportation was camel and walking, so they estimate that it took at least a year to get from Ethiopia to Jerusalem. Legend has it that Solomon’s son, Menelik, was born on the trek back, and as he grew older, was teased because it was believed that his father did not name him, which was a shameful thing. There are many legends about the Ark of the Covenant being in Ethiopia, but the one the guide told us about was that because of the boy’s teasing, Queen Sheba sent word to Solomon about this, and that the Ark of the Covenant was sent to Menelik to prove his lineage.

Another interesting fact is that all succeeding kings of Ethiopia had to be of Solomon’s lineage.

At the end of the day we returned for our last dinner in Axum, where Marilyn taught on betrayal. We then prepared for the flight out the next day to Lalibela. Lalibela is one of the most gorgeous towns in Ethiopia. The people, land, and especially the children are so beautiful! We started the tour at the largest of the rock-hewn churches, and then proceeded to tour a few of the smaller ones. All intricately carved by hand, the legend and science differ in their estimates of the time it took to build it. The legend says 24 years with the help of angels, science says 200 years. Imagine! All by hand chisel and the measurements are precise and startlingly beautiful!

At the evening dinner, Marilyn taught on REST. She also shared with each table – life-changing scriptures and prophetic utterances!

The next morning after breakfast, praise and worship, and prayer, we visited more rock-hewn churches, and a church that was carved out of a cave. That evening, we had dinner served out on the roof of the hotel, and enjoyed an incredible panoramic view of Lalibela, and just in time to watch the beautiful sunset. Marilyn taught on the Holy Spirit, and then had people come up who needed to be filled with the Spirit.

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Iran 2013

Iran 2013

Marilyn’s trip to Iran is going wonderfully. She has spent time visiting with the locals who are enjoying an opportunity to practice their English.

The children are precious and love to have their pictures taken. Please continue to pray for Marilyn as she gets to know more about this beautiful country.

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Brazil 2013

Brazil 2013

The Final Two Days
The team split into two groups-one went to a nursing home and one went to an orphanage. Both are places the local church regularly ministers. Sarah joined the group who went to the orphanage. There they gave toys, diapers, and other supplies to the 20+ babies who live there. The travelers loved playing with and ministering to the little ones. At the nursing home, the travelers were able to pray one-on-one with the residents and even enjoyed a birthday party for one of them. The travelers loved the hands-on ministry time with these beautiful people.

That evening everyone loved the farewell dinner. You could feel the love and unity in the group as Marilyn and Sarah entertained testimonies from travelers. The following day was a free day for the group to do last minutes sight-seeing and shopping.

The trip was a wonderful success and this particular group grew especially close as the days passed. Marilyn, Sarah, the staff and travelers returned blessed by this beautiful country and it’s spirited, lovely people.

November 6, 2013
Marilyn, Sarah and the Travelers are on their way home after a wonderfully anointed group tour to Breathtaking Brazil. Check back for a full trip recap and more amazing testimonies of salivations and healings. For now, here are a couple more lovely photos from the trip.

November 4, 2013
On this day the travelers toured Sugar Loaf Mountain–a very uniquely shaped mountain that you can ascend in a cable car. Once at the top they saw the most spectacular views of the Rio harbor and the Christ the Redeemer statue. These views further emphasized the tour theme of “Breathtaking Brazil.”

After this tour, the group split into two groups to do some humanitarian outreach projects. One of the groups went to a local nursing home and worked with members of the church where the healing meetings have been and the other group wen to an orphanage.

November 3, 2013
On Sunday Marilyn, Sarah and the travelers ministered at a church in Rio. Sarah taught in the morning about faith and Marilyn taught in the evening about healing and the four wise things of Proverbs 30:14. Again the worship was fulled with passion and fire and many responded to the calls for salvation, Holy Spirit Baptism, and healing. Several people were able to testify about wrists, backs, and tumors and warts being healed.

The crowd was energized and full of faith! There was a spirit of unity and love among all that was almost tangible!

November 2, 2013
After breakfast, the group traveled on to Rio de Janeiro and was joined by Sarah Bowling. They toured Corcavado mountain where the famous stature of Christ stands on top. This is one of the new man-made wonders of the world. It was truly an awe-inspiring sight.

That evening was the second healing meeting. The church was filled with about 2,000 people. The worship was very lively–filled with passion and firs. Again, many responded to the calls for healing, salvation and Holy Spirit Baptism. Marilyn preached on what it means to be God’s beloved. The evening was filled with warmth, unity and passion as the travelers laid hands on the people who cam forward and miracles healings flowed.

October 31, 2013
The first healing meeting was amazing and powerful. The church was filled to capacity and Marilyn had a powerful word from the Lord and many people responded to the altar call for healing, Holy Spirit Baptism, and Salvation. There were two dramatic healings: A woman had a tumor on the roof of her mouth and when prayed for, it reduced in size by at least half. Another woman said she believed she received a new uterus.

It was an amazing start to this trip’s series of healing meetings and the anticipation for what God is going to do during the rest of the trip is high.

October 31, 2013

Today Marilyn and the travelers will be touring the newest natural wonder of the world–the Iguassu Waterfalls. The waterfalls are located right on the border of Brazil, Argentina, and Paraguay. They will have the opportunity to take a boat ride at the bottom of the falls and walk along the scenic walkways the top where they will see where these three countries meet. And tonight is the first healing meeting of the trip. Check back soon for more pictures from the field and amazing updates.

October 30, 2013
Marilyn and the team arrived in Iguassu, Brazil today. They have several exciting days of ministry and sight-seeing planned. Check back often to see how the trip is going and how God is using the team to bring hope and love to this breathtaking, beautiful country.

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China 2013

China 2013

Let the Magnificent Adventure Begin!

Praise the Lord!
The team and travelers are having victory over logistical and physical challenges. Please continue to pray for great favor, wisdom, and continued victory for this anointed trip.

Day 5

On Wednesday the cruise ship docked and most of the travelers participated in the first excursion to Fengdu or Ghost City. There are supposedly 500 steps leading up to the temple there and our oldest traveler made it all the way to the top!

At the end of the day we returned to the ship for dinner and Marilyn’s continued her teachings on Daniel.

Day 4

Tuesday began with everyone gathering for a delicious breakfast, prayer, and praise and worship. The first stop of the day is Ciqikou which is famous for teas and the porcelain in which the teas are contained. This is a beautiful, ancient city where lots of shopping was available—which the travelers love. After some time there they proceeded on to Chongqing city bus tour. After the tour the group boarded the President Prime Cruise Ship.

The group had a private meeting room so it’s wonderful for all the meal times and allows Marilyn time to continue teaching on Daniel. She covered chapters 3 and 4 this day.

Day 3

Marilyn preached a Sunday morning service to a packed room. Many of the people who were at the Saturday meeting approached the travelers asking for more prayer. It was standing room only and most of the travelers had to stand outside the room to allow the locals access.

In the afternoon, everyone gathered at the hotel and Marilyn began her teaching on the book of Daniel. She covered chapters 1 and 2 and the travelers were eager to hear more. She ended the meeting time with a
Q & A session that was a real treat for everyone.

No tours were taken on this first phase of the trip because Guangzhou is an industrial city with no tourist attractions. However, some of the more adventurous travelers ventured out in the evenings as all of China’s cities are very lit up and colorful at night.

Day 2

On Saturday morning the group met for a lovely breakfast. Marilyn prayed over the travelers and anointed their hands for ministry.

The group attended a local business leader’s monthly meeting where attendance was about 1,000 people. Local seminary students were also in attendance. Marilyn prayed for healing of neck problems. After prayer those gathered broke up into small groups and the travelers had time to pray with them for many needs.

Day 1

Praise the Lord! The travelers had a smooth flight and arrived safely in Guangzhou, China. The arrived early in the morning and had the day to rest and get ready for the orientation dinner the first night. Their 5-star hotel is spectacular!

Marilyn showed a video from a previous trip to China and every was excited for their first ministry meeting the next day. More ministry updates to come! Stay tuned.

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Gilbert, Arizona 2013

New Life Family Church: Gilbert, Arizona 2013

Sarah recently had the humbling opportunity to speak at two Sunday services at New Life Family Church in Gilbert, AZ. As her third visit to the church, Sarah said that she is starting to feel more and more like a part of the tight-knit family. Over the two services, Sarah ministered about how God can use really awful things to help us grow and how Jesus knows and redeems our brokenness for His glory.

Longtime friend of Today with Marilyn and Sarah, Dr. Janet Maccaro, even honored Sarah by attending one of the two Sunday services! During the services, Sarah also had a chance to share about Saving Moses and the how God is preforming some incredible miracles through both the malnutrition clinics and NightCare. “It’s always extremely encouraging to see how God connects people’s hearts to Saving Moses,” she said, “because I believe that Saving Moses is super close to God’s heart!”

To see where Marilyn or Sarah are speaking next, check out our calendar page!

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Rome Greece 2012

Rome Greece 2012

Monday, November 5-Day 8

Day 8: We started the morning with another great breakfast, where Marilyn added to her teaching on our being treasures, and then we all embarked on our last tour of Rome. This tour included the Trevi Fountain, where you toss coins in the waters. Tradition says you toss the coins in your right hand, standing with your back to the fountain, and over your left shoulder when you make a wish. We also visited the Forum, the Pantheon, and other monuments. All very exciting, and beautiful!

Sunday, November 4-Day 7

Day 7: At breakfast, Sarah shared about Saving Moses and showed the latest SM video, and then after breakfast, we bussed to the city and had a walking tour of various areas of Rome, starting with the Colosseum—marveling at what once went on within these ruins.

After walking around the Colosseum, learning what the various areas were built for, we headed toward the Forum, on the way to St. Peters’ Square, where thousands gather on Sunday to hear the Pope address the crowd. The square can comfortably fit about 3,500 people, and there was plenty of space on this day for all to see him. On our previous tour of this area, the window where he stands and addresses the crowd was pointed out, so today we knew where to position ourselves for a great view. He came out, and through the loudspeaker, addressed us in eight languages. Each time he changed, a rousing cheer would go up from where that section of people was standing. Of course, all of us cheered too, when he spoke English.

That night the second healing meeting in same church and it was again filled to capacity (about 600). The praise and worship was again extraordinary—really rousing, spirited, modern, and anointed. Among the adult band members and singers, the drummer was about 10 or 12 at the most, and extremely gifted – no one would ever guess that such a professional, cohesive group would have such a young member playing one of the instruments! It just added to the joy of this worship.

Sarah came up and gave a word to two different people, and then Marilyn came up, showed the Sudan video, and spoke on Treasure, emphasizing that God’s Treasure is People. She called for salvations, and about 30 answered this call. Then she prayed for the entire crowd to be stronger in leading people to the Lord. She also asked for the crowd to make a commitment to lead at least two people to Him in the next 6 months, and most everyone made that commitment.

The travelers were enlisted the stand at the altar and sides again to pray for any people needing prayer, and then the evening ended with the church blessing us yet again with a meal at the end of service. Tomorrow will be a free day, ending with a Celebration Dinner.

Saturday, November 3-Day 6

Day 6: We woke up and had a great breakfast, then off for a very interesting tour of the Vatican, Sistine Chapel, St Peter’s Basilica, St Paul’s Basilica, and the catacombs. Michelangelo’s frescoes on the chapel’s walls and ceilings were carefully explained. Interesting tidbits, from delightful to bizarre: our guide told us that the first part of Michelangelo’s name should never be pronounced like the American name Michael, but like it would rhyme with “nickel”. Whether Michelangelo was personally moral and submitted to God or not, we don’t know, but his work is truly phenomenal, and his attention to detail really captured all of our attentions, and we could have spent hours there if that had been possible.

This evening was our first healing meeting and another WOW night – the worship was out of this world, truly both anointed and skilled. The whole congregation could join in the exuberant praise, as the lyrics were translated on the screen into three languages – Italian, Portuguese, and English. The congregation is mainly Italian, but Pastor Fernando is from Brazil. Sarah taught on believing in the impossible because of who God is, and how to be a Peter who stepped out of the boat like when we are faced with storms and dark circumstances in our lives (Mat 16:14). The packed congregation was eating up every word of this anointed teaching. When the call for salvation and re dedication went out, approximately 70 people stood!

But this wasn’t the end of this incredible blessing – as the service ended with prayers for healing by the travelers laying on of hands, the congregation had one more blessing in mind: instead of leaving after the last person was prayed for, we were told to stay because they had prepared us dinner! What a treat! We left there anointed and blessed with wonderful food and memories.

Friday, November 2-Day 5

Day 5: We started the morning with our first of two Celebration breakfasts. We all had a wonderful time of celebrating how God has used MHM throughout the years. After breakfast, it was off to our final tour of Athens, which included the Parthenon and various temples built on top of the Acropolis, and breathtaking views of Athens from that vantage point. Many steps up and down later, we headed to the airport for our smooth 2 hour flight to Rome.

After landing in Rome, we had dinner on our own, and most people enjoyed the hotel restaurant’s cuisine, which was wonderful. Sarah arrived in Rome and joined the group for the rest of the trip. It was then off to bed with anticipation of a great day tomorrow in Rome and our first healing meeting at the Comunicado Evangelica Int’l Zona Sul. This church is pastored by Pastor Fernando, a friend we worked with on a previous trip to Rome.

Thursday, November 1-Day 4

Day 4: We had an early start to Ancient Corinth, where Marilyn did an exceptional teaching on the gifts and fruit of the Spirit. Wow! That’s all most of the travelers could say. She matched each of the nine gifts to each of the nine fruits, into a powerful teaching the travelers ate up and will remember for a long time. The travelers also toured the Corinth Canal, then back to the hotel to prepare for the healing meeting at the small Apostolic Church of Christ – Greece. The crowd was warm, welcoming and loving toward us.

At this evening meeting, Marilyn preached on eight ways to heal the sick, sprinkling her teaching with personal testimonies. She prayed for chronic diseases and about 40 stood to receive healing. Then she prayed for crippling diseases, and about 15 more stood. She also prayed for the crowd to have crazy faith, and finally the prayer for salvation, at which about 10 stood. Then the travelers had the chance to lay hands on all who wanted prayer, believing for miracles from God for all they prayed over.

Ancient Corinth is where, under the shadow of the towering Acropolis, Paul preached and lived for two year. The Gentile Church he founded here in 50 AD prompted him to write at least for letters to them. The travelers had the opportunity to see the ancient city where Paul worked with Aquila and Priscilla, see the remains of the first century shops, the agora where Paul’s trial by Gallio took place, the Fountain of Peirene, the Temple of Apollo and the Bema.

Wednesday, October 31-Day 3

Day 3: we woke up in the beautiful city of Kalambaka, and after a wonderful breakfast, journeyed to the Monasteries. The group visited the largest one. There are about six left from about 24 that were originally built. Normally, the monks don’t come out to greet anybody, and this trip was no exception, but then Marilyn and a few people went to one of the smaller ones, which was actually a Nunnery, and Sister Gregoria came out and spoke with us, explaining their religion and showing us around the rooms. This particular smaller monastery took 22 years to bring all the building materials on top of the rock formation! This was quite a fascinating experience, as we learned how simple yet profound their way of life is.

After enjoying the nun’s hospitality, we departed back to Athens, stopping on the way for lunch and rest. The seven hour bus ride to and from Meteora was well worth it, as travelers saw many dramatic sites.

Tuesday, October 30-Day 2

Day 2: We rose early to have breakfast and check out of the hotel to start our journey to Kalambaka,

where the “hanging monasteries” are, and on the way we made two stops – first to Mars Hill, Marilyn did an on-site teaching-standing on the actual site of the Apostle Paul’s Mars Hill address to the people.

Our next stop was at Delphi where we walked through the ruins of this significant historical site. Then on to Kalambaka, stopping on the way for rest breaks and lunch.

When we approached our destination, the mountains that loomed in the background were dimly lit and we learned that the large lit-up rocks that sat on the mountains were thought to be meteors, therefore, the name of the area is Meteora. We all settled in after a long day, had a wonderful dinner where Marilyn showed the Sudan video, and then headed to bed with a more relaxed day’s schedule awaiting us for the next day.

Monday, October 29-Day 1
Day 1: Our first day started with a miracle! All the travelers arrived from all over the USA and the Bahamas safely into JFK. As we waited for word on any flight cancellations or delays, we were truly blessed when we boarded the plane and were cleared for take off. Had our flight been any later, it would have been cancelled because of hurricane Sandy’s faster than anticipated arrival.

As we all prayed for safety, peace, and smooth flights, God met us with very good flights and connections. The travelers were in great spirits as we all landed in Athens the next morning and were met by our tour company.

After a time of refreshing and an optional tour into the beautiful and scenic area surrounding the

hotel, we enjoyed our first relaxing Welcome dinner, where Marilyn shared some goals for this trip and showed an International Ministry Update. Then off to bed, with the travelers anticipating an early rise and a long day ahead.

Sunday, October 28, 2012
The 2012 Fall Group Tour starts their journey–to Experience the Glory of Greece and Rome, today.

Marilyn arrived early to speak at the Sunday morning service at the Apostolic Church of Christ in Athens, Greece. She shared the love, good news, healing, and gift of eternal salvation found through Jesus Christ. After a powerful service with anointed teaching, many came forward for healing and salvation.

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Loveland Colorado Bible Encounter 2012

Loveland Colorado Bible Encounter 2012

The Loveland, Colorado Bible Encounter – Huge Success!

The recent Bible Encounter in Loveland, Colorado was awesome!

Marilyn taught at seven services over two days and God used her mightily to touch the lives and hearts of those in attendance.

Marilyn taught from her Bible Encounter Study Guide. She led those in attendance through the book, beholding Jesus in every book of the Bible.

To illustrate different teaching points, Marilyn had volunteers from the audience participate on stage, recreating pieces of the tabernacle pieces.

Over the 2 days, the average attendance exceeded 500 with wonderful salvations, healings and Baptisms of the Holy Spirit at each service.

Encounter the Word-Bible Encounter Study Guide is a wonderful resource you can have at home.


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South Africa 2012

South Africa 2012

Everybody Loves Penguins!

On a lighter note, the travelers visited Boulders Beach, home of the African Penguin. Wooden walkways allow visitors to view the penguins in their natural habitat. The beach there is beautiful with tropical blue water all around. it was very relaxing to watch the penguins swimming in the serf along the beach.

Our Day with Saving Moses

On day 4 the travelers had the awesome opportunity to participate in a Saving Moses outreach! There were three daycares or creches (pronounced “creshes”) that the travelers went to serve. The first, Itsoseng was housing 28 children; the second, Little Roses was housing 55 children; and the third, Phuthanang was housing 30 children. The travelers assisted in painting, laying sod, and playing with the children. Most of the day was spent helping with this project and the weather cooperated very well. The children also performed for the travelers. All were so enriched and delighted by this day!

More Exciting Updates from Johannesburg

On day 2, the group participated in a wonderful healing meeting at Christian Family Church International (CFCI). Many came forward for healing and for the Baptism in the Holy Spirit. Marilyn and Sarah anointed the travelers hands with oil before they prayed for those who came forward.

On day 3 Marilyn and Sarah both spoke at the CFCI services. The first Sunday morning service had approximately 2,500 in attendance and Marilyn preached on “Weakness Attracts God.” Sarah spoke about “God’s Promises” at the second Sunday morning service and had specific words for various people.

At the Sunday evening service, Marilyn spoke on the 23rd Psalm and the Names of God. Healing of growths, back problems and worry were prayed for. Again there were approximately 2,500 in attendance. The line for those wanting salvation and the Baptism in the Holy Spirit seemed endless!

Finishing Up an Amazing Trip

Today is the final full day in South Africa for the travelers. They have experienced all that South Africa has to offer–from it’s beautiful people to its colorful landscape. Here are a few more pictures of the sights they enjoyed.

Cape Town, South Africa

The travelers are now enjoying Cape Town, South Africa. They have toured Table Mountain, Robbin Island, and Boulders Beach.

Check out the Saving Moses blog post about our work on some Daycare Makeovers!

I’m currently in Johannesburg South Africa doing something with Saving Moses that is beyond cool: daycare makeovers! We are doing 3 makeovers in a shanty town on the outskirts of J’burg. In this shanty town, the houses are made of corrugated metal sheets or former shipping containers. What is totally amazing is watching the daycare owners take nothing & make it into a functional daycare. They use old tires, shipping containers, metal scrape sheets, etc to create warm, inviting & safe environments for their kids to learn. They take the American concept of “modular education” into 3rd world living to provide education & care.
Today, our team is painting, “de-rusting”, cleaning, organizing & supplying these 3 daycares with upgrades that are essential for the future for these small people, 5 & younger. Saving Moses is about giving little people 5 & younger love, resources & survival essentials so they can have a bright future!
– Sarah and Saving Moses

It’s Safari Time!

The latest adventure the travelers experienced was a one-day safari where they got to see the “big 5” animals: lions, African elephants, cape buffalo, leopard, and rhinoceros.

Welcome To South Africa – Friday and Saturday, May 18-19, 2012
Day 1 and 2 Updates

A wonderful 129 travelers arrived in South Africa ready to experience all that God presents in this nation full of diverse sights, tastes and sounds! Of the 129 travelers, 40% have never traveled with this ministry, and many are already are saying they’ll come again – they seem to know that they’re in for a very special experience from God during this tour!

The first day, the travelers arrived early evening and enjoyed a Welcome Dinner full of diverse African and American-style cuisine,

They got to know one another, and went to their rooms to turn in early, preparing for a full day ahead and the first ministry meeting of the MHM tour.
In the morning, we all enjoyed a breakfast together, along with praise and worship, prayer points, and showing the Egypt international Ministry Update video.

The first group tour was to Soweto, a sprawling township (more accurately a cluster of townships) on the south-western side of Johannesburg (JB). Soweto was created in the 1930s and comprised of black people relocated by the white apartheid government from other areas in JB that the government wanted reserved for whites. It now has grown to a population of over 2 million people. Soweto has long been the center of political campaigns aimed at the overthrow of apartheid, and in 1976, a student uprising started there and spread quickly to the rest of the country. In Soweto, they also saw Nelson Mandela’s house, now a museum, Archbishop Desmond Tutu’s and Winnie Mandela’s houses.

They then went on to the Hector Pietersen museum, named after the first black youth, 13 years old, killed by the government on June 16, 1976, which sparked that uprising that was to be the beginning of the end of apartheid. After that, on to lunch, then to the Apartheid museum, which opened in 2001, and is the preeminent museum dealing with South Africa’s modern history, which is in reality, the history of Apartheid. This museum is similar to the Holocaust Museum, with its gigantic pictures, many graphic videos, and artifacts chronicling the political, social, and human struggle.

Then back to hotel for freshening up, praying up, and looking forward to the first Healing Meeting and the Christian Family Church, pastored by Theo and Beverly Wolmarans. They enjoyed dynamic worship from their youth worship team, and a great message by Sarah. She showed how when you think God is silent, persistence is the cure, when you’re feeling rejected, pursuing Jesus is the cure, and when you think your blessing is delayed to the point of never coming to pass, worship is the cure. The audience loved it! Then she had an altar call for salvation, filling with Holy Spirit, and many a video from her recent trip to Pakistan and Sarah returned with a few more nuggets, including specific words and bible verses for specific people, and then they entered into prayer for healing of anyone who came forward. Many responded!

Wednesday, May 17, 2012
We are so excited to go to South Africa!

South Africa is a vivacious, cosmopolitan region with a stunning variety of spectacular natural environments, exotic wildlife, historic townships, uniquely sophisticated cities, world-renowned cuisine, and lively culture.

South Africa offers a journey of discovery like no other.

Our group of 127 travelers plus staff members will bring the love of Jesus and supernatural healing to this country filled with many different beliefs and religions.

During our time in Johannesburg we will:

  • Minister at three days of Healing Meetings
  • Help with a humanitarian outreach
  • Visit SOWETO and learn about South Africa’s turbulent past and hopeful future
  • See the homes of Nobel Peace Prize winners Nelson Mandela and Desmond Tutu
  • Experience the Apartheid Museum

During our excursion to glorious Cape Town we will:

  • Tour Cape Point where the Indian and Atlantic Oceans meet.
  • Take a spectacular tour of the city
  • See Table Mountain
  • Take a ferry ride to Robben Island and see the infamous prison that held Nelson Mandela for over 17 years
  • Experience a spectacular one-day safari where you can see the “big 5” animals: lions, African elephants, cape buffalo, leopard, and rhinoceros
  • Participate in an additional Healing Meeting
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Pakistan 2012

Pakistan 2012

Pakistan Trip Makes Big Screen News Feed
February 8, 2012

The success of Marilyn’s recent trip to Karachi, Pakistan made the news feed big screens in New York’s Time’s Square and the Las Vegas Strip.

The message “Marilyn Hickey prays for the masses in Karachi” was broadcast on the jumbo-tron screens for 7-10 seconds every day for a week.

We are so grateful for the tremendous favor Marilyn Hickey Ministries is having. Please pray this amazing trip and it’s miraculous results will continue to open unprecedented doors for Marilyn and Sarah.

More News from Pakistan
January 31, 2012

Marilyn returned home from Pakistan safe and completely in awe of the wondrous miracles God performed on this amazing trip. She has taken some time to rest up and will be in TV taping today. Here is another report of an amazing meeting which occurred while Marilyn was there.

Marilyn and her team were invited to meet personally with the Governor of the Provence which Karachi is part of. Karachi is approaching 20 million people and is one of the world’s ten largest cities. This governor is the longest termed Governor in Pakistan and has heavy influence within this country. We met with him, his wife and two of his four children at their house for 2 hours. Marilyn was able to lay hands on the family and pray over them.

The Governor personally had been key in providing National Police and bodyguards for us throughout our stay and transportation while here, as well as, he ensured our meeting grounds were provided complimentary. GREAT FAVOR! Marilyn said she has never seen anything like this. Even after having returned to the hotel from the healing meeting, the Governor’s Office delivered personal gifts to the hotel.

A Miraculous Final Healing Meeting
January 22, 2012

Tonight’s Healing Meeting turned out to be the single largest meeting of Marilyn’s ministry. Inside the compound was 170,000 people, and 40,000 outside, shutting down all streets surrounding our venue, thus totaling 210,000 people in one night!

Marilyn said the crowd was so spiritual and attentive, it was like a peaceful anointing filled the grounds, everyone engaged and no confusion.

So many miracles-literally thousands! A 6 year old boy had a fever when he was a baby and was paralyzed. He had never walked or stood in his life and tonight he came out of it and stood and walked. Blinded eyes were opened, the mute talked, the crippled walked-honestly it was the New Testament relived in Pakistan!

Thank you for your continued prayers and support foe this event for God’s Glory!

Check back for more miraculous report about this unprecedented trip.

Amazing Attendance at 2nd Night of Healing Meetings
January 21, 2012

The 2nd healing meeting has proved to be a record breaking glorious success. Over 130,000 people flowed in to the event grounds. Marilyn preached on Crazy Faith Friends and the crowd loved it. There were several government officials in attendance and Marilyn thanked them and the Nation Police for their support.

There were several amazing miracles.

A man walked in using crutches because of a car accident that happened 10 years ago where his legs were crushed.
He was healed and walked out without using his crutches!

After suffering a motorcycle accident that left painful gaps between bones, this woman could not bend over or stand up easily. She was instantly healed and could move without pain.

This woman suffered from pain for three years and is not pain free. She cried as she thanked God for His love for her. ?

This young lady was healed from pain in her elbow.

A Great First Night of Healing Meetings
January 20, 2012

Here is a quick update on the first night of healing meetings.

The crowd pressed close to 100,000 tonight—our first night!
This is amazing especially in light of so many challenges. Marilyn, at 80 1/2 years young, preached stronger than a 25 year man!!!
After a tremendous time of worship, Marilyn preached on the healing of the man at the pool.
There were thousands of AMAZING miracles which included blinded eyes were opened, deaf ears began to hear, mute talked, crippled walked and so much more.

Ministry Training School a Great Success
January 19, 2012

Attendance at Expo Center was 2,800. God came through and provided the venue we had prayed for. They had to turn away hundreds more because of space.

Marilyn was driven to the Expo’s front entrance in an ornate horse drawn carriage preceded by a marching band. As she stepped off the carriage she was welcomed with rose wreaths placed around her neck and showered with rose petals.

She shared that she loves Pakistan as they have faith for and believe in prayer. She prayed for God’s hand on the country, for peace and love and that it is set up as an example of what that Jesus can do. Marilyn shared that she and her partners pray often for Pakistan.

She taught that there are miracles in your hands. Encouraged them that they are a team and all believers are to heal the sick.

She taught on four ways that Jesus heals. In Luke 17 it says the power of Lord is present to heal. There is anointing—stand in agreement, lay hands on the sick and send the Word.

Mark 16 says believers will lay hands on sick and they will recover.

She taught on Psalm 107:20—Pray and Send the word.

Prayed for people who had growths and tumors, 50 stood.

  • Lady with tumor for 3 months-gone
  • Lady with cyst for 40 years-healed
  • Lady tumor on liver for 6 year- gone
  • Lady with growths on neck causing choking-healed
  • Lady tumors on back-gone

70 stood for prayer to have children.

During the second session, Marilyn taught Romans 8:28 and the book of Acts.

To conclude the meeting, Marilyn laid hands on and prayed for everyone in attendance.

An Exciting Car Ride and a Faith Filled Meeting
January 19, 2012

At noon, during the peak of Karachi’s congestive traffic time, Marilyn was whisked through the streets and taken to the Muttahida Quami Movement (MQM) headquarters to meet with the high ranking officials of the MQM party. Escorted by a siren screeching police car with armed officers waiving off the cars who attempted to squeeze into the motorcade, our vehicles miraculously arrived safely to a guarded portion of the city. Greeted by the party’s highest representatives, Marilyn was introduced to those who had not attended the reception the night before and reacquainted with those who had.

As each member introduced themselves, it quickly became apparent that they each came from different religious backgrounds, Muslim, Buddhist, and Christian. What they had in common was there belief in a party that represented every minority group in Pakistan. Their party’s leader was not with them as he is currently living in London for his protection as they are confident an assassination attempt would be made on his life were he to return to his country.

Repeated words of appreciation were given to Marilyn for loving Pakistan so much that she has chosen to return for the sixth time. They presented her with bound books on their party and leader. Marilyn in turn gave them signed copies of her book, Your Pathway to Miracles. She also gave Baji Nasreen Jaleel, the senior official who was the only female in their group, a scarf from her China travels.

They asked for prayer and Marilyn and Stephen stood to lay hands on them and pray for each one individually. Some were specific in their requests; healing in their eyes, diabetics, recovering from strokes, desire to have children, etc.

After promises to attend this week’s healing meetings and bring their sick, they all shared a meal of Chinese food. The gentleman who had suffered a stroke and had yet to gain full capacity of his right side realized that he had been using his right hand to feed himself rather than his left. PTL!

After a successful afternoon, farewells were given and they made our way to the cars for the return to the hotel. As Marilyn was walking a man attempted to touch the hem of her garment in order to experience his healing. We rejoiced in his faith and Marilyn graciously turned and prayed for him.

In a city of 18 million, diverse in many ways and ranked in the top five most dangerous cities in the world, Karachi’s inhabitants are precious and we believe God wants to reach them with His healing and love through the out reached arms of Marilyn Hickey Ministries.

Marilyn’s First Evening in Pakistan
January 19, 2012

On Tuesday, January 17th Marilyn attended an evening reception given for 160 Karachi dignitaries. The guest list included pastors from around Pakistan, event committee members, imams, priests, political representatives.

Several dignitaries spoke briefly in support of Marilyn’s coming to Karachi and blessing the city with the meetings. Their messages included statements encouraging unity through their differences.

Marilyn shared a testimony regarding her Interpreter and his wife who, after eight years of marriage, had not yet conceived. Marilyn laid hands on them during her 2003 meeting in Lahore and later they had a baby boy. The boy was at the reception and presented Marilyn with a bouquet of flowers. Another women shared her testimony that, during a previous trip, Marilyn prayed for her and her husband to have children and nine months later they had a child.

Marilyn shared on Jesus’ desire to heal people in Pakistan. She told how she has witnessed His healing powers in other countries like Sudan and Morocco. She asked the audience if they knew why she had come to Karachi. “Because Jesus wants to heal them too. “

The following are prayers for specific problems and how many stood to receive their healing.

Prayed for the broken hearted–20 stood

Prayed for those with problems with feet, ankles knees legs—15 stood

Testimonies of Healings:
Man with pain for more than year in now pain free.

Religious leader who had had pain in his knees is now pain free.

Lady in pain and unable to walk due to accident is pain free and can now walk.

Lady with left leg pain is now pain free.

Marilyn and her team are very excited for the upcoming healing meetings. Check back for more exciting updates.

Marilyn’s Celebrated Arrival in Pakistan
January 19, 2012

Marilyn arrived to find a lovely celebration in her honor.

There were six television stations there to capture her arrival. There was also a band (see them among the TV cameras?)

She was presented with traditional flowers and gifts.

Miraculous Trip to Pakistan
January 17, 2012

Marilyn is in Pakistan preparing for tremendous healing meetings and divine connections with the lovely people of the country.

She arrived safely over the weekend and was greeted with a large welcome with traditional Pakistani flowers and a band. Six secular television stations were at the airport to report on her arrival. She gave interviews which were broadcast on the evening news.

Marilyn will host 3 healing meetings over 3 nights as well as hold a Ministry Training School for local pastors and church leaders.

This is Marilyn’s 6th trip to Pakistan and we believe it will be the most successful—with thousands of people healed.

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Turkey 2011

Turkey 2011

A Glorious End to a Wonderful Trip
November 7, 2011

The day started with a Celebration breakfast, and such a joyous one, at that!

The travelers shared testimonies of what they and the staff experienced. One example: Ed and Stephen (staff) were stationed at the front of the stage, ready to take testimonies of those who were healed, but on several occasions, could not immediately do so because coming forward were people who only spoke Farsi (from Iran), Russian, French, Korean, etc. Istanbul is a very international city so getting interpreters for all the languages was quite a delightful challenge to have!

The first tour was a cruise on the Bosphorus strait. The weather cooperated wonderfully, and the travelers learned a lot about the culture and city of Istanbul along the way.

The Healing Meeting started with anointed praise and when Marilyn was introduced, she again started right in on building the faith of the crowd of over 350 people. She showed the Sudan International Ministry Update and also allowed travelers to share their testimonies of being healed.

The first testified of being bedridden for 5 years with Lyme’s disease, in constant pain, during which time her husband took all her money, left her and she lost her will to live, and how God has gloriously restored and is still restoring her.

The second testified of how her husband almost lost his leg in an accident, and when in the hospital it was discovered that he needed a quadruple bypass, and so that needed immediate attention and the leg could not be saved. But then, when she touched his leg and in faith commanded its healing, and the color returned and it did not have to be amputated.

The third testified of when his back was gloriously healed after being injured.

Then Marilyn called for people who have hand and wrist problems. About 30 stood and about 10 came up to testify that they were healed. She also called for healing in ears, and several stood, and one came up and testified of her healing. Pastor Corey tested her by having her cover her good ear and whispered in her healed ear, and she could hear perfectly!

Then Marilyn called for salvations, and 5 stood and prayed the sinner’s prayer. Then she called for Holy Spirit baptisms.

The Travelers will travel home full of faith in God’s unfailing love and provision for his people!

An Anointed Healing Meeting
November 5, 2011

Day 6 started with breakfast, prayer, and praise and worship. Marilyn anointed the hands of all the travelers in preparation for the upcoming healing meeting.

After a full day of touring, the travelers attended the healing meeting at a nearby hotel’s ballroom. When Marilyn got up to speak, she said this meeting was a dream come true. She shared with those in attendance the Pakistan International Ministry Update and told of the testimonies of healings, building the faith of the crowd. Some of the travelers shared their own healing testimonies.

She spoke from the Word about more healing testimonies emphasizing that we all need speak our faith and our faith needs action.

The healing meeting was Holy Spirit anointed. There were several hundred in attendance including the travelers, church members and invited guests.

Marilyn called out specific problems for healing: for backs, about 60 people stood for healing and several came forward to testify; for growths, tumors and breathing problems over 20 people stood and several went forward to testify of their healing. Then Marilyn called for healings of any kind and almost the whole room stood!

At the end of the meeting, several came forward for salvation and about 30 came forward for baptism in the Holy Spirit!

The travelers were amazed and in awe of how God used them and their hands to touch those in attendance. Everyone is very excited about what tomorrow’s meeting will bring.

Interesting fact—Istanbul is famous for being the only city situated on two continents, Asia and Europe (separated by the Bosphorus Strait), but a little known fact is that there is another city, also in Turkey, that can also claim this distinction. More on this tid-bit later.

November 4, 2011

The day started with the Celebration Breakfast which included wonderful praise and worship and viewing some exciting and inspirations International Ministry Updates. Marilyn also gave the travelers and update on the E21 conference in Indonesia that she spoke at right before arriving in Turkey.

Marilyn talked about living in the miraculous and expounded on the story of
the widow in 2 Kings 5 who experienced a miracle through Elijah with the
filling of the oil jars. The travelers responded graciously and generously.

After checking out of their hotel they made the short flight to Istanbul, had
dinner and settled into one of the three stunning Hilton hotels
in Istanbul. The travelers’ hotel is right on the Bosphorus Strait, offering a breathtaking view of the Strait.

Everyone is very excited about all they are experiencing and look forward to the coming Healing Meeting.

Thank you for your continued prayer’s and support which make these great trips possible.

The Fascinating Sites of Turkey
November 1, 2011

Because this is our last day in Kusadasi, the travelers had an early wake-up call, quick breakfast then boarded the buses for a tour of Pergamum.

Once there, they went as high as they could on the bus, then boarded gondolas to the Acropolis (high city) where they saw the ruins of the theater, library, church and more.

They then moved on to the ruins of Asclepion, the Pergamum hospital that was built outside the city because the city government didn’t want to be around sick people.

After a delicious lunch, they moved on to tour Thyatira. The Thyatira ruins are enclosed within one city block of the modern city called Akhisar and so they only stopped briefly to take a few pics and off to the airport.

After a short flight, we landed in Kayseri. Its ancient name is Caesarea and Kayseri is its modern name. Cappadocia is the region surrounding this city, so Cappadocia is not an actual city.

After the flight is was on to the hotel and some much needed rest.

Turkey 2011-A Sweet Spirit of Love Enveloped Day #3
November 1, 2011

The day started out beautifully with breakfast, prayer, showing the 2010 Albania and 2007 Sudan International Ministry Updates and anointing of hands for tonight’s healing meeting. What a sweet presence of the Lord surrounded us!

Today the Group visited Ephesus and walked around the agora, or meeting center of the city. We took our group picture in front of the spectacular ruins of the Ephesus library, and walked a bit further outside the city, to the site of the church of St. Mary. There Marilyn gave an overview of Revelation and showed how each church symbolized the different ages that believers have gone through, are going through, as well as what believers will go through.

After that tour and lunch they toured a rug factory, and then returned to the hotel for dinner and then the Healing meeting.

The church where the Healing Meeting was held was small—seats only about 150. It was about half travelers, one quarter church members and one quarter unsaved guests—mostly Muslims. With everyone in attendance, the room overflowed into the foyer.

There was a sweet spirit in the church when they worshiped, and you could sense the love in the room among the crowd. Marilyn ministered on healing, explaining the stories of the lame man at the pool of Bethesda, and other healing testimonies. She called for healings of backs, deaf ears to hear, salvations, Holy Spirit baptisms, and more.

Many were healed and filled with the spirit. There were a few salvations. The overwhelming theme of the evening seemed to be love, though. Love tore down any perceived barriers between religions and nationalities.

The travelers left the church overwhelmed by how the Lord ‘showed up and showed off’.

Thank you for your continued prayers. Marilyn, Sarah and the travelers are strengthens and blessed by your intercessory partnership of this trip.

A Full and Exciting Day 2
October 31, 2011

The group got an early start today with breakfast, praise and worship and prayer points. Sarah talked about Saving Moses and the progress and impact it is making with under 5 global missions.

Their first stop was Laodicea, where Sarah read the Revelation passage about the city, and talked about lukewarmness and keeping our passion for Jesus alive.

The guide expounded a bit on the lukewarmness of Laodicea: geographically, on one end of the Lykus River sits Hieropolis, which has hot springs. On the other end of that river sits Colossae which has cold springs. Laodacea is in the middle, and the water there is literally lukewarm. There is also a reference in that same scripture about eye salve, and the guide said that the Laodicians made lots of money on the eye salve they produced.

They stopped for lunch then went on to Philadelphia, where Sarah gave a brief teaching.

Then to Sardis, where the guide explained that it used to be called something like “Safarda”, which was where “Sephardic” Jews originated. On this site, they visited the ruins of the oldest synagogue ever found in Turkey to date. Sarah also read the Revelation passage on Sardis to the travelers. Our guide says the problem Turkey has with the Jews is between the governments, not the people. Jews live in Turkey undisturbed and Jewish tourists come to visit often.

On the way back to the hotel, they drove through Smyrna.

All along the long drive, they saw the local agriculture – lots of olives, figs, grapes, pomegranates, tangerines and a variety of other vegetables that grow in Turkey; Turkey is a very fertile region of the world.

The travelers seemed to enjoy this day very much!

Thank you for your continued prayers—especially leading up to the healing meetings!

Off To A Great Start–Turkey 2011
October 30, 2011

All of the 62 travelers and 6 staff made it to Turkey with NO lost luggage, and they are greatly anticipating what the Lord will do with them there!

The group is already getting along beautifully—their individual personalities are complimenting each other nicely.

After everyone was somewhat rested and refreshed from the long flights, they had their first meal (dinner) together, and Sarah spoke to the group, inspiring them to love one another and really endeavor to make this a spiritual trip. Better words of encouragement couldn’t have been spoken, and the group soaked up every word.

The surroundings there in Kusadasi are quite breathtaking: our hotel is built on the side of a cliff, with a safe lagoon for
swimming, as well as a large, spectacular outdoor pool on the side facing the sea.

At least one of the travelers who got here a few days early has already been spotted diving off the cliffs into the lagoon. He said the clear, aquamarine colored water was quite warm after the initial chill.

A handful of people who come on just about all of the trips, come early, not only to relax, get acclimated and prepared for what God has in store, but to earnestly seek His face and pray through whatever darkness is lurking to try to foil what God has planned for the trip. The spiritual warfare in the heavenlies that is waged for these trips is so appreciated. The
prayers from you at home are equally appreciated—THANK YOU. The results are quite often tangible, so necessary, and appreciated to no end. Please do continue to keep the group in prayer. It’s what makes these trips so successful.

Please pray in particular about the upcoming Healing meeting planned for Monday in the only Christian church in Kusadasi; that it takes place without any hiccups, that everyone who needs to be there will attend, that God gloriously shows up and off, and that this lovely city will never be the same!

Today will be a long one – the group will be going to the sites of 4 of the seven churches: Laodicea, Sardis, Smyrna and
Philadelphia, not necessarily in that order. Sarah will teach on site. Please pray for strength for everyone in their bodies, in Jesus’ Name!

Explore Turkey’s Treasures
October 29, 2011

Marilyn, Sarah and there team of 62 travelers are on their way to Turkey to experience a wonderful nine day adventure in this lovely country. Turkey is one of the oldest continuously inhabited regions in the world and has so much to experience: breathtaking natural beauty, unique historical and archaeological sites and an abundance of warm hospitality.

The group will be…

  • touring biblically significant cities of Izmir, Kusadasi, Cappadocia and Istanbul.
  • experiencing anointed teaching from the book of Revelations
  • visiting the seven churches of the book of Revelation
  • ministering opportunities in Kusadasi and Istanbul.

Watch for exciting updates from this spectacular adventure.

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China 2011

China 2011

Ministry Time in Hong Kong
July 19, 2011

While in Hong Kong Marilyn and Sarah both ministered at pastors conference sanctioned by the Chinese government. At the conference Marilyn spoke on Generational Blessings and Sarah spoke about Mary and Martha. Pastors from three self churches and from underground churches were all at this conference.

On the first day of the conference, the travelers prayed over the pastors for healing and their individual ministries. The conference organizers had the five separate rooms set up according to different ailments the pastors wanted prayer for. This system worked great. When the pastors came in the travelers know exactly what they needed prayer for. This was a a big help since they didn’t have individual interpreters. Many people were healed! The Holy Spirit did wonderful things in each pastor’s life.

One of the travelers summed up the trip with one word–JOY! It was a celebration from start to finish!

Thank you for your prayers!

More thoughts from Sarah…
July 7, 2011

While in Hong Kong I had an amazing experience – the kind that takes my breath away and pause in awestruck wonder at Gods indescribable work in our lives. I had the profound honor of getting to minister to well over 1,000 Christian leaders from all over China. For me, this honor is particularly meaningful because of having China in my heart for more than 20 years. I started coming to China as a teenager and fell in love with the people from my 1st trip. So this moment was extremely powerful – getting to minister about loving Jesus to these fantastic leaders.

Added onto this, I had some absolutely amazing fellowship with some of the highest caliber of people that I’ve ever met. As I look back, I cannot help but see God’s hand guiding and providing for me. He gives me exactly what I need, when I need it. With this confidence and assurance, it helps me know that I can trust Him to richly supply for my needs. In my better moments, I know that God is beyond good to me and today is one of those better moments (even though I miss my family LOTS). So I will remember this Independence Day especially well – for God’s astounding goodness and love to me.

Time for Ministry
July 7, 2011

The day started with wonderful praise and worship, along with powerful prayer and continued great teaching on wisdom by Marilyn.

The travelers then toured Victoria Peak, where they were able to view all of Hong Kong from there. Hong Kong’s skyline is dramatic and beautiful. Then on to some shopping and then back to the hotel to freshen up and head out to the Revival Conference (RC).

The RC was held in the local YMCA grounds. It was a perfect setting – the buildings were all painted with designs and scenery, so the complex was quite colorful.

We first went through an orientation that was informative and really gave us insight as to how organized the Chinese people are.

The main event on this day was praying for the pastors and leaders who attended, so we were asked to split up the travelers to pray for specific needs: one hall was dedicated to organs, the second was for orthopedic, the third was for head trauma, the fourth for chronic illness, and the fifth hall was for maternity issues.

For about an hour and a half the group positioned themselves in the halls and the pastors and leaders were brought in and lined up, in a very orderly fashion, and were prayed for by the travelers.
Once everyone was prayed for, we all went to the dining hall for a meal.

Then into the main hall, which has a capacity of over a thousand seats, for the evening meeting, in which Sarah and Marilyn preached. Sarah taught on generational blessings, and Marilyn taught on generational curses.

The day was full and rich, and our travelers were so excited about the mionistry they were blessed to be a part of, and llooking forward to what tomorrow will bring.

Some thoughts from Sarah about Hong Kong
July 7, 2011

Sunday morning I landed and met up with our group of almost 70 travelers and mom and we had the tremendous honor of getting to minister at an amazing pastors and leaders conference. I was extremely excited to be there for lots if different reasons.

To begin, I’ve been coming to Hong Kong for more than 20 years and ministering in many different ways and settings, but this was my first time to minister with mom at a leaders conference. Furthermore, the people who ministered with us are total legends and heroes in the faith – people I’ve looked up to for years and decades. Additionally, I am forever astounded by Hong Kong, the people, history and development.

Presently, Hong Kong is considered to be a SAR (special administrative region) for China. Before 1997, it was under British rule but it has since been absorbed under the control of the PRC (People’s Republic of China). There have been many changes here since I first started coming to Hong Kong in the late 80s.

Last but not least, Hong Kong is an extremely beautiful city – here’s a picture from Victoria’s Peak.

Happy Birthday, Marilyn!
July 3, 2011

The morning started with a big birthday surprise for Marilyn with balloons and the staff and travelers singing Happy Birthday to her.

Other highlights of that morning: video clips of beloved and popular church leaders such as Dodie Osteen, Brian Houston, TD Jakes, Mark Rutland, the Lambs of Daystar, Creflo Dollar, Kenneth Copeland, Jerry Savelle and more wishing her their happy birthday greetings.

Gifts of a beautiful silk blouse, a 24 hour prayer commitment list, a selection of travelers who shared what Marilyn has meant to them through the years, a worship song dedicated to her and more made for a heartfelt morning. Marilyn was deeply touched!

Then off to the tours of the days the first being theTemple of Heaven in southern Beijing, which was constructed, renovated and rebuilt during the Ming and Qing dynasties. This was the place where the various emperors of those two dynasties would worship their god of heaven and pray for a good harvest. This is the largest architectural complex in the world built for worship. I’m finding that Beijing has a lot of ”largest” this and that’s.

Then we visited the panda pavilion at the Beijing Zoo, and learned that pandas mostlysleep and eat. One of the ones we saw was sleeping, and one was sprawled out in a tree eating!

Then we did the Hutong (alley, courtyard) tour. The Hutong is the traditional living quarters of the Beijing population that has an over 600 year history, and it’s quite a popular attraction for tourists. We traversed this area via rickshaws, bicycles that pull a buggy that seats 2 people. The 15 min ride ended in visiting one of the resident’s houses and him and his wife explaining through an interpreter what their daily lives were like. The weather cooperated and the travelers loved it!

Then a visit to Olympic park, two structures built for the 2008 Olympics inBeijing, where we saw the “Bird’s nest” and the “Water Cube” where the events took place.

In between tours, we visited the Beijing Silk Factory, where the travelers had a chance to look at the process of making silk (different cocoon stages, etc.) and buy silk to their heart’s content.

Then back to hotel to prepare for the travel day to Hong Kong.

Great Teaching, Great Wall and More!
July 3, 2011

Today we had fantastic prayer, praise and worship, and continued teaching by Marilyn on wisdom. The travelers have been so hungry for the word of God through Marilyn, and are feasting on every word.

The first stop was a section of the Great Wall of China. The Great Wall was built 2000 years ago and rebuilt several times by around 7 or 8 dynasties, the destruction and rebuilding spanning over 1000 years. The idea was for protection against invasion by the Mongolian minorities inhabiting the northern border.

The travelers then proceeded to the Ming tombs, built 600 years ago from the year 1409 to 1419, to view the tomb for most successful among the 16 emperors in that dynasty, which spanned from 1368 to 1644. This tomb is both the largest and the best preserved among the 13 tombs of that area of China.

In between tours, the travelers visited a jade factory, where you see how they carve the jade and how to distinguish between real and fake jade. Jade has been the most popular stone for over 3000 years, because according to popular beliefs, it brings good health and luck.

Then back to the hotel for dinner and the travelers are all excited about celebrating Marilyn’s 80th in the morning!

Experiencing the Wonders and Beauty of China
June 30, 2011

This day started with a great time of prayer, worship, and tours to the Summer Palace, the Forbidden City, and Tiananmen square, with a stop along the way at the Freshwater Pearl Factory where the group got to not only see the process that creates the various quality of pearls, but got to fish for oysters, crack them open, and see if they yielded pearls which they were able to keep for themselves.

Here is some interesting information about the places we are seeing.

The Summer Palace was built by the most powerful woman in Chinese history, Cixi (pronounced similar to Suzie) aka the Dragon Lady. She lived from 1835 to 1908, and for the last 48 years, she was the Empress Dowager, very powerful. The Summer Palace inhabits 700 acres, including 3 artificial lakes and 2 artificial mountains. It was built to serve as a summer resort for the Dragon Lady. Within this complex, we saw the longest painted corridor in the world (according to the Guinness Book of World Records) full of detailed paintings depicting China’s beauty, history, etc.

The Forbidden City includes palaces for the Ming and Qing dynasties. Twenty four Emperors lived there continuously for over 500 years. This complex inhabits about 200 acres with 9,999 rooms in it. The reason it’s not 10,000 rooms because the Taoists believe there are 10,000 rooms in heaven and out of respect, did not equal this number.

Tiananmen Square is largest city center square in the world, and also the largest concrete square in the world. It is considered the political center of China, geographic center of Beijing, and the emotional center of the Chinese people. Oct 1, 1949, Chairman Mao proclaimed China as the People’s Republic of China, or the birthplace of “new” China. The Parliament, Chinese Red House (like our white house), Chinese CIA, Mao’s mausoleum, and much more are here. In 1989, a group of students backed by some political figures protested the government policies and sacrificed their lives there, which made that square popular in the US. However, nothing changed as a result of their protest.

The trip is going great. Thank you for your continued prayers.

China 2011 – The Adventure Begins
June 28, 2011

The travelers arrived late in the afternoon, all abuzz with excitement about the trip. Our group consists of 67 people while in Beijing, and 68 people when we arrive in Hong Kong. We have two New Zealanders and one Canadian, originally from Romania. It was a short day, with a couple hours to refresh from the trip, eat a scrumptious Chinese dinner at the hotel, and then all retired to our rooms. Wednesday we will tour the Summer Palace of a Chinese emperor, and the Forbidden City.

Thank you for your prayers. We look forward to all God has planned for this amazing trip.

We’re On Our Way, China!
June 27, 2011

The China Ministry trip team is on it’s way! We will be posting the exciting updates from the team as they come in. Check back here often to hear what’s happening. Please continue to pray for divine wisdom and great favor everywhere the team travels.

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Israel 2010 – Bethlehem Christmas Tour

Israel 2010 – Bethlehem Christmas Tour

Trip Recap-Bethlehem 2010
February 7, 2011

A first of its kind for Marilyn Hickey Ministries—the Christmas in Bethlehem trip was amazing, packed with great teaching, anointed ministry and blessed fellowship.

Our group of 35 travelers hit the ground running. Their first stop being was City Hall to hear a welcome address from the Mayor of Bethlehem. He was very touched that Marilyn and our group chose to visit and stay in Bethlehem. Our time with him ended with Marilyn presenting a donation of $5,000 for the Christmas Eve Manger Square event and prayer for him and this significant city.

Before the Christmas Eve service at Manger Square, some of the travelers were interviewed by a crew from the NBC Today Show. Over 90,000 people from all over the world, from all walks of faith, visited manger square on Christmas Eve. Marilyn taught on Hope for the Future, Finances, and Family, showing Jesus is our rope to Heaven. Shortly into her message, Marilyn had to stop as the Muslim call for prayer began and drowned her out. She waited graciously for its completions and said, “I’m used to this from being in all these different Muslim countries. I just love Muslims and Muslims just love me!” She ended by calling everyone to repent and invite Jesus into their heart. All over the crowd people prayed the sinners’ prayer. It was amazing with international press everywhere.

After speaking at Manger Square, Marilyn had the honor of having dinner with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas.

On the morning of the healing meeting, Marilyn anointed the hands of each traveler telling them to have confidence and let God move through them. The facility would hold 800 people and every seat was taken. After powerful praise and worship, Marilyn taught on John 5 about the man healed in the pools of Bethesda.

During the time of healing many were healed from back, hearing, foot and emotional problems. In total over 500 people stood for some kind of healing in their body. Approximately 300 people responded to the Salvation message and 200 stood for a deeper walk with the Lord.

Our Christmas in Bethlehem 2010 ministry trip was a special, once-in-a-lifetime experience. Thank you, friends and partners, for your continued prayers and support.

Update 9: Last Stop-Jerusalem

December 27, 2010

On our last morning in Bethlehem, we had our Celebration Breakfast. We had a great time listening to testimony after testimony from travelers about how God touched the lives of the people who were attending the healing meeting last night. Some of the travelers witnessed to the fact that they felt even more ministered to than those they were praying for! Then we checked out of the Bethlehem hotel, saying goodbye to the wonderful people we met, and were off to experience our last border checkpoint.

Here is a brief explanation of how the border check points here work: every time we leave a Palestinian controlled area and go into an Israeli area and visa versa, we must cross a border control area with high, thick walls separating the two cultures. There are guard inspections, which may or may not be a quick process. Thankfully, all of our checkpoint experiences were routine.

Then we proceeded to Jerusalem, only about 10 – 15 minutes from Bethlehem. First, we toured around the old city while our guide talked about the significance of the gates and the areas surrounding the old city.

Then we entered one of the gates, visited the Cardo (ancient road built by the Romans during their conquest), the Western (Wailing) wall, the Southern steps, which are the original steps built by King Herod leading to the temple that existed during his time.

We then visited the Temple Mount, where the Dome of the Rock and the Al Aqsa mosques stand (in the same area that the Temple of Jesus’ time stood) for a look around, trying to visualize how Jesus will split the Mt of Olives in two and walk through the Eastern Gate which sits directly below this area.

Then, after a bite to eat, we proceeded to the Garden tomb area where you can view the hill of Golgotha, or skull, and see where many believe our Lord was crucified. From there we proceeded to Garden area where an ancient tomb lies which many believe was Joseph of Aramathea’s and the very one used to entomb Jesus after His suffering. Inscribed on the door leading to the tomb are the heart-leaping words: “He is not here, He is risen.”

After a time of communion, teaching by Marilyn on communion, and being led in worship by Shirley, we left and drove to our hotel in Jerusalem.

We had a lovely plated dinner for our Farewell dinner, an elegant change from our usual tasty buffets, and shared more life testimonies. It was then time for bed for a very short time and a very early rise the next day to head home.

Thank you again for all your prayers. This has been an amazing and anointed trip for everyone.

Update 8: An Awesome Healing Meeting

December 26, 2010

The facility for our healing meeting held approximately 800 people and it filled up fast. Shirley Wilkins, the powerfully anointed praise and worship leader who has ministered in song on virtually every MHM trip for the past several years, ministered Psalm 121 – my help cometh from the Lord. An appropriate song that helped set the stage for God’s move yet to come. We found out right before the meeting that a number of people from the Gaza strip got special permits to attend this event!
Marilyn started the meeting by showing the 2003 Lahore, Pakistan IMU to the crowd, and that certainly built some excitement and raised the level of expectation for what the evening would hold for the attendees.

The teaching was on John 5 where the man was healed at the pools of Bethesda. Marilyn then went straight into calling for various healings. First, for women who wanted children. About a dozen stood for healing to receive this. Then backs and spines: about 75 stood and about 55 came forward to testify of their healing. Next was hearing problems, and 10 people stood to receive healing for this. Then foot problems – about 50 stood for this. Then she called for people who needed healing anywhere in their body or mind, about 500 stood, all over the hall!

Then Marilyn talked salvation and shared her testimony of her prayer at 16 years of age to ask that the Lord would come into her heart, a prayer that still is alive in her heart to this day – oh how beautiful to see about 300 respond to this call! Then, since the hosts weren’t open to a call for Holy Spirit baptism, she called for those who wanted a deeper walk with the Lord, and about 200 stood! We had two pastors from France in our group, and along with a few of the travelers they led the people to another area where they could pray freely and rejoice as many received this precious gift.

A very significant thing happened as many people testified to their healing: the healed included a woman from England, many from Bethlehem, some from Jerusalem, Gaza, and Ramallah! You know that these testimonies will reach far and wide, and we’re convinced Gaza will soon swing wide their doors to Marilyn hosting a Healing meeting there, too!

After the meeting, we all had dinner among the people, and were so blessed to have been able to break bread with them and share in their lives for this brief time.

This has been an amazing trip–shorter than most but packed with great teaching, anointed ministry, and blessed fellowship. Thank you for praying!

Update 7: On to Jericho

December 26, 2010

This morning after breakfast Marilyn and the travelers prayed for all the Partner prayer requests that came in from all over the world. Then Marilyn anointed the hands of all the travelers in anticipation of tonight’s Healing meeting, stressing to have all confidence in God working through them, and not in their own abilities.

We then embarked on our drive to Jericho, another Palestinian controlled city with important biblical significance. It is in this area that the stories of Zacchaeus who climbed the tree to see Jesus, the mount of temptation where Jesus was tempted and withstood Satan, and where Rahab helped the spies and in turn her family was spared when her city was destroyed by war, all took place.

Once in Jericho, Marilyn taught on the importance of the Word – memorizing it, speaking it, and doing it.

We then proceeded to the Qumran caves, where the ancient Dead Sea scrolls were found. The travelers did some shopping then proceeded to the Dead Sea. Those who wanted to dipped their feet into the black muddy shoreline and then into the sea. The sea is the lowest place on earth–salty and dead, but also healing!

Everyone is eagerly anticipating the healing meeting to take place tonight.

I will email again and finish the events of today in a separate email after our healing meeting. This has been a short, yet powerful and impressive trip!

Update 6: More from Christmas Day

December 25, 2010

After passing the Bethlehem border, we drove to the Mount of Olives where Jesus will return one day, splitting the mountain in two. Marilyn taught on baskets – Paul, the fish and loaves, the man lowered by his friends- and shared a personal testimony of the value of holding on to baskets and not giving up. The travelers prayed for each other to hold on in faith to the promises relating to our baskets. Excellent teaching, and everyone was so excited!

We then went down the “Palm Sunday Walk” to the garden of Gethsemane where we saw the 8 last remaining olive trees that have grown up from shoots of trees that existed during Jesus’ time, so these trees are more than 2000 years old! The church built on that site is called Church of All Nations, aka the church of Agony, since this is the area where Jesus sweat drops of blood and was arrested.

From there, we drove by the old city walls, viewing the southern steps, which existed during Jesus’ time. Then we had lunch at one of the few restaurants open during Shabbat (Sabbath).

Then we when to the shrine of the book which houses the dead sea scrolls, ancient manuscripts discovered in caves in the desert.

Back to hotel, and then to dinner where we honored the 3 travelers born on Dec 23rd and 25th with the happy birthday song, and had a little gift waiting for each of our travelers. Marilyn taught on hope – such vital teaching! We ended with a beautiful song by our praise and worship leader, Shirley, and then we all retired to peaceful sleep.

Thank you for your continued prayers.

Update 5: Marilyn Teaches at the Mt. of Olives

December 25, 2010

On Christmas day, Marilyn and the Travelers toured many historic sites included the Mt. of Olives. Marilyn took advantage of the opportunity to teach at this inspirational and anointed location.

Update 4: Manger Square

December 25, 2010

Before the Christmas Eve service at Manger Square, some of the travelers were interviewed by a crew from the NBC Today show.

Update 3: Marilyn Speaks at Manger Square

December 25, 2010

God used Marilyn in a wonderful way tonight. The crowd at Manger Square was estimated over 15,000-20,000 people with Muslims, Christians – Catholic, Orthodox, liberals, atheist, etc…many of them young people. Shirley Wilkins, our praise and worship leader, sang “Mary Did You Know” and the crowd loved it. Marilyn followed with 20 min teaching on Hope. At the beginning of her teaching the Muslim Call For Prayer started and drowned her out. She had to stand there until it finished. Without missing a beat she came out of it and said, “I’m used to this from being in all these different Muslim countries” (and you know what came next)…”I just love Muslims and Muslims just love me!” Then the crowd burst into cheers and they instantly loved her.

She taught on Hope for Future, Finances and Family showing Jesus is our rope to heaven. She ended in calling for everyone to repent and invite Jesus in their hearts. All over the crowd, people prayed the sinners prayer, raised their hands… was really amazing, with International Press everywhere. Two of our travelers were interviewed by NBC’s Today Show and NBC too group photo of our travelers.

Following the platform Marilyn and Stephen attended a dinner for leaders and press, with Palestinian President Abbas which was hosted by Bethlehem’s Church of the Nativity. Following this, Marilyn hosted a dinner back at the hotel with the travelers for a time of reflection and singing Christmas Carols til midnight. What an evening!

Thank you for praying!

Update 2: An Amazing Experience

December 25, 2010

On the morning of Christmas Eve, the travelers work up, had breakfast, prayer and praise and worship and were eager to start the day.

First stop was Maher’s shop in Bethlehem, which proved to be one-stop shopping, as his shop had everything from olive wood nuts to holy bolts. The travelers ALWAYS love to shop! Maher, by the way, is the tour director here on the Bethlehem side. We have another tour director on the Israel side. Because of politics, our Israeli tour director is not allowed inside Bethlehem, and so we are working with two-a very unusual situation-but God is good and it’s all working out fine.

We have also had to contend with the unusual situation of police checkpoints in various places because of the whole Israel/Palestine issue. This trip has been an eye opener as to daily life and feelings on Palestinian side.

After shopping, we all went to Shepherd’s Field to one of three cave areas where the shepherds of old Announced the good news of His arrival (Luke 2).

The the group went to the Church of the Nativity, where a catholic church is built around the accepted site of of Jesus birth.

After that, back to hotel to freshen up and return to Manger Square.

We eager anticipate how God will use Marilyn to speak to the thousands expected to attend the Christmas Eve service at Manger Square.

Update 1: from Bethlehem

December 25, 2010

All of the travelers made it to Bethlehem with no lost luggage, and greatly anticipating what the Lord will do in their lives and in the lives of the people of the Holy Land during this brief trip.
Our group consists of 35 travelers, two from France, one from Honduras, one from the Virgin Islands, one from Trinidad and Tobago, and the rest from various states in the USA.
On this first day, we ‘hit the ground running’ and soon after the two flight groups landed, we made our way to City Hall in the center of Bethlehem, to hear a welcome address by the mayor of Bethlehem specifically to our group.
Many thousands upon thousands of groups visit Bethlehem, especially in this season, but not many groups actually stay here, so our trip is not only special for us, but for the people of Bethlehem.

The mayor warmly greeted our travelers, gave a brief history of Bethlehem, and seemed very touched by our interest in his bustling city. The time ended with Marilyn (along with Ex. Dir. of Global Ministries at MHM, Stephen Kiser) presenting a donation of $5,000 to the mayor towards the major Christmas Eve Manger Square event which will host thousands of attendees, including our group. Marilyn and the travels took this opportunity to pray over the Mayor and his city. It was powerful!
After his address, we headed back to the hotel to have dinner, orientation, and rest up for our busy day ahead.

Merry Christmas from Marilyn and the travelers!

Christmas in Bethlehem

December 21, 2010

Marilyn and her team of holiday travelers are excited to embark on their trip to Bethlehem.

Please pray for safe and peaceful travel, good health and God appointed encounters as they make their way to this Holy place.

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Costa Rica 2010

Costa Rica 2010

Testimony and Miracles from Costa Rica

March 9, 2010
Marilyn and Sarah, I can’t tell you what breakthrough God did in me through the mentoring trip to Costa Rica…

I was so glad Sarah taught on fear that first night at the church, as all this was so new for me (laying hands on the sick and praying for them) that inside I felt like running! But I couldn’t!! I couldn’t run from what Jesus had for me (and for others). And I knew in my heart I needed to trust Him and obey Him. The Holy Spirit was so gentle with me, even though I knew I didn’t do everything right.

The first night, the lady I prayed for received healing but I didn’t know that until the following day when she went forward, saying a black pebble came out of her ear at home and she could hear. All of a sudden I realized this was the lady I had prayed for and laid hands on the night before! God used this to strengthen my faith for me to witness a miracle.
Thank you Marilyn & Sarah for hosting such a powerful event…and changing lives in the process!

Sharing your heart in Costa Rica

March 3, 2010

Walking among the children in Costa Rica living outside a garbage dump, flying to the interior of the jungle to preach Jesus and donate food to impoverished villagers, or praying with young people who were crying out to God, we were thinking of YOU. And Sarah and I know that without your faithful support we could not do the things God has called us to do.

It was humbling to see the children smiling even without clean water, milk or nutritious food, not even shoes on their feet. Seeing the need and the appreciation on their faces always reminds us why we go wherever God calls us. We know in every spot He has someone waiting to be touched, loved, and led to Jesus.

For example, the gentlemen we met in the village of Talamanca. A team member prayed with him and he accepted the Lord. God sent us via airplane, helicopter, and truck just to reach him! God will go to any lengths to send workers to rescue and deliver people and bring them into the Kingdom.

In the youth service, God gave Sarah a word for a young man in the audience. Later in the hall, Sarah ran into him and he shared his story. He had just been released from prison and was discouraged and considering walking away from God and the call on his life. He asked God to speak to him in an “obvious” way!

During one of our healing meetings, a young woman was instantly healed from terrible back pain; more than that, she gave her life to Jesus that night! Her sister had persuaded her to come, and God met her with a miracle. She was just one of the 2600 people in attendance, and many were healed physically and powerfully touched by God.

Everywhere we go, God has divine appointments waiting for us. He may send us on a boat, a train, a bus, or a helicopter—any way He can to get the Word to the people who need it most. Thank you for your faithful support that allows us to share His love for people in such personal ways. You share in the harvest from every life we touch and every soul brought into the kingdom.

Thank You to our hosts in Costa Rica

February 22, 2010

Mom and I and our team would like to extend a special Thank You to Pastors Hugo and Ruth Solis of Centro Evangelisticoin San Jose, Costa Rica for opening their beautiful church campus to our Women’s Mentoring Exchange. Every service was filled with God’s presence, and we saw young people, men, women, and pastors overcome with the Spirit of God. Seeing the American and Costa Rican women joining together in worship, praying for one another, and ministering together was a tremendous display of God’s kingdom in action. Thank you all for praying! You helped make this a great event.

Such an amazing trip!
– Marilyn and Sarah

Sharing God’s Love in Costa Rica

February 3, 2010

Sarah and I are here in Costa Rica. While it’s a beautiful country, and a favorite vacation spot–we are here for a bigger purpose–an ETERNAL purpose!

You have sent us here to mentor and train women to impact the world for Christ, to equip pastors and leaders who are ready to see a stronger anointing of God in their ministries, and to hold citywide healing meetings in San Jose that are open to the public. Thousands of people will hear God’s Word and receive prayer for salvation and healing. Sarah and I and the team have high expectations–we know God is going to do something powerful through these events!

We will keep the updates coming as we can; our staff gets pretty busy on these trips! Sarah and the Saving Moses team visited an orphanage and were able to love on the precious children there. Those pics should be updated later today…

Keep praying–it’s only because of your support that we can be here and share God’s love in such a powerful way!

Costa Rica Prayer Points

January 5, 2010

Please help us by praying for our upcoming trip to Costa Rica. Here are some prayer points that Pastor Marilyn has asked us to pray for:

  1. Pray that the Team operates in the supernatural
  2. Pray that transformation occurs in every service
  3. Pray that God will call women into a fresh anointing while there
  4. Pray that the books that are translated will continue as missionaries after we leave.
  5. Pray that Costa Rica will continue in great revival 6. Pray that more people watch Enlace/TBN.

Thank you for all of your support!

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India Tour 2008

India Tour 2008

Simply Incredible India Group Tour!

Marilyn, seventy-seven travelers, and her staff just returned from an incredible journey through India. During our three healing meetings at Pastor Mohan’s New Life Assembly of God in Chennai, God poured out His miracle healing power again and again.

We ministered to over 75,000 through our outreaches in Chennai. At one of our healing meetings God healed:
• A young girl from an infection that caused deafness in both ears
• A young girl who could not speak or hear
• A woman suffering from 10 years of back pain due to a spinal cord injury

But this is only a sample of the many miracles God did in India. Hundreds responded to Marilyn’s prayer for salvation and Holy Spirit baptism during the healing meetings. So many people accepted Christ that they weren’t able to reach the platform!

At our Leadership Conference, 5,000 pastors and Christian leaders were anointed and prayed over by Marilyn and the travelers.

Marilyn and her team also visited three public schools in Chennai. Through Sarah’s worldchild outreach, we donated fire extinguishers and a water purification system to one school. We also gave students at each of the three schools their own backpacks and shoes. A 10-year-old boy wore a pair of shoes for the first time in his life.

Words can’t adequately describe all that we saw in India. This was a remarkable trip with awesome ministry and outreach. Thanks to all our friends and partners who prayed and supported this important outreach!

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Egypt Tour 2008

Egypt Tour 2008

Awesome Ministry In Egypt! Egypt Tour 2008

Largest Christian Event Ever Held In Cairo, Egypt!

The citywide healing meetings were the largest Christian events EVER held in Cairo! More than 9,000 people heard about the love and saving grace of Jesus Christ at the healing meetings…hundreds were healed, received salvation, and Holy Spirit baptism. 5,000 pastors and leaders attended the Leadership Conference—where everyone witnessed a modern day “loaves and fishes” miracle of multiplication, and 1,000 women came to the Women’s Conference.

Backed by the faithful support of partners and friends, and after many miracle breakthroughs, Marilyn, her ministry team, and 122 travelers arrived in Cairo with great expectations—and they weren’t disappointed. Since this was an Explore Egypt Group tour—it began with a cruise down the Nile River and visits to some of Egypt’s most impressive historical sites. The travelers got to see places like the Temple of Karnak, the Valley of the Kings, tombs of Pharaohs like King Tut, and the historical archeological site of Luxor. But this was not just another tourist cruise. It was a 4-day teaching cruise packed with dynamic insight on the Old Testament names of God and their significance today combined with powerful personal mentoring from Marilyn.

A Stop In Garbage City

Back in Cairo, Marilyn and the travelers walked among the 63,000 inhabitants of Garbage City who also serve as “garbage collectors” to the city of Cairo. Each day, they collect over 4,000 tons of garbage! They take the garbage back to their homes to sort through it and look for things that can be sold or recycled. This is how residents earn their living and survive daily. Marilyn and her group shared the love of God with them and prayed for the sick. Marilyn also ministered to the women of Garbage City during a Women’s Conference in the first Coptic church built in Garbage City.

The group also toured the impressive cave churches, which were literally carved out of a mountain and stand as a testimony to the over-coming faith and determination of a group of Christians committed to God—no matter the obstacle or the sacrifice. There are a total of 5 churches the largest of which can seat 20,000 people.

Meetings and Ministry In Cairo
Marilyn and her team hosted two citywide healing meetings in Cairo where over 9,000 attended. Upon her arrival at the first meeting, Marilyn was honored with a welcome gift normally presented only to presidents and other dignitaries.

With the help of an interpreter, Marilyn taught on the healing power of Jesus during the healing meetings and…each night, hundreds left their seats and flooded the stage to receive Christ and the baptism of the Holy Spirit.

Scores of major healings occurred: A woman who couldn’t bend over for 20 years because of a crooked spine was healed. A doctor in the audience came forward to confirm her healing…A 21-year old man, deaf in his right ear since birth, could hear again…A woman with lung cancer, scheduled for another round of chemo, could breath freely and felt no more pain in her chest …A man who was healed of a heart problem on the first night, joyfully came back the second night waiving the before and after reports from his doctor confirming his heart was healed…And before the trip even began, one of the travelers who had been confined to a wheelchair unable to walk was healed and on the tour, walking alongside Marilyn and the other travelers…with no wheelchair.

A “Loaves and Fishes” Miracle In Cairo
Marilyn’s call and anointing to minister to Christian leaders in the Muslim world was evident as 5,000 pastors and leaders came to hear sound Biblical teaching and encouragement on families, finances, and healing.

Marilyn, her ministry team and travelers prayed a blessing over each pastor and leader as they walked through a prayer tunnel. Each pastor was blessed with a gift copy of Names of God, When Only a Miracle Will Do, and Speak the Word, translated in to Arabic.

During the Leadership Conference, God did a ‘loaves and fishes” miracle. He literally multiplied the lunches bought to feed the pastors.

“We ordered and counted 3,500 lunches before we realized the crowd was approaching 5,000. We handed out all the lunches…then within minutes; the tables were filled again—with 1,200 MORE box lunches! Again we handed those out—and again returned to find 1,200 MORE box lunches—much to the amazement of the Egyptians helping us! We gave the extra lunches to the security guards, police, kids in the street, nearby homes, and the homeless. It was one of the most incredible miracles anyone has ever seen!” ~Marilyn

Exceeding All Expectations!
God’s presence filled the ships as we cruised the Nile, reached out to the people in Garbage City, and His power saturated the Pastors’ and Women’s Conferences, and miracle healing meetings.

Only God could give us such favor with the churches and people of Cairo. Thank you for standing faithfully alongside Marilyn Hickey Ministries as we continue to cover the earth with the Word. God is pouring out His Spirit around the world in unprecedented ways and Marilyn Hickey Ministries—through your prayers and financial support—is privileged to be part of this mighty move of God.

Your partnership makes ministry of this magnitude possible. Thank you! Together, we’re winning souls, touching lives, and changing nations…in Egypt and around the world.

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Ethiopia Tour 2008

Ethiopia Tour 2008

Impacting The Future of Ethiopia

This Trek Changed the Landscape AND Impacted the Future of Ethiopia!

Sarah Bowling and her Saving Moses Team partnered with Teen Mania Global Expeditions to share God’s love, power, and Word with adults and children in the Ethiopian capitol of Addis Ababa, the city of Gonder, and its surrounding villages.

The two teams traveled to Bridge to Israel in Ethiopia orphanage where they “lived” for a week. They spent precious time with the orphans and hosted a Vacation Bible School. worldchild also gave basic hygiene and school supplies to three different schools in the area.

While in Ethiopia, the teams saw first-hand the deplorable condition of the drinking water. Everyday 10,000 people die from illnesses contracted from impure water—most of the deaths are children under the age of five. To help with this devastating problem, the teams set up a temporary medical clinic in one of the schools where medical staff administered de-worming medication to 500 of the local children.

In the capital city of Addis Ababa, the teams brought in over 500 children from the surrounding areas to Pastor Eyob Mamo’s Impact Ethiopia Church where they helped serve the children and church staff a healthy meal and gave them a fun day away from their challenging circumstances.

The teams also had an opportunity to change the landscape and impact the future of this area by planting over 500 trees in a re-forestation project.

Five healing meetings were held at a local theater, the largest indoor venue in the area. Each meeting presented vibrant worship, powerful dramas, and anointed messages from Sarah. The teams joyfully prayed for hundreds of people and saw amazing healings at each service.

This was an awesome trip and tremendous work was done…check out this video recap of the Ethiopia Trek ’08 for the whole, amazing story.


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Marilyn Speaks in Woodbridge, Virginia – 2015

Marilyn Speaks in Woodbridge, Virginia – 2015

Recently, Marilyn had the honor of speaking at Victory Christian Ministries International in Woodbridge, VA on November 29, 2015.

Over 800 people attended the two Sunday morning services and were blessed by Marilyn’s anointed teaching on Tabernacle Prayer.

In Old Testament times, entering the tabernacle meant being in the presence of God. The promise of the tabernacle is that God’s presence is always with us. Today, it is a reminder to make tabernacling with God a way of life.

She prayed specifically for healing of shoulder, tumors and warts and over 30 people came forward for the altar call.

Thank you Victory Christian Ministries International for a wonderful weekend of ministry.

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Mexico Tour 2008

Miraculous Mentoring And Fellowship In Veracruz, Mexico!

The 2008 International Women’s Mentoring Exchange & Citywide Healing Meetings were awesome!

What a miraculous time of worship, mentoring, and fellowship we had!

The 2008 International Women’s Mentoring Exchange and Citywide Healing Meetings in Veracruz, Mexico brought 57 women from the United States and Canada together with 1,700 Mexican women for fellowship and ministry. They came expecting something BIG from God and weren’t disappointed! Five days of powerful mentoring and prayer turned into two nights of miracle healings! The momentous end result was an awesome display of God’s love and power in Mexico! Thousands of gospel tracts were passed out, 1,500 received the baptism of the Holy Spirit, and hundreds were healed and accepted Christ.

Miraculous Teaching and Mentoring Sessions
Marilyn selected the port city of Veracruz for this special exchange in keeping with her desire to minister in places not often visited by other Christian organizations. Unlike other tourist destinations in Mexico, Veracruz is a vacation favorite for local residents.

The first day of the conference, Marilyn drew from her decades of ministry experience to teach the women how to evangelize, pray effectively for the sick, minister in their spiritual gifts, and develop a heart for the nations.

At the end of the day, Marilyn prepared the women for the ministry that lay ahead by anointing their hands, imparting her three-fold anointing for the Word, healing, and the nations to each woman.

Marilyn’s trademark teaching Breaking Generational Curses was a huge hit with the women. It was complemented by the teaching from Pastor Blanca Castro from California and Pastor Indri from Indonesia.

Pastor Blanca Castro ministered on sexual and emotional abuse. God supernaturally poured His love into the women and the truth about their value and worth as women. They left encouraged, edified, and built up.

Pastor Indri discussed very practical issues like how to build a church, create Godly relationships, and develop leaders.

Marilyn also hosted a Pastors’ and Leaders’ Conference for 1,200 men and women. She taught on eight ways God heals the sick, and many received healing. Afterward, Marilyn and travelers formed a prayer tunnel and anointed each of the 1,200 leaders and pastors.

Two Nights of Outstanding Healing Meetings
The unique anointing that saturated the Mentoring Exchange was present to perform miracles as almost 3,000 people crowded Convenciones Cristiana Church for the evening healing meetings.

What followed was a mighty outpouring of God’s miracle healing power. Marilyn said, “It was like ‘popcorn healing’ was taking place. With each problem or infirmity I mentioned, whether it was backs, growths and tumors, whatever…people were popping out of their seats to testify of their healing.”

A woman saw a growth on her stomach disappear…
A man was healed and pain free after 20 years of shoulder pain…
A woman with one arm shorter than the other saw her arm grow 1 and ½ inches.
A woman’s back and spine were healed after five years of pain.
Another woman can now bend over without pain in her back.
A lady was healed of pain in her back, legs, and spine.
Another woman had a growth disappear from her breast.

After the meetings, people packed the altars, pressing in to receive prayer from the freshly-trained women who laid hands on the sick and prayed for their needs.

These miracles are just a sampling of the awesome wonders witnessed and experienced during the International Women’s Mentoring Exchange and Healing Meetings in Veracruz. The Mexicans’ deep passion for God had a profound impact on Marilyn and each woman present.

Mexico is showing the world that as people hunger for God…seek Him with their whole heart…and humble themselves before Him…entire nations can be changed by His transforming power!

On behalf of Marilyn Hickey Ministries, we’d like to thank you for helping bring God’s Word and healing power to Mexico.
Your prayers and financial support made the difference.


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Sudan Tour 2008

Salvations And Miracles: God’s Favor In Sudan – Sudan Tour

Sudan–Amazing! Miraculous! Beyond What Anyone Expected!

Marilyn had only words of praise to describe four extraordinary days of ministry in Sudan in early December. This was the first time ever that Christian meetings were held in a public stadium in this Muslim nation. And what a time it was!

10 Years Of Faith and Prayer
It had been ten years since Marilyn’s last visit to Sudan. “Getting back into the country was a miracle in and of itself,” Marilyn explained. This trip had been several years in the making—with delays and roadbloacks all the way. “We pushed and pressed for a long time,” Marilyn said. “But this was the right time.”

Consider this:
• 37,000 people attended the first night, 45,000 the second…54,000 the third…and over 60,000 the final night (with 10,000 to 15,000 more outside the stadium!)
• 1,800 participated in the pastors’ and leaders’ conference the first day…then 2,000…2,200…and finally 3,700
• nearly 40,000 salvations and Holy Spirit baptisms
• scores of major healing miracles
• many high-ranking government officials attended
• the audience was 60% to 70% new people every night

The local Sudanese pastors were organized and ready—with 1,000 volunteers, including intercessory prayer teams, special groups to pray for demon-possessed people, and 140 buses to bring people to and from the meetings.

Healings…and More Healings
“People came again this year who had been healed in our meetings 10 years ago,” Marilyn said—including one woman who had been deaf in both ears and now hears properly…and another woman who could not have a baby but who now has a 9-year-old daughter!

Miracles abounded as tumors shrunk and people with chronic pain experienced instantaneous healing. People born deaf received their hearing, blind eyes were opened, knees and backs were healed, and demon-oppressed people were set free.

“How could we lose, we were just saturated with prayer!” Marilyn remarked.

Marilyn Hickey Ministries THANKS YOU for praying and supporting this ministry so we can go to unreached places like Sudan and continue to “cover the earth with the Word.”




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Mediterranean Tour 2008

God Is On The Move In The Mediterranean

The Holy Spirit “Rains” in Spain

Recently, I took a team of 144 travelers to the Western Mediterranean for a trip that I knew would be epic in its scope and impact! Imagine touching five nations with the love and power of God! Our ministry team handed out 34,000 salvation tracts translated in French and Spanish. We saw thousands drawn to our gospel street dramas. Attendance at our citywide meetings in Barcelona tripled from four years ago. For the first time in the ministry’s history, two people born deaf were healed at our meetings!


Powerful Prayer, Praise, and Ministry
Marilyn and the team started each day with powerful prayer, praise and worship. A highlight of the cruise was Marilyn’s teaching from her book, Acts of the Holy Spirit. The team prayerwalked in Italy, France, Spain, Morocco, and Gibraltar…and our drama team of 30 people drew crowds of a thousand or more as they acted out events from the gospels on city streets. In Palma de Mallorca, Spain, Marilyn and a team delivered food to a shelter for the elderly and the homeless suffering with AIDS and HIV.


Everything Was Leading Up To Barcelona
After seven exciting days aboard ship, it was on to Barcelona for two days of healing meetings and a pastors’ and leaders’ conference. According to one traveler, “There was a real sense of purpose as the ship approached Barcelona—almost as if they were being carried or delivered there by the Holy Spirit.” Shortly before arriving in Barcelona, Marilyn anointed the hands of each traveler for miracles.


What A Time We Had In Barcelona
The first night 1,100 people packed the room. One hundred sixteen people came forward for salvation and 300 responded to receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit. Attendance for the second healing meeting grew to 1,400, with 70 people accepting Christ and 400 receiving Holy Spirit baptism.

Healings abounded as Marilyn prayed each night. Two people—deaf since birth—were healed! Countless eyes, backs, and shoulders were healed—and legs grew out! Eighty-one pastors and leaders attended the leadership conference—ushering in a new spirit of unity and cooperation among the pastors of Barcelona.


The Prophesy Came True
It had been prophesied that the Holy Spirit would “rain” on Spain during our trip. From Genoa…to Barcelona…aboard the cruise ship…during the street dramas…while passing out tracts…at the citywide healing meetings…that’s what happened!

Your partnership makes ministry of this magnitude possible. Thank you! Together, we’re winning souls, touching lives, and changing nations…in Europe and around the world.

Marilyn Hickey Ministries THANKS YOU for praying and supporting this ministry so we can go to unreached places like Sudan and continue to “cover the earth with the Word.”

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Israel Tour 2007

Israel Tour 2007

>Wonderful International Ministry in Israel!
Marilyn, her team, and 100 travelers journeyed to Jerusalem for the 2007 International Women’s Mentoring Exchange!

If we could use one word to describe this trip…we’d have to say “unprecedented.”

Marilyn welcomed 100 American women participating in the first-ever exchange of its kind. Excited to see not only the beautiful sites and culture of Israel, the group would also get to experience daily interaction with the Jewish Community—including a visit to a Jewish School, teaching from local Rabbis, personal stories from the women of Israel, and onsite teaching from Marilyn.

A Memorable, Powerful Time Of Prayer For Our Friends & Partners.
At breakfast this morning, Marilyn taught the ladies a message on the Feasts of the Old Testament…showing them Jesus revealed in each one. Following breakfast, everyone gathered to lay hands on the special requests sent by our Friends and Partners to be prayed over in the Holy Land.

Marilyn Returns To Israel
Marilyn reminisced with the group about her recent trip to Israel following the war in 2006 and how the idea for the Mentoring Exchange came as a result. She shared how God moved her heart as she witnessed firsthand the persistent spirit of the Israeli people—and the determination of these women to keep Jewish customs and serve God despite horrific circumstances.

Exploring A Yeshiva—From The Inside—A Site Rarely Seen By Foreigners!
These Jewish schools rarely open their doors to those outside the faith, let alone outside the country. What an opportunity when Marilyn and her team were invited for a personal tour—including lunch!—at a local Jewish Yeshiva.

God’s Favor Extended To Marilyn
This unique event came about largely because of a personal invitation received from local Rabbis.
The impact of her earlier visit, and the support offered, opened wide the door for the travelers.

Israel International Ministry Update – Day 2
Marilyn welcomed 100 American women participating in the first-ever exchange of its kind. Excited to see not only the beautiful sites and culture of Israel, the group would also get to experience daily interaction with the Jewish Community—including a visit to a Jewish School, teaching from local Rabbis, personal stories from the women of Israel, and onsite teaching from Marilyn.

Two Guest speakers: Annie Hier and Adena Portowitzher

Each woman present was deeply touched by Annie Hier’s moving testimony of her father’s survival in the Holocaust and its impact on her life growing up in Israel. Adena shared how Jewish women embrace the entirety of the Jewish faith and tradition.

Marilyn Teaches At The Southern Steps
Today, Marilyn taught the group at the Southern Steps leading to the entrance of the Temple Mount. This is where Jesus passionately turned over the money changers tables and boldly proclaimed, “My house shall be called a house of prayer…”

Moved With Compassion At The Holocaust Museum
Considered holy and sacred ground, where the souls of over six million Jews are remembered. The Holocaust History features the Hall of Names—a repository for the Pages of Testimony of millions of Holocaust victims.

What a privilege to visit Jerusalem—to experience God’s heart for His people!

As God leads, please join us in prayer for Jerusalem. “Pray for the peace of Jerusalem.” (Psalms 122:6).

Israel International Ministry Update – Day 3
This gathering of women in the heart of the Holy Land is an event like no other. The travelers are ecstatic over the faith-teachings from Marilyn, thrilling tours of Bible sites, and personal interactions with the Jewish community,

What better place to pray for Jerusalem…and the nation of Israel…than the Western Wall.

The group spent time at the historic Wailing Wall. A memorable, moving time was had by all—as they interceded for Jerusalem and the people of the Middle East.

Amid Violence And Unrest: Jesus Is Lord
Shocked by the reminders of the recent war, respect and affection for the Israeli women and what they have endured is growing every day. The Women’s Mentoring Exchange is forging new friendships and instilling fresh love for the nation of Israel in every woman here.

He Is Not Here!
The serene setting of the Garden Tomb was an idyllic setting for the group to share Communion.

The beauty of the moment—combined with a powerful teaching from Marilyn—ushered in God’s presence in a special way.

Marilyn Hickey Ministries THANKS YOU for praying and supporting this ministry so we can go to unreached places like Egypt and continue to “cover the earth with the Word.”



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